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When Fates Collide 
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 28, 2015
Length: 450 pages

Life can change in the blink of an eye. One moment, Lily is trapped in a loveless marriage. In a split second she is free, but at what cost? Her mundane life is set into a freefall of tragedy and terror. Her husband may be out of her life, but he left a storm of collateral damage behind and the burden is on Lily to sort it out.
Fate connects Lily with Gavin, a charmingly handsome British gentleman that has been drawn into her tangled circumstance. Gavin is everything Lily’s husband wasn’t and gives her hope that love really does exist. Gavin wants nothing more than to sweep Lily up and carry her off into the sunset, far away from the devastation left behind by her husband. Gavin has been the first breath of fresh air in her life, but she isn’t looking to be saved. She needs to clean up her husband’s mess and find a way to save herself in the process.
Does she throw caution to the wind and open her heart? Or listen to her head that tells her and go it alone until she’s found herself again?

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“I know we’ve only known each other for a short amount of time, and we met under such unorthodox circumstances, but in the last few days, I’ve come to fancy you. I wish neither of us was caught up in this mess, but I’m thankful I’m going through it with you.”

He looks down and away as if to hide his emotions. I reach my hand up to gently touch his face and turn it toward me. “Me too. You’re all I’ve got these days, Oxford.” I lose track of my thoughts as I get lost in those eyes again.

We stare at each other for what feels like forever, the chemistry between us building with each passing second. I’m not sure who leans in first, but the next thing I know, we’re kissing. The kind of kiss that makes you feel like you’re floating. Sweet, sensual, and pure magic. I’m still mesmerized by the connection when he pulls away.

“I’m so sorry. That was a mistake.” He brings his hands to his lips as he stands up and walks toward the door. He hangs his head as he rakes his fingers through his hair. His back is to me when he says, “I should go.” He runs out the door before I can say another word.

The kiss was deliciously intense. So intense it bolted him right out the door. What have I done? Gavin has been the only stable thing in my life, and I’ve just fucked it up. Why? Because he has a whisper-light touch that makes me tingle all over? Because those full lips and hypnotizing eyes pull me in like a magnet?

I know he’s mourning Brooke, and I’m… well, I’m not sure how to describe what I’m feeling about Ash. My emotions are so jumbled and confused. In a very short time, Gavin and I have gone from strangers to close friends. Today was an emotionally charged day, and we’ve both leaned on each other. Probably more than we should have. I hope this is nothing more than a momentary lapse in judgment. One that felt damn good.

This kiss could destroy our friendship, and I need him in my life more than I need to be kissed. Kissing would be a bonus, but this isn’t the time to be greedy. I decide to head to bed and hope Gavin will have forgiven me by morning. I’ve been running on fumes for days and I desperately need to recharge, but I can’t shut down. My body and brain are exhausted, begging me for sleep, but it never comes. I keep replaying the kiss over and over in my mind, wishing I hadn’t done it, and at the same time, wishing I could do it again.

About the Author

Isabelle Richards spent years as a speech writer before tackling fiction. An avid reader of all genres, Isabelle is drawn to romance novels as they provide an escape from daily life. Through her complex cast of characters, Isabelle creates a sanctuary for readers to dive into for a break from reality.

When she is not writing, Isabelle works as an advocate for persons with disabilities in Washington, DC. Her two yellow labs are her writing partners, although they frequently sleep on the job.


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