Cover Reveal: ☆The Missing Pieces☆ by H.S. Strickland

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Sloane Bennett

I have a huge secret.
One that could change the lives of the people I love.
If they found out it would make them question everything.
So what does that force me to do?
Lie. Lie my ass off. Everyday, all day.
Then Ryan saunters into my life with a cocky smile and changes my outlook on life.
He’s dangerous, I know, but I can’t seem to stay away.
Which may cost me my family.

Ryan Huntley

I like being the cocky guy.
I like to be the joker.
Why, you ask?
Because it conceals my pain.
Then Sloane sashays into my life with mysterious green eyes.
She makes me re-think everything.
She gives me hope and faith.
But she’s hiding something and I am determined to find out what.
Which may cost me my life.
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H.S. Strickland is from a small town in South GA called Brunswick. She moved to SC when she was in her early teens and just recently made the move to Florida. She dragged her daughters, husband, and kitty along with her. H.S. has always had a passion for reading, but recently starting writing, although it has always been a dream. Her Nanny always told her to follow her dreams, which is how she got into writing. That and her characters were nagging to have their stories told. If you can’t find H.S. behind the keyboard making magic, you will find her chasing her daughters around the house. If not that then curled in her big red comfy chair reading. She loves alpha-males who are almost ass holes, but still have a sweet spot for their woman. She has loved the entire journey to where she is now and couldn’t thank y’all enough!

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