Review: Sin For Me by Lisa Marie Perry

Series: The Devil’s Music
Genre: Erotic Romance
Author: Lisa Marie Perry
Release Date: February 21, 2017

Fans of Empire will love Lisa Marie Perry’s stylish, addictive novels of passion, drama, and seduction. The high-powered men and women behind Devil’s Music have made their fortunes building the hottest label in hip hop, but it’s the action behind the scenes that’s seriously steamy.

For Dante Bishop, music died the night he found his father’s body next to a syringe of lithium. Ditching Atlanta, Dante jumped on his Harley and left the family business to his sister. She became the heart and soul of Devil’s Music—until the board, including Dante’s ex, masterminded a takeover. Years later, Dante’s doing something he never thought he’d do: returning to Georgia to put his songwriting skills to good use. Reuniting with Chelsea Coin only sweetens the deal.

As the perfectionist COO of Devil’s Music, Chelsea doesn’t dwell on the past. If she did, she’d never forgive herself for betraying the Bishops in a corporate power grab. Now Chelsea needs help to save the company, and Dante’s a nonnegotiable part of the arrangement. Still brooding and hot as hell, Dante wastes no time stirring up unfinished business—and carnal memories Chelsea would rather keep buried. She’s come too far to risk everything on a man. But for desire this intense, she might just enjoy the sexiest mistake of her life.


You can’t beat the devil unless you play his game.

I have no idea what I just read.
I’m pretty sure every single character in this book is completely and utterly screwed up.
I’m also pretty sure that I liked that more than I should have.
It was like an urban soap opera.
It was like (a hotter) book version of Empire.
I was ready to chuck my damn kindle at the wall with that ending.
I’m read to commit some sort of a sin to get my grabby little hands on the next book.
I’m going to go calm my tits now….
Oh you want a review, do you? Well then! Let me try to give you a semblance of one here.

So this book was…*scratches head*
A romance? *scratches chin*
A soap opera with some crazy drama, music, crazy as hell characters, multiple POVs of said crazy as hell characters, and some hot sex. *nods head enthusiastically*
Yes. That about sums it up.

The story centers around the Devil’s Music record label. Once upon a time, Delilah Bishop was set to inherit her father’s legacy, her beloved label. But a betrayal from the people she least expected ripped it all away from her. But she’s back and she wants revenge and she’ll spare no one in her way; not her past best friends. They are, after all, the ones running her label now.

Dante Bishop walked away from everything after he buried his father. He wanted no part of the label or the toxicity that came from the backstabbing life style it called for. That was his sister’s thing. Never his. Having his heart broken by the woman he thought he’d spend the rest of his life with only solidified his decision. But now opportunity has come knocking and he’s forced to come back into the lion’s den to help save the label and possibly get Delilah her legacy back. It also gives him the opportunity to get his revenge on the woman he once loved, Delilah’s ex-best friend and current COO of Devil’s Music.

Would I call this a romance? Not at the heart of it. There was so much MORE going on. The romance was certainly there but it wasn’t the focus for me, more like the cherry on the top. Lisa Marie Perry weaves a hell of a twisted tale here and it definitely sucked this reader in. The story is complex and multi-layered. So much so that it took me almost half the book to really get my head around ALL of it. Because there was A LOT. It was seriously like watching a super hot episode of Empire. It was completely different from anything I’ve read in the past and that hit the spot just right.

Add in the complex relationship between Chelsea and Dante and I was in hate lust heaven. There are a few more interweaving story lines that flow along with theirs and I’m practically salivating to get their stories.

As for that ending? Well, let’s just say if I don’t get the next book in my grabby little hands soon, I just may have to cut someone.

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