ARC Review: Midnight Lies (Wildfire #2) by Ella Grace

Midnight Lies (Wildefire, #2)Midnight Lies by Ella Grace
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“Do you want me to say that staying away from you more than a minute is painful for me? That the thought of not having you in my life tears at my soul? That just seeing your face creates a peace inside me I’ve never felt before? That having you in my arms is like coming home?”

If you’re looking for a romantic suspense that is filled with action, mystery, steam, and will keep you on the very edge of your seat until the very last page…well, you NEED to read this series.

I really liked, but didn’t LOVE the first book in this series, this book took me by complete and total surprise. While the series is based on triplet sisters, and each book has a different hero and heroine, it is not meant to be a standalone. A lot of nuances and backstory were heavily covered in the first book, and many things would be missed by skipping it.

Midnight Lies picks up somewhere right around where Midnight Secrets left off. Samantha Wilde, the popular, flirty sister and former homecoming queen took everyone by surprise when she became a homicide detective. While she is still haunted by her parents’ murder suicide, it helps drive her need for justice.

When she meets and begins dating sexy emergency physician, Quinn Braddock, Samantha can’t help but fall head over heals. Quinn, coming out of a terrible marriage, is not looking for anything permanent. After all, he tried it once, and it didn’t work. While they may not share a detailed history or feelings with each other, the passion between them burns hot and heavy.

When Quinn becomes a suspect in his ex-wife’s brutal murder, it shakes Samantha’s foundation to the core. Her history isn’t exactly the best indicator of good judgement and she can’t help but harbor doubts of his innocence. Though it doesn’t take her long to rectify her mistake. Unfortunately, for Quinn, feeling betrayed by Sam’s initial doubts it’s too late, and he breaks up with her in a way that leaves Sam brokenhearted. Leaving behind her life and job in Atlanta, Sam moves back to Midnight to begin an investigating business with her 2 sisters.

Five months later, Quinn realizes his mistake and that he wants Sam back. Following her to Midnight seems like the first logical step he’s made in a while. He knows it will be a long road back inside Sam’s heart, but he’s a man determined.

This book was a page turner until the very end. While I found the first book to be a little drawn-out and slow to start, this one more than made up for it.

It was also incredibly steamy. Sam and Quinn burned up the pages together.

Midnight Lies was quick paced and action packed. All of the characters were back from the first book and it was great to get another peek at Zach and Savannah. Even though the mystery of the killer wasn’t quite as shocking as it was in the first book, the twist at the end took me by complete surprise.

The set up for the third sister, Sabrina, sounds like it will be the best book of the 3. And I’m still hoping that we’ll get a book for Logan and Brody.

ARC courtesy of publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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Midnight Lies expected publishing date is September 24.

ARC courtesy of publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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