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Hello my fabulous authors!

If you would like for me to read and review your book, you may contact me by email at or fill out my Review Request Form. If emailing, please include a book blurb or a short synopsis to your book.

Genres I read: Contemporary, Dark, Erotic, Romantic Suspense, New Adult, BDSM, PNR, and MM Romance and pretty much everything in between. Recently I find myself leaning towards the darker and grittier books.
I have a special place in my heart for bad boys and assholes. But I don’t discriminate, I’ll spice things up with a nice guy every now and then too. Love tattoos and motorcycles, sexy Alpha heroes, and kick-ass heroines.
Genres I don’t read: YA. Too much angst, not enough steam. Not my cuppa. Hey, it’s Dirty Girl Romance for a reason, right?
Soft Limits: Love Triangles. I mean that in the triangle that will send me for the local liquor store sort of triangle. Know what I’m talking about here? Indecisive heroine spends over half the book waffling between hero and another guy. Oh woe is me, if I break up with my boyfriend I’ll huwt his little feelings la bla. So I’ll just string the hero along for over half the fucking book while I make up my fucking mind. GAH!!!!! *insert stabby emoticon here* We’re talking a Thoughtless style love triangle, and for fear of my sanity, I won’t touch it with a ten foot pole. However, I do make the occasional exception so long as the heroine is not the kind that will drive me to drink or induce homicidal urges. Uhem
No HEA. Sorry, I may be a dirty girl but I’m a softie at heart. It doesn’t have to wrap up perfectly with sunshine and butterflies, but at least an implied HEA is a requirement for me.

Rating Guidelines: 
5 Stars: I’m EXTREMELY stingy with my 5 stars. I’m saying super stingy. I’m a very picky reader and I reserve my 5 stars to books that will not only blow me away but leave me up till the buttcrack of dawn reading, thinking about it for days after, and wanting to reread it just so I can experience it again.
4 Stars: I loved it! It held my attention and I’d gladly recommend it.
3 Stars: I liked it but something just kept me from really loving it. I’d recommend it though I won’t be raving about it.
2 Stars: Meh. Not my cuppa and I probably struggled to finish.
1 Star: I hated it and barely finished. Though to be honest, I can’t even recall the last time I rated any book 1 star…which brings me to my final rating..
DNF: I do not rate books I didn’t finish. Nor will I post a review for it on my blog, Amazon or B&N. I may put a short review up on Goodreads summing up what didn’t work for me.

My reviews:

  • Are always constructive. If I dislike a book, I will say exactly what didn’t work for me in a concise and constructive manner.
  • Are never mean spirited, rude, or bash an author. Professionalism is key here.
  • Will include my choice of casting and if I really enjoyed it at least one teaser that I make.
  • Are posted on my blog, Goodreads, and Amazon (other platforms upon request)


While I’m happy to accept review requests, please understand that I may not always be able to accept them. Also, I’m a mood reader, so I don’t like to take on too many review deadline requests. My moods vary, and I’d hate to rate a book unjustly simply because I had to force myself to read it for a deadline when I wasn’t quite in the right mood for it. 

I try very hard to respond to every request that I receive, but unfortunately with my schedule it just isn’t always possible. So please don’t take it personally if you don’t hear from me right away and always feel free to follow up with me if you don’t hear back.

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