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I know, I know, I’m super late with my post. I suck. I totally and completely suck. I sorry! I managed to completely over-estimate my reading capacity once again and take on way more than I can chew. So I’ve been super frazzled trying to get to all my ARC commitments and review in time that I barely had time to put this post together on a timely basis…like you know…at the beginning of this week! Le sigh. But better late then never, right? I mentioned on my Facebook page this week as I was composing my January favorites (as I do for every month) that since I didn’t really have too many mind blowing five star reads, this month instead of giving you guys my favorites, I’m just going to do a roundup for all the books I read. So here they are in no particular order… Some were amazing, some were great, some not so much but a good month nonetheless 


If you follow me on Facebook or Goodreads then you may have noticed I have been completely obsessed with the Blood & Roses series. Like…OBSESSED. Now you know I love me the anti-heroes, the dirty talkers, and the assholes. Well Zeth Mayfair is like my Holy Grail. I kid you not. I devoured this series! If you’re a fan of the darker and grittier reads with anti-heroes, this is a series that MUST be on you TBRs! Unfortunately, my ARC obligations haven’t allowed me to finish this series just yet, but I fully intend to the second I have some free time. The first four books were all 4-5 huge stars for me.
 Goodreads / Amazon / My Review (4 Stars)
 Goodreads / Amazon / My review – 4.5 Stars
 Goodreads / Amazon / My Review– 4.5 Stars
Goodreads / Amazon / My Review– 5 Stars

The Untouchables is book 2 in the Ruthless People trilogy. Ruthless People was one of my favorite books last year. Unapologetically vicious with one tough bitch of a heroine and an equally vicious hero. The Untouchables was definitely a very big anticipated release for me. But in my wait, I managed to forget most of book 1 and that definitely limited my enjoyment of The Untouchables. Between all the additional POVs and trying to keep up with the plot and remember details from book 1, I had a tough time with it. But when i read Ruthless People again, I definitely appreciated so much more. I would definitely recommend reading these books as close together as possible to make sure you enjoy them fully. Book 3, American Savages is due for release on March 19, so the wait isn’t bad at all 🙂
Goodreads / Amazon / My Review – 3.75 Stars

I love Romantic Suspense, it’s one of my favorite genres. And Lynn’s Hostile Operations Team series is a huge favorite of mine. They’re action packed and super sexy and HOT ICE was certainly no acceptation. I absolutely loved it! A gorgeous special ops agent forced to play bodyguard to a a governor’s spoiled daughter (or is she?) and sparks fly! Nothing better than hate to love trope 😉
Goodreads / Amazon / My Review– 4.25 Stars

Now I love me a gritty and brutal read, but this was FUCKING INTENSE. I mean HOLY SHIT! Kick kicked my fucking ass. It was a super violent and brutal look into the dark underbelly of the MC life with a side of romance. If you’re feeling brave, then definitely pick this one up! This is book 1 in Carmen’s new Savage Saints MC series.
Goodreads / Amazon / My Review– 4 Stars

I adore Samantha Young’s writing and when I saw the blurb for this book, I just knew I had to read it. It was so good! Love to hate, my favorite trope. It had a sassy and strong heroine and an asshole hero that takes a little bit too long to see the light….oh and sizzling hot sex. Loved it!
Goodreads / Amazon / My Review– 4.25 Stars

This debut author seduced me with a hot cover and a drool worthy blurb, and I was impressed as hell with what the book delivered. Although it is a little rough around the edges at times, for a debut book, it was fantastic! Angsty and oh so hot. Keep in mind this is NOT a standalone and has one killer cliffy and the release date of book 2 hasn’t been announced yet, though it is set for this year. 
Goodreads / Amazon / My Review – 3.75 Stars

Naughty Little Wishes is book two in the Birthday Dare series. I really liked Take Me If You Dare and was excited to finally get Tabitha’s story in this book. Unfortunately it just fell totally flat for me. I never managed to form a connection to either character or their romance, and Tabitha drove me absolutely nuts. And Andrew was just way too uptight for my tastes. That being said, I’m still excited about the next book in this series and would gladly read it.
Goodreads / Amazon / My Review – 2.5 Stars

If you follow my review then you already know how much I love Pam Godwin and everything that she writes. Dirty Ties is a standalone and is different from any of her other books because instead of dark it was a super sexy romantic suspense. This was my very first 5 star read of 2015. I freaking loved it! I don’t want to give you too much, but I’ll give you two words: Elevator. Scene. Trust me on this. Read it now and thank me later 😉
Goodreads / Amazon / My Review– 5 Stars

No one, and I mean NO ONE writes a dirty talker quite like Tessa Bailey. I loved having this second book for Trent and Ruby. Although this is considered book 0.5 in Tessa’s Crossing The Line , we originally met these characters in book two of the Line Of Duty series, His Risk To Take. I’d recommend reading that first, but you can still read this as a standalone. I also strong recommend reading this book before Risking It All, which I think is easily my favorite book to date.
Goodreads / Amazon / My Review – 4 Stars

I adore all things Ella Frank. The woman is like a jack of all trades. There isn’t a single genre that she can’t take and make her bitch. Now she can add Romantic Fantasy to her list. This was so incredibly unique and vivid world with a splash of romance and lots of intriguing characters. This is book one in Ella’s new Arcanian Chronicles series, and is not meant to be read as a standalone as it is a continuing story arc.
Goodreads / Amazon / My Review – 4 stars

I first discovered this author in her other Rockstar series that she co-writes with Cari Quinn, Lost in Oblivion. Considering how much I loved all the books in that series, I jumped at the chance to read this first book in her When You’re Gone trilogy and so happy I did. The cliffhanger wasn’t too bad and book 2 is already out with book 3 just around the corner. If you like angsty rockstar romances, I highly recommend it. 
Goodreads / Amazon / My Review – 4 Stars

If you all haven’t yet read Elle Kennedy’s After Hours, I’m not quite sure what you’re waiting for. Each book is sizzling hot, but One Night of Trouble was easily my favorite. You have a good guy gone bad…very bad and the tattooed heroine that helps him find his long lost wild side. Lots of sexy times ensue. I loved it and highly recommend reading the series in order, though each book is easily read as a standalone.
Goodreads / Amazon / My Review– 4.25 Stars

Talk about your ovary exploding mother of pervy! This book? It needs to come with a damn warning. Ovaries may not survive. Luckily this pervert is basically desensitized to it with my steel plated ovaries, so I didn’t mind. Keep in mind this book has a couple very descriptive MFF scenes, so if some FF isn’t your cuppa, you may not like it. While I usually prefer the cock-on-cock action instead, I can’t say it bothered me any. I could have done without the second scene simply because it just didn’t fit for me in the general scheme of the plot, but as far as debut books go, this was awesome! Super hot and highly entertaining. This is book 1 in the Blindfold Club series.
Goodreads / Amazon / My Review– 3.75 Stars

I’ve been a huge fan of the McClouds & Friends series since the very first book. This author has a knack for writing some super possessive and dirty talking uber alphas. Sam certainly fit the bill very nicely. I can’t say this was my favorite in the series since I was a little let down with the heroine. She seemed so different throughout the series and there were parts of this book that I wanted to throttle her. That being said, it was still a great read and I liked it a lot.
Goodreads / Amazon / My Review – 3.75 Stars

It’s no secret that I love all things Pepper Winters. The woman writes one incredible dark romance. Her Indebted series is no exception. These books have become my crack, with each one only continuing to get better and better. If Jethro and Nila’s story doesn’t absolutely suck you in by book 2, then this one will certainly solidify it. Trust me. All fans of dark romance need to read this one!
Goodreads / Amazon / My Review – 4.5 Stars

Now Floored only came out yesterday, so technically it should go into my February post, but I read it in January and just couldn’t wait to share it with you all. This book kept me laughing like a loon the whole time. So much awesome in one sexy little read. A super hilarious heroine with even funnier inner monologue, a dirty talking cop with a penchant for using his handcuffs, and a hate to love trope to seal the deal. This was fantastic! And if you’re looking for an easy and humorous uplifting read, look no further. I will be posting my review on the blog during my blog tour stop next week, but trust me when I tell you this was a terrific 5 star read for me. I loved it!

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