Release Me (The Stark Trilogy #1) by J. Kenner

Release Me (Stark Trilogy, #1)Release Me by J. Kenner
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Damien Stark is just one of those dark, quiet types. He’s like an iceberg, Texas. The deep parts are well hidden and what you do see is hard and a little bit cold.”

Well what can I tell you about my thoughts on this book…

seems to be an adequate description.

I didn’t love it. I didn’t hate it. To be honest, I’m having a hard time remembering anything about it and I just finished reading it.

I never really connected with the story, or the characters. I suppose you can say it was a case of ‘been there, read that’.

There was Nikki:

Nikki is a former Texas beauty queen, currently working for a company that is looking for Damien Stark’s investment. Thankfully she wasn’t an excessively naive virgin, but she still gave me an eye roll or 12 through the book.

Then there’s Nikki’s mother:

I think that about covers that…

And then we have Damien Stark
I have to admit that Damien peaked my interest. The few crumbs that we were given about his past is the only thing that intrigue me enough to continue with this series.

As for my thoughts?

Nikki and Damien’s penchant for referring to one another as Mr.Stark and Ms.Fairchild

The story?

That was about it. There were bits and pieces here and there that didn’t have to do with how much Damien wanted Nikki, or how hot Nikki was for Damien, but they kind of got lost in the process for me.

Damien’s “kinkiness”?
I ask you, why is it that whenever a few spankings, control, and light bondage is involved, all of a sudden the hero is kinky? Maybe I’ve been desensitized to this sort of thing by reading the Lexi Blakes, Cherise Sinclairs, and Shayla Blacks? I don’t know

I mean Damien was very hot, and I did enjoy his character a lot. So he likes to be called Sir during sex. OK. But I wouldn’t really go so far as to call him a Dom. At least not to me. Guess I’ll have to see what happens in the next two books.

The Sex
MEH. This happens very rarely to me, but I found myself skipping through not only a lot of the book, but the sex scenes as well. I know! Shocking right? This is me we’re talking about here! I love me my smutty smut. And here I find myself thinking

Now before you start grabbing your pitchforks and torches, I’ll say that it was not due to lack of hotness. The steam was definitely there. It’s just that I never really connected to this book, so I had a hard time being interested in the sexy part of it either.

Truthfully, I was neither here nor there while reading it. I have no opinion on it one way or another. I can’t say it was bad, but then I can’t say it was great either.

My brain while reading Release Me?

There was a very interesting set up for the next book, and I’m curious to see how it plays out. I’ll reserve my judgement of this series until I read book 2 and 3. So fingers crossed.

So that will be all for this girl’s ramblings here. I’m off to read Claim Me.

And I thank you!

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