New Release & Review: ★One To Save★ by Tia Louise

One to Save (One to Hold #6)
Author: Tia Louise
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 26, 2015

(Derek & Melissa)“I lost myself in the darkness of trying to protect you…”

Some threats come at you as friendly fire.Some threats take away everything.Family won’t let you go down without a fight.

The Secret isn’t as secure as Derek’s team originally thought it was, and a person on the inside of Alexander-Knight is set on exposing him, breaking him, and taking away all he holds dear.
Refusing to let anyone suffer for his crimes, Derek takes matters into his own hands. He’s exposed, he’s defenseless, but his friends are determined to save him.

A STAND-ALONE, ONE TO HOLD NOVEL. Adult Contemporary Romance: Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Inevitably, inexorably, as long as I lived on this planet, my future would lead to that moment in a small conference room in Baltimore when I got revenge.

One To Save is the continuation of Derek and Melissa’s story that we originally met in One to Hold. If you haven’t read that book yet, I’d really encourage you to do so along with One to Protect. You just wouldn’t have the same appreciation or understanding for these characters without having their entire back story. The author does bring the reader up to date about everything that happened with them without having it be redundant, but I’d still recommend reading it in order. Actually, I’d recommend reading the entire series in order because there is a story ARC between all the characters that continues throughout the series. While each book is technically a standalone, you would enjoy the stories so much more having read them in order. The characters from previous books always make an appearance, and it would help you to truly understand each individual character so much more. Slayde from One to Love makes an appearance here, and trust me when I tell you that you would have a much better understanding of what happens in this book having read his book, as well as Stuart from One to Leave. Read the series in order is basically what you should be taking away from this 😉

I lost myself in the darkness of trying to protect you…

Derek is dealing with the fallout of a decision he made in protecting Melissa, his now fiance. Although he’d do it all over again if he had to, it still doesn’t stop him from thinking about the repercussions. Keeping it from her is also a decision that he is agonizing over.

Their relationship wasn’t one built on sunshine and promises. They first met when he was hired by Melissa’s abusive husband hired him to follow her. But when he learned the full truth of her story, things changed. They’ve been through their share of trouble and have come out of it stronger. But this just may be the one secret that may shatter everything that they are once and for all.

It’s not just the repercussions from the event that threaten Derek. There is also someone that is determined to make him pay and take away everything that he holds dear.

This was a definite page turner of a book. I’m not typically a fan of reading about the same couple for longer than two books simply because the drama begins to feel manufactured. That was not the case here at all. This really was a very natural progression of events. Considering everything that has already happened, you can see that it was all coming to a head. Sure it packs a good punch of angst and emotion, but it fit their story. You can see why it happened the way it did and why they needed this book to really bring closure to their relationship.

Derek is everything I love about my alphas; fiercely protective, dirty talking, loving but with that added edge. I loved him. Melissa is the perfect counterpart to his rough edges. I really enjoyed seeing them go through their ups and downs, and especially their ups.

You get a lot more on the fallout of Stuart and Nikki’s story here. As much as I hated Nikki in Stuart’s book, I have to say she really grew on me here. Tia definitely has me intrigued enough to really want a book for her. Though I can’t say I’m too disappointed about the upcoming book’s characters. That epilogue was smokin’ hawt. Tia definitely knows how to hook you in with the way her books end. While she gives you the perfect HEA for the couple, she reels you right in with a hell of a tease for the next one. A fantastic new edition to the series. I cannot freaking wait for the next one!

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