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You want me to cut the bullshit?”

“Yes,” Eve said, her voice weak and breathy sounding…”

“I want to fucking drown myself in you,” Danny rasped against her ear. His breathing was suddenly ragged, which went a fresh surge of want through Eve as her pussy started throbbing to the rhythm of her rapid heartbeat. “I want to lick you untul you go hoarse from screaming. I want to pass out in you arms completely exhausted from fucking you as thoroughly as you deserve and I want to wake up in the morning next to you and make you breakfast and Cuban coffee for as long as you’ll let me.”

Beyond Eden- Kele Moon 

Back in the summer of 2012, I read a hot little book called Beyond Eden by a then new to me author, Kele Moon. And then I re-read Beyond Eden…and then I re-read just a few (uhem) choice scenes from Beyond Eden again. Do you even wonder why? Have you seen the quote above? You want a smoking hot BDSM MMF romance, you need to read this book! And so my obsession with everything Kele Moon began. When I discovered her Battered Hearts series, I was a complete goner. You want a hot and emotional fighter romance? THIS is a series that needs to be on your must buy list. Trust me. I’m a bit of a fighter romance connoisseurJ

Today, I’m so happy to have the super fabulous Kele Moon at Dirty Girl Romance where I can pick her brain on all things fighter romances, her future books (cough) Nova (cough), and everything else (did I mention Nova?) 

DGR: Hi, Kele! I’m so thrilled to have you here today. Thank you so much for allowing me to take you away from your busy writing schedule to pick your brain a little here 🙂

Can you start off by introducing yourself to the readers that (shockingly) haven’t yet discovered the awesome that is you?

KM: ::waves::

Hi, I’m Kele Moon. I write erotic romance books in many genres. I write a little of everything. If you like it, I may have written it. Most of books are steamy, emotional and character driven 😀

DGR: Beyond Eden was my very first book by you that I read. Was that the first book that you published? Anything that inspired you to write that story?

KM: You know, that story wrote itself. After I attended the 2009 RT Convention I came home inspired to finally finish a book. I sat down and started working and Beyond Eden was born. I can look back and find things in life, people I’ve known, stories I’ve heard that have echoes in Beyond Eden, but at the end of the day. . . Those characters had very strong voices and they made me write that book if I wanted to or not!

DGR: The Battered Heart series is quite easily one of my favorite Fighter Romances that I’ve read (and I’ve read my fair share). What inspired you to create those characters?

KM: It really started with the idea of this big, burly, very grumpy fighter sitting alone in a diner on Thanksgiving and a down on her luck waitress buys him a piece of pie. That really was the entire inspiration. . . Then Wyatt showed in the first scene. . . And I liked him. . . And then Jules showed up and I liked her. . .

It just sorta blossomed from a piece of pie!

DGR:  I realize this is probably like asking you to pick a favorite child, but which hero was your favorite to write in this series?

KM: I think Nova is probably my favorite and only if I were to name one. . . I like them all. I truly do and while I was writing their stories each of them was my favorite, but consistently I have adored writing Nova! I can’t wait to get to his book!

DGR: In book 3 of the Battered Hears series(Crossing the Line), the heroine, Tabitha, is an author. At the end she begins a new ‘grittier’ series titled Untamed Hearts, A Heroes of New York City Novel. (Loved how clever you worked that in, by the way). Did you already know then that you’d be writing a spin-off called….dumdumdum…Untamed Hearts?

KM: Yes, I did. . . I debated quite a bit if I should change the title of the series, but in the end I felt I needed to as the stories from Untamed Hearts are much darker, grittier, etc. . . Those books needed their own series title, but I did use that bit at the end of Crossing the Line to tie them together.

DGR: You’ve already given us the first book with The Viper (which I absolutely LOVED). Next up is Chuito. Can you give us any morsels or crumbs about his book? Pretty please?
KM: In his book there is an ongoing theme of a devil falling for an angel. . . Chuito at his core. . . Is a dark character. . . But he has a lot of good in him. . . He knows that being with Alaine will likely jeopardize the special, unique innocence to her that he originally fell in love with. . .

I think things in this book will surprise people. . . And there’s a lot of Garnet and the characters people loved in the Battered Hearts books in this one. . . Quite a bit of them!

DGR: Now it’s no secret that I am absolutely obsessed with Nova. I’ve already publicly called dibs on him and everything (Twitter totally counts). Anything more you can tell us about his book to tide us over in our wait?

KM: I can tell you absolutely nothing about his book. LOL! One because I haven’t written much of it and the nature of my writing is that I find out most of what happens as I go. . I have written a dramatic chunk of the ending, simply because it was in my brain and I needed to get it out, but I can’t tell you what happens. It’d spoil it!
I will say that Nova, like Romeo. . . Likes very strong, smart, feisty women!

DGR: What is your favorite part about being an author?

KM: Getting to that point in the book when the words are just flying out of me, almost as if they are writing themselves. I love that part. More so I love finishing a book and the satisfaction of it. Every time I finish one I stop and think. . . This right here is what’s great about being an author.

Then, after I turn it in. . . I crash and burn and sleep for weeks!

DGR: Any favorite authors that you obsess over?

KM: Most of the books I read recreationally are not in the erotic romance genre. Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson books and Heroes of Olympus books are some of my favs. I adore Pat Conroy. His books are highly emotional and always have strong male friendships, which I love. I also like Fannie Flagg. . .I think she’s a very funny author! Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man is one of my fav books by her!

I recently got into the Vampire Academy books. . . Loving those!

Like I said, usually I read outside my genre. . . I wasn’t sure why for a long time because it used to be that ALL I read was romance. Now I think it’s simply that when I read outside my genre I can turn my writer brain off and just enjoy the ride. It’s a far enough departure from my own writing that it allows me to just be a reader.

DGR: Can you tell us your top 5 favorite books?

KM: OMG! NO! LOL! But, if you look at the list I gave above of favorite authors. . . My list is in there . . . I loved all the Heroes of Olympus books. That’s five right there! To say nothing of all the other books. I’ve adored Pat Conroy and Fannie Flagg since I was a teenager. I could never make a top five!

DGR:  To readers that haven’t yet read your Untamed Hearts series, can you describe it for them in a few words?

KM: Dark, sexy, dangerous. . .And the series will get darker and edgier as it goes on. For readers who like bad boys, this series is for them. . . They get badder and badder as we go!

DGR: Anything you’d like to leave the readers with?

KM: Gratitude for giving me a reason to wake up every morning and write more. I’ll never stop being thankful that there are readers out there who like reading gritty, emotional, super sexy books as much as I like writing them!

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