#NewRelease & Review: ★One To Chase★ by Tia Louise

One to Chase 
Author: Tia Louise 
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 25, 2015

Paris fashions,
Chicago nightlife,
Secrets and lies…
Welcome to the North Side.

Marcus Merritt doesn’t chase women. He doesn’t have to. But when the spirited and sexy blonde who left him wanting more shows up in his office looking for work, little things like the rules seem ready to be rewritten.

Amy Knight is smart, ambitious, and back home in Chicago to care for her mother. A courtesy meeting with one of the top lawyers in the city should be a boost to her career…

Until the polished green-eyed player turns out to be the same irresistible “random” she hooked up with at a friend’s wedding in Wilmington. Bonus: He’s the brother of her older brother’s new wife. What the hell?!

Who’s chasing whom? It all depends on the day. Or the night.

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Women don’t run from me. Not when I want to catch them. She projects a hotshot image in her power suit and heels, but one thing I know about runaways. They’re afraid.

It seems that Tia Louise just keeps getting better and better. There’s one thing I’m guaranteed when I pick up one of her books, and that’s the fact that I’m going to be getting one hot alpha hero. Whether a marine, a cowboy, an underground fighter, she never fails to deliver and now she can add one sexy lawyer under her belt. As much as I enjoyed the previous books in this series, One To Chase is probably my favorite to date. It’s also the one book in the series that I would say truly may be enjoyed as a standalone as unlike the other books it doesn’t have additional POVs from previous characters. The focus is central on the main couple. Though having said all that, this series is definitely one that you would enjoy more reading in order.

Amy and Marcus first met in the end of One to Save where they shared one sizzling anonymous hookup, not knowing who the other is. Both thinking they’re indulging in a one night stand, neither of them expect that they have some very strong connections. Marcus Merritt is Elaine’s brother and Elaine is married to Patrick, who is also Amy’s sister. Still with me? Good.

I was wrong. You’re not wicked. You’re dangerous.”

Amy grew up in Chicago among the elite, but her life has been in Paris for the past few years. She never wanted to be back to Chicago or the memory it brings; but when the man she’s involved with in Paris tells her he wants more, she does what she does best and she runs. Coming back to Chicago to care for her mother, Amy doesn’t expect to run straight into one of the most unforgettable hookups of her life…or to realize that he’s actually more than that.

I don’t beg, Amy.” I don’t mean to growl, but it’s time to put it on the line. “I don’t chase. I don’t even really see the same women more than a few times. But I’m asking you to do this.

Marcus Merritt is one of the most eligible bachelors of Chicago. A successful lawyer, he’s not hurting for female attention. Yet something about the unattainable and gorgeous blonde draws him in and he knows that he’ll stop at nothing to get her.

Amy was probably one of my favorite heroines in the series so far. She’s strong witted and sassy. Plus it’s always great to read about a heroine that really makes a man work for it. The chemistry between her and Marcus is undeniable, and it’s not very long before they fall into bed together. But Amy fights the emotional connection between them with everything she’s got. It’s clear that she has some demons in her past and Marcus is determined to unearth every single one of them in order to have her.

One to Chase was incredibly sexy, quick paced and entertaining read. It had a little bit of everything. I loved that this book unlike the others was more focused on the couple. There were no additional POVs, which for me at least, took away from the main story in the past. This focuses only on the couple and truly allows the reader to form a connection to both the characters. I absolutely loved Marcus and Amy together. They were this perfect match of push and pull while burning up the sheets together. I’d highly recommend reading the free prequel before this book, Runaway to really understand the history between these two.

Baby, we’ve been flying since Day One.”

This was another fantastic addition to an addicting series that only continues to get better and better seven books in. If sexy, dirty talking lawyers and the strong witted, commitment-phoebic heroines that bring them to their knees is your thing, then this is a book you simply need to read.

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