Dirty Girl Romance: ☆Ultimate List of Dirty Talking MMA fighter books☆

Last week on our FACEBOOK page I asked you guys what kind of book recs you’d like to see and was given one of the most delicious suggestions there is:

  • Dirty Talking MMA fighters.

Now you don’t have to ask me twice, considering this is a favorite of mine…and let me just tell you, I’ve read my share of some HAWT MMA books. So below is a list of just some of my favorites that I’ve read.

Some of these books have been published and some will be published soon, but all of them have one thing in common: they’re fucking AWESOME! (If I do say so myself) I’m sure that I’m missing some, since I’m only listing the ones that I’ve read so far so I would love to hear some of your favorites in the comments section. Let’s show these bad boys of MMA some love shall we?

These are listed in no particular order, but I will list a series in order:

Lori Foster’s SBC Fighters:

This was THE series that first introduced me to MMA. Lori is a huge fan of the sport herself, and it’s evident in her writing. The woman can write the hell out of a hot as sin fighter. These are not erotic, but they are definitely verra steamy (my personal favorite being the dirty talking Drew from Back In Black)

Amazon / Barnes & Noble 


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Kele Moon’s Battered Hearts & her new Untamed Hearts series

Surprisingly not many people have heard of this incredible author and her super steamy books. I have been a huge fan ever since my first book by her, Beyond Eden which was a scorching hot MMF romance. Then going through her backlist I discovered her Battered Hearts series and I’ve been a goner since. Her new spin-off, Untamed Hearts will be starting with The Viper, which is set to be released Aug 19. I just finished this book tonight and let me tell you, Marcus is EVERYTHING!


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To be released Aug 19. Add it to your TBR here: Goodreads


Cara McKenna’s Willing Victim

Holy. Mother of all dirty talk and even dirtier sex. This novella is a shortie but hell does it pack a punch. And when I tell you it’s hot, I mean It. Is. HOT! It is a bit on the risque end with some rape play, so it may not be for everyone. But this dirty girl devoured it. Flynn is a hot as fuck, dominant, dirty talking MMA fighter. What else do you need?

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Some Brazen goodies:

Gina Maxwell’s Fighting for Love series.

Read it. That is all 😉

Elle Kennedy’s After Hours series.

The first book is available for pre-order and is being released on Aug 4 for only $.99. Now take a look at that title…good. Now take a look at that cover…great. The book is everything the cover and the title promise and then some 😉

Katy Evan’s Real series

I’m sorry, did this even need a reason or an introduction?

Cari Quinn’s Tapped Out series

What’s better than a hot MMA fighter hero? Make the heroine an MMA fighter too. This book had everything; steam, angst, and so emotional it even managed to bring a tear to my cold and black little heart. Besides, it’s only $.99. A serious steal for a book this length.

Vi Keeland’s MMA Fighter series

I LOVE this series. HARD. Best part? Each book just gets better and better. I’m now anxiously awaiting the release of book 3, Worth Forgiving, which is being released on Aug 21.

Abbi Niles’ Love to the Extreme series

While I can’t say that I LOVED the first book, I did likey a lot. And with each book it just gets better and better, book 3 being the best. First 2 books are available now, with the 3rd being released on Aug 26 and available for pre-purchase now 🙂

Amazon / Barnes & Noble

Amazon / Barnes & Noble

Elizabeth Reyes’ 5th Street series

This is NOT an MMA series, but Hector was a sinfully sexy boxer, so I wanted to include him in my list. This is NA but still steamy and one of my favorites by this author

JB Salsbury’s Fighting series.

This series already has 3 books out, but since I’ve only read the first I won’t include the rest. I do hear they’re even better than the first, so I’ll definitely be reading soon. But this one? Bad boy MMA fighter meets the virgin daughter of a Vegas pimp. Yep. You read that right

M.A. Stacie’s Beneath the Surface

This series is also not an MMA series, but this book was. Bad boy millionaire by day, underground fighter by night. Oh and a whole lot of scorching hot sex 😉

Bethany Bazile’s Fight for Me

As far as I know, this is a standalone, and is a verra steamy one as well 😉
Like I said, this is a list of just my favorites that I’ve read, and I’m sure there’s many that I’m missing. I’d love to hear from you guys about any of the ones I’ve not included here in the comments section below. And before you jump down my throat about not including our favorite fighting bad boy, Travis, from Beautiful Disaster, there’s a reason to my madness. While that book continues to be one of my New Adult favorites, I didn’t think it was either steamy or filled with dirty talk. I loved the hell out of it, sure, but just didn’t feel it fits the theme here 😉


  1. Love dirty talkers, thanks for the list !

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