Review: ☆Hot Shot☆ by @LynnRayeHarris

Cool under pressure… Until now.

Hostile Operations Team sniper Jack “Hawk” Hunter is cool, methodical, and utterly lethal. Nothing rattles Jack’s calm. But that was before he learned he fathered a child three years ago—a child who has just been kidnapped.

Gina Domenico is a superstar, a pop sensation with a string of hit records. But deep inside, she’s still the lonely girl she’s always been. When Jack saved her from an arms dealer, they spent three unforgettable days together waiting for rescue—and Gina fell hard for the sexy soldier before he walked away forever.

But now she needs his help and she’ll do anything to get it. Though Jack can never forgive Gina for keeping his child from him, he’ll do everything in his power—and HOT’s—to bring their son home safely.

Nothing is what it seems, however, and their fates hang in the balance as someone else pulls the strings…and brings them ever closer to an explosive confrontation that could either save their son—or cost them everything.

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4 stars

Even if you were thinking about something other than my gun, I’m not interested,” he told her. “Not ever again. You’re gorgeous and you know it. But you’re a fucking liar- and I can’t stand a liar.”

Three years ago pop sensation, Gina Domenico, was at the wrong place at a very wrong time. Caught on the wrong side of flying bullets during a mission, she’s rescued by the sexy HOT operator and sniper, Jack “Hawk” Hunter. Jack knows he has no business with the beauty, especially since her fame can cost them their carefully planned op. But that doesn’t stop them from sharing three passionate days together…to never hear from each other again.

Three years later the last person that Jacks expects to get a phone call from is Gina when her son is kidnapped. But what he expects even less is to find out that he fathered that child. To say he’s furious is an understatement. He may never forgive Gina for keeping his son from him, but he will stop at nothing from getting him back.

Jack was one of those heroes that no matter how much of an asshole he may have been to Gina at times, you can’t help but to feel for him. Having lost his wife all those years ago changed him and he know’s he’ll never be able to replace that one time love.

I really appreciated that the author never downplayed Jack’s love for his wife while at the same time never making it feel like Gina was a consolation prize. Miss Harris did a fantastic job painting the picture of a man that lost a young love and struggles when he begins to develop feelings for a different woman. That’s not to say that he didn’t have his asshole moments, because he certainly did…a lot of them. (But then again, I’m into that sort of thing)

Gina was sassy and take charge, while also dealing with her own painful past and not so smooth present. That doesn’t mean that she lets Jack walk all over her. She gave as good as she got, and then some.

Sex sells, baby. Or haven’t you heard.”
“Then you’re doing a fine job of selling it.”
“You’re an asshole, you know that? You don’t get to judge me or make assumptions about my business just because I’m wearing a dress that makes you hard. Jerk off tonight if you must, but blame yourself, not me.”

The chemistry between these two was positively sizzling. As hard as they try to fight their attractions, it is pretty much inevitable that eventually they’ll give in. Gina knows that Jack will never forgive her, but that doesn’t stop her heart from falling for a man that may never feel anything other than lust for her.

Hot Shot was another sexy and action packed installment in the HOT series that you are not going to want to put down for a second. I especially loved the banter between Jack and Gina…

This thing won’t go off, will it?”
“No. But don’t pull it no matter what. It’s for me, not you.”
“The damn thing is between MY legs.”
“I know. Guns and pussy. Two of my favorite things on earth.”

The author gives us a perfectly built romance in the midst of high action ops and suspense.

Each book only continues to get better, and I cannot wait to read Victoria and Nick’s book next. That set up sounds utterly delicious. If you’re a fan of sexy romantic suspense, I can’t recommend this series enough.

Don’t miss the rest of the series!

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Review: ☆The Rules Regarding Gray☆ by @ElizabethFinn77

Gracelynn is drowning in an existence that fails to fulfill her. A ballerina by trade, she’s devoted her life to the stage, sacrificing adventure for discipline. When her boyfriend gives her permission to want what she’s not supposed to want, can she walk away? Or will she leap?Jasper isn’t a man with many boundaries, and “sharing” a woman with his best friend is hardly a new endeavor. But the moment he meets Gracelynn he realizes she’s different. She leaves him feeling alive in a way he’s not used to, and for the first time in his life, he understands what it means to be wanted… Cherished… And he needs more…

But there are rules—rules that forbid Jasper from truly having her. As forbidden desire spirals out of control, Jasper has to decide if he’s willing to fight for something that doesn’t truly belong to him. His best friend doesn’t deserve her, but is Jasper strong enough to believe he does?

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I want to do something I’m not supposed to do. I want to want something I’m not supposed to want. I want to make the mistake I’m not supposed to make.

I’ll be the first to admit that the second I even get a whiff of a love triangle in a book

So when I first read the blurb here, I was a little scared. I don’t do love triangles…well aside from a very few exceptions. And if you’re anything like me? You’ll want to read this book. While a love triangle is implied with the “sharing”, it’s not really one. Gray’s boyfriend is a douchebag of epic proportions from the very first page, so there’s never really any doubt about who to root for. It’s very clear they’re not meant to be together. Now usually my biggest pet peeve when 3 people are involved is the heroine dilly dallying with a decision; stringing one along because she just can’t make up her mind while having an angst fest with the other man. I didn’t find that to be the case here either. Grace was clear about what she’s going to do fairly quick, and I understood why it took her the time that it did…though not always liking it. There were a few certain circumstances that prevent her from cutting Ian loose right away, and while I wish it happened quicker, I didn’t mind the pacing of it.

Gracelynn is a prima ballerina that’s devoted her life to her career and making sure she lives her life on the straight and narrow; disciplined. She’s been dating Ian for a few months, and things seem to be going well…until he makes a proposal that changes everything.

I want you to fuck Jas.

Yes, Ian is nothing if not eloquent.
How does a girl turn a proposal like that down? Well, easily actually. Gray is obviously insulted by it at first, as is Jasper. But neither can deny their uncontrollable attraction to one another, even though Gray is nothing like Jasper’s usual type. Deciding to finally let go of her tightly held rules, Gray decides to take the risk if only to know what it may be like and to experience the undercurrent of passion that seems to run between her and Jas. But of course the ever eloquent Ian also has some rules.

You don’t touch her. Not her tits, not her face, certainly not her pussy. You keep your mouth off her and your fingers out of her. And she will not be sucking your cock either. I’m reserving every part of her for myself except for one very small, tight hole.

He’s a real peach, isn’t he? See what I mean about this not really a being a love triangle since you’ll pretty much want to jock punch him from the very first chapter?

After one night of forbidden pleasure, it soon becomes clear that there’s something beyond just lust between Gray and Jas. But their guilt of betraying Jasper’s best friend and Gray’s boyfriend, Ian, is a constant presence between them.

 Jasper truly stole the show for me with this book. He was such an incredibly endearing character, I just couldn’t get enough of him. I loved how Elizabeth portrayed him as a strong yet ultimately broken man, and allowed him to let his emotions through while keeping him as alpha as it gets.

Say yes.”
“Yes”, she breathed out.
“Say you understand exactly what we’re doing. No rules, Gray. That means I’m going to fuck you however the hell I want and tell your boyfriend to eat shit while I’m stretching that sweet pussy of yours.”

This was an erotic and emotional read that will tug at your heart strings and make you fall for Jasper just as hard as I did. Gray, while I can’t say was my favorite heroine, was still a great one. If you’re concerned there may be cheating, don’t be. Ian pretty much gives the the go ahead, though Jas and Gray do still suffer from a healthy amount of guilt about it. I understood Gray’s struggle even though I did wish she would become a little more assertive with Ian. I did love how supportive she was of Jasper and I absolutely loved the two of them together.

I guess real closeness comes when you find that person that can…break the hold your darkness sometimes has on you. They can liberate you.

My one complaint? The way that Gray and Jasper chose to “handle” Ian at the end. Their “revenge” read more like a juvenile prank more so than what two grown adults would decide to do. I would almost rather they did nothing than what they did. It felt a little random and a lot childish to me. But hey, that may just be me. I wanted to castrate Ian after the 2nd chapter, and I suppose that may have been a touch too excessive for this book LOL. I hope that Ian continues to be surrounded in pussy….really….

Of the furry and feline variety that is. Lawd but I hated him. I wasn’t sure who I hated more in this book, Ian or Jasper’s dad. Both were strong contenders for douchebag of the year. But I digress…

If you’re a fan of Elizabeth Finn, this is a book you’re not going to want to miss. It was emotional, erotic, at times a little painful to read, but ultimately a beautiful love story that began as a bit of forbidden fruit. I also adored the epilogue, the perfect way to end things with a glimpse into their future…

Blog Tour, Review & #Giveaway: #StealingHisheart by @DianeAlberts

This is the 2nd book in the Shillings Agency series. Be sure to check out the contest below and enter to win a paperback of TEMPORARILY YOURS (Shillings Agency #1) and a $20 gift card.

A sexy category romance from Entangled publishing’s Brazen imprint…

Shillings Agency employee Jake Forsythe is not happy to discover that the thief who he has to track down is none other than his ex-partner from his past. Now he’s forced to blackmail her into submission…or throw her in jail.

Tara Harris steals from the rich and corrupted, returning objects to their rightful owners one case at a time. When Jake shows up in her life, at first, she’s thrilled. But then when she finds out that she has to help the man she stole from or go to jail…it’s the choice between two evils.

These two can’t deny the burning passion between them, but when push comes to shove, they’ll have to lay their hearts and their lives on the line.


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4 stars

I know you want me. Know you want to feel me moving inside of you, making you come so many times you lose count. I know you want me to dominate you. Take you. Fuck you. Own you.

Well slap my ass and fuck me sideways but Diane Alberts/Jen McLaughlin knows how to write one sinfully hot hero. Good lawd. You want a dominant hero with a filthy mouth then you NEED to meet Jake Forsythe. Did I also happen to mention the tats? Because that’s just the icing on top of the alpha cake here…

Jake is a security expert at Shillings Agency hired to lure a thief that managed to infiltrate a safe for one of the agency’s clients. There’s just one problem; the thief happens to be his childhood friend, almost lover, and constant temptation Tara Harris.

Get the code. Get rid of the girl. Simple.

Not quite, Jake. Not quite.

Tara is a thief. Hired by clients that are looking to reclaim their rightful property, she steals from the rich and corrupted. Call her a thief with a code of honor. The last person she expects to see while on a new op is her childhood friend and the man that almost took her virginity and then walked out of her life over eight years ago. And now he’s back…and blackmailing her into helping him. Combination for disaster or reigniting an old flame? How about a little of both?

Tara was sassy and smart mouthed, but I wished she made Jake work for things a little harder. Especially when he would royally fuck up (and boy did he), she let him off too easy in my opinion.

Jake is broody and domineering with a bit of kink thrown in.

When I fuck a woman, she needs to play by my rules. She needs to obey me. You’re not that woman.

Did I mention broody?

No one could have saved me because I didn’t need saving in the first place.”
“What about now?” she whispered.
“Now I’m beyond hope. Nothing can save me. Not even you.”

While I felt for him, I also felt like he was a straight up ass to Tara during the first half. Their first time? I wanted to jock punch him for how he handled it after.

While the dominating during sex was mostly hot, at times it didn’t quite work for me. The thing of it is, there’s a fine line between making a hero be dominant without having him be Dominant. You feel me? What I mean is, there’s a fine line of skating around the BDSM genre. I understand this is not a BDSM romance, but Jake had Dom-like kinks, sadly he didn’t quite come off as a Dom. More like a hot asshole with a control fetish. I felt that the lines were crossed for me a few times, and I really wasn’t a big fan of that.

He does soften up a little towards the second half…until his royal fuck up at the end. But no worries, because there’s also a verra nice grovel. The grovel most certainly won me over. Tara finally did what I wished she’d done more of throughout the rest of the book, she made him work for it. Hard.

But all that aside, let’s talk about Gordon (another character that was introduced here) for a hot second here. We have sexy, tattoos, mysterious and broken. Oh and when I stalked the author down she also said he’s a very very bad boy. Ummmm….SOLD! Cannot wait for his book.

About the Author
Diane Alberts is a multi-published, bestselling contemporary romance author with Entangled Publishing. She also writes New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling new adult books under the name Jen McLaughlin. She’s hit the Top 100 lists on Amazon and Barnes and Noble numerous times with numerous titles. She was mentioned in Forbes alongside E. L. James as one of the breakout independent authors to dominate the bestselling lists. Diane is represented by Louise Fury at The Bent Agency.
Diane has always been a dreamer with a vivid imagination, but it wasn’t until 2011 that she put her pen where her brain was, and became a published author. Since receiving her first contract offer, she has yet to stop writing. Though she lives in the mountains, she really wishes she was surrounded by a hot, sunny beach with crystal clear water. She lives in Northeast Pennsylvania with her four kids, a husband, a schnauzer mutt, and a cat. Her goal is to write so many fantastic stories that even a non-romance reader will know her name.

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Release Blitz, Review & #Giveaway: ☆Black Lies☆ by @ReadAlessandra


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This Book is a STAND ALONE

( Books will Release at $2.99 for the week, then will go up to $3.99 )

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Brant: Became a tech billionaire by his twentieth birthday. Has been in a relationship with me for 3 years. Has proposed 4 times. Been rejected 4 times.
Lee: Cuts grass when he’s not banging housewives. Good with his hands, his mouth, and his cock. Has been pursued relentlessly by me for almost 2 years, whether he knows it or not.
I love 2 men.
I want 2 men.
If you think you’ve heard this story before, trust me – you haven’t

Spoiler FREE review 
4 Unlike Anything You’ve Read Before Stars

I love her completely. She returns the love wildly. This love is worth the unsaid truths. The hidden lies.

Do you hate love triangles?
Read. This. Book.
Do you dislike cheating?
Read. This. Book.
Do you want an unputdownable, erotic story filled with so many twists and turns your head will spin and keep you up all night till you’re finished?

Bravo, Ms. Torre, for writing a story unlike any I’ve ever read before. I can tell you that this is not a book I will be soon forgetting. All I can tell you is that you MUST go into this blind. Do not read any reviews, stay away from any and all spoilers. Just read it. If you’ve read the blurb, that’s ALL you need to know. Trust me on this. Any minor details can be a huge spoiler. So my review will not give you any of the meat of the story. I’ll simply graze the surface

Or Lana for short (which let me tell you, I gots a little thrill out of. Since I finally have a book where the heroine does my name justice.) But I digress…
In typical A. Torre fashion, she writes a heroine that’s confident, has her faults but owns them, and owns her sexuality without a blush in sight.

You’ll love her at times, hate her at others, feel for her, cry with her, and love with her. That’s no small feat to accomplish, let me tell you.

Became a tech billionaire by his twentieth birthday. Has been in a relationship with me for 3 years.
Has proposed 4 times. Been rejected 4 times.

Brandt is a character that is difficult not to fall in love with right away. His connection with Layana is instant, but the relationship builds throughout the books as it progresses through over 2 years.

Cuts grass when he’s not banging housewives. Good with his hands, his mouth, and his cock. Has been pursued relentlessly by me for almost 2 years, whether he knows it or not.

And that’s all you get. Nothing more.

The sex
Hot. As. Fuck. If you’ve never read a book by this author, start with this one. You’ll be hooked. I guarantee you.

I thought you were a man of action. You nervous? Worried you can’t compete?
“I’m worried I’ll fuck you so well I’ll ruin you for life.”

The love scenes were erotic but at the same time filled with emotion. Whether that was lust, love, anger, fear, it was always there. And it made it that much better.

He fucked me to use me, his focus on his pleasure, his attraction to me not masked it any way. It should have felt wrong, it shouldn’t have been hot, but it was, dirty and desperate, and I came hard, my hands gripping the rough brick, my legs shaking, the pleasure ripping a forbidden path through my body.

So why only 4 stars? Well, I figured out the big “secret” fairly early in. Around 35% to be precise. That made the reveal towards the end a bit anticlimactic for me. But fortunately, that wasn’t all there was to it. There was so much more wrapped up and around this secret and revealed. The author drops some big hints while at the same time trickle feeding you the information chapter by chapter. One thing I can tell you, whether you figure out the secret early or not, you WILL be up reading until you get to the last page. This book was unputdownable for me. I read it in practically one sitting. And of course, leave it to A. Torre to go out with a bang with that last chapter. The perfect conclusion to one mind fuck of a book.

My recommendation? READ IT. It’s just one of those books you need to experience.

If you think you’ve heard this story before, trust me – you haven’t

And that’s no lie.

ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review
Alessandra Torre is a USA Today Bestselling author who focuses on contemporary erotica. Her first book, Blindfolded Innocence, was published in July 2012, and was an Erotica #1 Bestseller for two weeks.

Alessandra lives in the gulf coast of Florida and is married, with one young child. She enjoys reading, spending time with her family, and playing with her dogs. Her favorite authors include Lisa Gardner, Gillian Flynn, and Jennifer Crusie.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Pinterest | Amazon Author Page

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ARC Review: ☆Among the Echoes☆ by @AlyMartinezAuth

Title: Among the Echoes
Author: Aly Martinez
Publication Date: July 31, 2014
Genre: Erotic Suspense
My name was Dr. Erica Hill. I was a victim, then a witness, and then I ceased to exist altogether.

I may still be breathing, but stripped of my identity, I have long since stopped living. I am invisible, and my life depends on my ability to stay in the shadows.

But he sees me.

Slate Andrews is the embodiment of everything I have been taught to avoid. He’s rich and famous, and one image of him with a woman would earn millions for any paparazzi lucky enough to snap it. He has vowed to protect me with his life, yet he exposes me with his every breath. I should be stronger and walk away. I should disappear. But I’m terrified he would come after me.

I’m on the run, determined not to take him down with me but absolutely unable to let him go.

My name is Riley Peterson…at least for today.

*Among The Echoes is a stand alone novel which contains material that may be offensive to some readers. Including sexual abuse, graphic language, and adult situations. Intended for readers 18+.*

Amazon US | Amazon UK | B&N

4 Stars

Our relationship was established on secrets and lies, but in the end it flourished through truths. Slate told me years ago that we all have scars, and our relationship is no different. It could have easily been ruined from the start, but he fought for me- even when I couldn’t fight for myself.

This was my first book by Aly Martines, and what gave me to push to read it? Would you look at me different if I told you it was the cover? What? You would? Well then it definitely wasn’t that? But I exaggerate, it was the combination of the cover and the first few sentences of the blurb.

My name was Dr. Erica Hill. I was a victim, then a witness, and then I ceased to exist altogether.

I may still be breathing, but stripped of my identity, I have long since stopped living. I am invisible, and my life depends on my ability to stay in the shadows.

Then I read the first couple of chapters and I. Was. Hooked. The story grips you by the throat with the very first line. Though the rest of the book is a bit more of a slow built. I was a little thrown off with the introduction of one of the characters when I realized he wasn’t the hero, but by the second half of the book I understood why he couldn’t have been.
Erica Hill is a survivor, but surviving that night came with a price; her identity. She’s no longer the woman she used to be, that woman is hidden behind a fearful and demure shell.

Slate Andrews is a celebrity in his own right. The heavyweight champion of the world in boxing, he’s looking to escape the flash and glamor of his daily life and just unwind as a nobody in a place where no one knows who he is…including his neighbor. She may come off as a little mouse, but behind her eyes he sees something more, and as he gets to know the woman more, he knows what he wants.

Erica is not typically a heroine that I enjoy reading about. Her experience has traumatized her, and understandably so after what she’s been through. She’s scared of her own shadow and even more scared of falling for the sinfully sexy and protective man next door. But every now and then there were bursts of her true personality and I’d find myself warming up to her more and more.

Slate was…well he was just everything. Aly Martinez has written a super protective hero without having him come across as an OTT caveman. She’s also written a hero that is a perfect mix of sweet with a sinfully sexy side of dirty talker. And I couldn’t help but love every single side of him.

The story is a slow build but a very engaging one. The author reveals the details to you bit by small bit throughout the story, and I personally really enjoyed that. While you may have plenty of questions in the beginning, I can tell you that every single one of them will be answered toward the end. I particularly liked the “twist” that was thrown in at the end there.
Aly Martinez definitely has a new fan in me after this book and I’m really looking forward to (view spoiler)[Leo’s (hide spoiler)] book next. He was such an amazing side character that I just can’t wait to read about him more in his own book.
**ARC courtesy of author in exchange of an honest review**

AuthorPhotoAlyMBorn and raised in Savannah, Georgia, Aly Martinez is a stay-at-home mom to four crazy kids under the age of five, including a set of twins. Currently living in Chicago, she passes what little free time she has reading anything and everything she can get her hands on, preferably with a glass of wine at her side.

After some encouragement from her friends, Aly decided to add “Author” to her ever-growing list of job titles. So grab a glass of Chardonnay, or a bottle if you’re hanging out with Aly, and join her aboard the crazy train she calls life.

Don’t forget to check out Aly’s Wrecked and Ruined series

ARC Review: ☆Tempting Her Best Friend (What Happens in Vegas)☆ by @Gina_L_Maxwell

A satisfying contemporary romance from Entangled’s Lovestruck imprint…

Alyssa Miller is tired of waiting for her next-door neighbor to see her as more than just his best friend. Ready to let off some steam, she heads to Las Vegas for a romance book convention where, if she’s lucky, she’ll get down and dirty with one of the sexy cover models.

Dillon Alexander doesn’t do commitment—especially not where his best friend is concerned. She deserves a man who can give her the world, not damaged goods. But when he realizes Alyssa intends to have a one-night stand on her vacation, he hauls ass after her to make surehe’s the one to scratch her itch.

Neither of them expects their explosive chemistry to burn hotter than the lights on the strip, but with a little help from Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, a flamboyant matchmaker, and TSA, what happens in Vegas might not stay in Vegas…

4 What Happens in Vegas Stars

To love someone is to know fear. Gut-wrenching, soulcrushing fear. Fear that your love won’t always be enough. Fear that something terrible could rip them away from you. There are dozens, hundreds of scenarios, but they all come down to the same thing: when you love someone with all your heart, the scariest thing imaginable is having to live without them.

If you’re looking for an easy, romantic, steamy and cute read, you really can’t go wrong with this book. The friends to lover trope is a tried and true method, and never fails to bring on a smile to my face, especially when it’s written by the fabulous Gina Maxwell. Gina puts her own spin on falling for your best friend with a little bit of Vegas craziness thrown in, a masquerade ball and a sexy Tarzan. Curious?You’ll have to read it find out more 😉

But I can give you a spoiler free cliff’s notes…

Alyssa Miller has been in love for her best friend for years. Heck, they’re practically acting like a married couple considering they live next to each other and see each other on a daily basis. Oh, except without the sex… and the never ending line of women that frequent her neighbor’s apartment.

Alyssa would love for Dillon to see her as something other that his sexless best friend, but she’s giving up hope. Her libido has certainly had enough of it. Batteries will only get a girl so far.

Tired of her risk-free and boring life, Alyssa decides that a weekend at a Romance book convention is the key to solve her dry spell. A steamy night spent with a sexy cover model she’ll never have to see again after seems just the key. Too bad Dillon is not exactly on board with that idea…

Dillon Alexander has always had feelings for his best friend, but he’s not the commitment sort and he knows he’s not what a woman like her needs. But when the idea of Aly with another man brings out his inner caveman? Let’s say a man will go to great lengths to resolve a situation; like follow her to Vegas and propose that he be the man to scratch her itch…no complications or strings need apply

Then, in the privacy of her room, he’d give her exactly what she wanted: excitement, passion, and multiple orgasms. Batteries not required.

And when the man puts his plan into action? Well let’s just say Alyssa never stood a chance

So what happens?
What starts of as this

Turns into a whole lot of this

I loved the setting of Vegas and all the fabulous side characters that were introduced. While this wasn’t anything I haven’t really read before, it was entertaining from beginning to finish. A little cute, a little sexy, sometime a touch cheesy, but still wonderful. An angst light, fluffy and romantic read that will appeal to all lovers of contemporary romance.

I hope that Dillon’s twin will be getting a book next. This is just one of those light and easy reads that are perfect for in between reads or just when you need a cute and uplifting romance.

**ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest review**

Book Blitz, Review & #Giveaway: ☆Sleeping With The Boss☆ by @MaryL_MarissaC

Sleeping with the Boss by Marissa Clarke 

(An Anderson Brothers Novel #1) 
Published by: Entangled: Lovestruck
Publication date: August 11th 2014
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

A satisfying category romance from Entangled’s brand new Lovestruck imprint…

Seducing the enemy has never been so tempting…

For the last five years, bookish Claire Williams has been living for the dying. Now that her stint as caretaker is over, she’s off to see the world. She needs quick cash first, so a temp job at Anderson Auctions seems perfect, especially with the unexpected benefits, including the hottest man she’s ever laid eyes—or hands—on.

Former Marine William Anderson has been burned one time too many. His military training makes him the perfect man to flush out the spy undercutting his family business, but no amount of training can prepare him for the kind of undercover work he’ll have to do when the sexy new temp is implicated. Desire lands them in bed…but duty may cost him his heart

Moaning in the back of her throat, Claire pressed harder against Will’s body, eliciting a deep groan from him that made her dizzy—one step short of crazy. The hard press of his erection against her belly made her want to climb him like a jungle gym and lick him from head to toe. Never had a man moved her this way. He was like an addictive drug, which, considering the fact that she was leaving the country soon, was not a good thing.
“Wow,” she said, pulling away before she totally lost it and needed to call Will-aholics Anonymous. “Wow,” she repeated, placing her hands on his chest, which didn’t help because it was a firm wall of muscle begging to be explored, and at that moment, her hands were regular Lewis and Clarks ready to strike out on their own uncharted Anderson expedition. No. Be responsible, Claire. “Isn’t there a rule against this?”
“God, I hope not.”

“You’re my boss.”

Still leaning against the door, his brow furrowed. “I suppose that’s correct, technically. I’m an owner, but not your direct boss. And I work remotely. My being in the office is a fluke.” He ran his lips along her jaw with a featherlight touch that was no doubt leaving scorch marks. “Besides, you’re a temp. Surely company policy against fraternizing with employees doesn’t count.”
That was splitting hairs, but at this point, screw responsibility. She’d buy it wholesale.
“Do you want to stop?” he asked.

4 I need a boss like Will Stars

Scoring an Anderson is like spotting a Sasquatch. They are elusive, mysterious, and larger than life-if you know what I mean.”

Now when you say ‘larger than life’, you do mean…?

Oh you do, do you?! SOLD! Where do I sign up? Do you need my resume? I’m all over this. Seriously.

But all kidding aside, Marissa Clarke now has herself a brand new fan. I’ve been loving every book that’s been releasing under Entangled’s new Lovesstruck line and this book was no exception. Marissa Clarke is a new to me author and definitely one who I will be on a lookout for from now on.

Now I like the whole dating the boss trope just fine, but this book offered a very different and refreshing take on something that’s been done very many times before. Did I happen to mention that the “boss” in question also happens to be a sinfully sexy former Marine?

I won’t regurgitate the plot for you since everything you need to know you’ll find in the synopsis. But what I will tell you is that this is a book you’ll happily read in one sitting from beginning to end. Will and Claire were both characters I loved from the very start. Claire is one of those heroines that’s so endearingly quirky, you simply can’t help but like her. A woman prone to accidents that she now refers to as Claire-isms, whenever she had another one it never failed to put a smile on my face.

As for Will, what can I possibly tell you besides that fact that he will equal parts make you swoon and drool. This book offers the perfect combination of sweet and steamy with a fantastic story to boot. I especially loved the super sweet ending.

A wonderful story from beginning to end that no doubt will appear to any lover of the contemporary romance genre. I definitely recommend this and look forward to more books for this series. I’m not sure which Anderson brother I want to read about sooner? Both at the same time? What? Too greedy? Regardless, this was the perfect start to what I hope will be a fantastic series.

Marissa Clarke lives in Texas, where everything is bigger, especially the mosquitoes.

When not writing, she wrangles her rowdy pack of three teens, husband, and a Cairn Terrier named Annabel, who rules the house (and Marissa’s heart) with an iron paw.

Marissa Clarke is a pseudonym. Her real name is Mary Lindsey and she also writes young adult novels for Penguin USA.

She loves to connect with readers and can be found at and on Twitter at @MaryL_MarissaC

For sneak peeks at upcoming projects and chances to win prizes, join her Facebook street team group, Camp Clarke:
To receive updates and insider information on Marissa’s upcoming books, subscribe here:

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ARC Review: ☆One Night of Sin☆ by @ElleKennedy

A sexy category romance novella from Entangled’s Brazen imprint…

Sometimes it’s good to be bad…

When it comes to sex, good girl Skyler Thompson always plays it safe, choosing stable and sedate over wild and thrilling. She doesn’t do one-night-stands, but one look at sinfully sexy Gage Holt and she’s willing to reconsider. He makes her want to be bad for once in her life, and she’s prepared to take what she wants.

Danger follows former MMA fighter Gage Holt like a shadow. Despite his successes as part owner of Sin, an exclusive nightclub in Boston, Gage can’t risk getting involved with a woman, especially one as sweet as Skyler. Still, he can’t resist a taste—and it’s so damn good he has to see her again.

As addicted as he is to her, Gage knows there’s no future for him and Skyler—not with his past lurking in the dark corners of an MMA cage. But Skylar’s tougher than she looks, and she’s ready to fight for her man.

Only $.99!!!

4 Sinfully Hot & dirty talking Stars

You say the filthiest things,” she moaned.
“That’s ’cause I’m a filthy boy. A very filthy boy that needs to be punished. So now ride me until I can’t see straight.”

Ha! See what I did there?

If you’re at all familiar with Elle Kennedy’s writing then you know that the woman can write some fucking HAWT books. And One Night of Sin? Sweet baby jebus! This book needs to come with a warning…and I mean A WARNING!

  • Book may cause sporadic ovary CUMbustion
  • Make sure you stock up on batteries or have your significant other on hand
  • Gage and his dirty mouth may give you a hot flash…or 30
  • Thinking about Gage and his dirty mouth may also make you impatient to wait if significant other isn’t on hand at the moment

Oh…there’s also a story somewhere in there. I swears! If I can only remember what that is now. Ahh yes, it’s all coming back to me now.

We have Gage Holt a former MMA fighter and current part owner of a club, and a verra bad boy. As far as first meetings go? He’s got that part covered…

That’s what you want, isn’t it? For me to fuck you right here, right now, against the wall. Isn’t that what you want, Skyler?”

Be reasonable, what woman can resist THAT? Certainly not Skyler Thompson, a good girl that’s always played it safe when it came to sex. So when on a bad date while at club Sin, she catches the eye of the sinfully sexy and tatted up Cage? Let’s just say she know exactly what she wants…and she really makes no qualms about going after it.

But luckily she’s forward without coming off as desperate or brash, which is typically my kryptonite with heroines.

The set up is not really unlike anything I’ve ever read before. Bad boy meets good girl. Boy isn’t looking for a commitment because he’s not “fit” to be in one. Boy and girl agree to some no string sex.

…we need to lay down a few ground rules.”
“What kind of rules?”
“Actually, there’s only one. This thing between us…it’ll be just sex. That’s all I can give you.”
“Fine, great, I’ll take six more orgasms.”

And since your offer sounds so tempting, Cage…

As far as the plot goes, it’s entertaining and the book reads very quick. Well…give or take a few “breaks”. Uhem.

I loved the set up for the 3 partners, all of who are former MMA fighters. This definitely was a hot little book in what looks to be a very promising and sinfully delicious series.

Did I also mention the hot sex?

Are all your fights usually so quick?”
Nope. I wanted it over fast so I could take you home and fuck you.

But don’t worry, it’s not just smut and zero story. If you’re looking for a scorching hot book with a dirty talking MMA fighter and a good girl gone bad? Looks like you’ve got your next read here 😉

**ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest review**

But seriously guys, this is a STEAL for $.99. If you want a hot and steamy read with a hero that will quite literally melt the panties off of you, this is a must read. Huge rec from this dirty girl 😉

ARC Review: ☆Temptation☆ by @RobinCovington

Burn up the sheets one page at a time with Robin Covington and her sizzling romance, Temptation!!
She needs to be good.
Five years ago, Kit Landry was homeless and alone at sixteen. Determined to ditch her crappy life, she moved to Nashville with only $200, her guitar, and a notebook full of songs. She hit it big as America’s country sweetheart, but a year of living like a rock star plus a stint in rehab has killed any good will she had with her label. The suits have ordered Kit to shape up or ship out of the limelight. The last thing she needs is a hot, sexy distraction with a sinful smile.
He doesn’t know the meaning of the word.
Max Butler is as far from a celebrity as you can get and he likes it that way. A Nashville firefighter, he’s living the single life with a revolving door of parties, friends, and a different woman in his bed every night. When his normal life suddenly collides with the girl on his favorite Rolling Stone cover, he sees the perfect chance to fulfill his ultimate fantasy and see just how bad Kit can be.
Sometimes bad is so very good.
With three weeks until Kit leaves for her big tour, Max promises to give her a break from being the good girl–no strings attached. But when hot days lead to sultry nights, the lines get blurred and suddenly three weeks of bad might not be good enough.
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4 stars

I had thought the fire was dangerous, but I was wrong. Max was the thing I needed to worry about.
“You’re no angel,” I whispered.
“I’m glad you finally figured it out.”

I have yet to read a Robin Covington book I didn’t enjoy, and Temptation was no exception. Steamy, a little angsty, entertaining and satisfying; it was the perfect NA contemporary read.

Kit Landry is America’s country sweetheart.

The guitar was more important to me than any lover, our connection elemental, and I respected the hell out of it.

But she wasn’t always the good girl she is today. After her stint in rehab and her bad girl ways landing her in every gossip magazine, her label is threatening to drop her. To keep her career on the up and up, she needs to keep her image good and focus on her music. So now Kit must be the epitome of good, and to do that the last thing she needs is a bad boy that will test her every resolve.

Max Butler is a bad boy firefighter. He may risk his life running into burning buildings, but he has no interest in risking his heart to giving it to another woman…ever.

But a little no string, no commitment fun between the sheets with his own personal fantasy? Sign him up. So when he gets the opportunity to get close to Kit after rescuing her from a fire, he doesn’t think twice about it.

I went at her again like I was starving.
And I was famished. For her. It was the craziest thing I’d ever experienced, but I wasn’t going to let a little insanity stop me.

While the chemistry between them was nothing short of scorching,

both Kit and Max are gun shy when it comes to anything more. Max from being burned by a woman in his past, and Kit from another reason from her past.

I really loved that this was written in dual first person POV, but that’s usually my preference. This did have quite a bit of back and forth between Kit and Max. There was that element of ‘I want you, but I can’t’, but it wasn’t overdone or OTT in my opinion. I could have done without that additional “drama” at the 90% mark, but then again it DID fit the story so it didn’t bother me too much.

I liked both Kit and Max…well that’s a lie. I liked Kit but Max is what made my pervy little heart go all pitter patter with his deliciously sexy dirty talking ways. This author definitely knows her way around a sex scene. Damn.

If you’ve never read a Robin Covington book before, this is the perfect one to start with. I promise you’ll be going to her back list immediate after.

My casting has been gratuitously stolen from the author’s inspiration behind Max and Kit 😉

About the AuthorRobin Covington, who NYT Best Selling authors, Robyn Carr and Carly Phillips, said was their new “auto-buy author”, writes sizzling hot contemporary and paranormal romance.

A Night of Southern Comfort, her best-selling debut novel was a 2012 finalist in the RT Book Reviews Reviewers Choice Awards, earned 4.5 stars and was touted by RT Book Reviews as bringing a “fresh, modern feel to the genre while still sticking to the things that get our adrenaline pumping — sex and danger”. When she’s not exploring the theme of fooling around and falling in love, she’s collecting tasty man candy, indulging in a little comic book geek love, and stalking Joe Manganiello.

Robin is a member of the Romance Writers of America, the Washington and Maryland Romance Writers, a faculty member at Romance University, a member of the Waterworld Mermaids, and a contributor to the Happy Ever After blog at USA Today. You can find Robin on her website, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter (@RobinCovington).

Robin lives in Maryland with her hilarious husband, brilliant children, and ginormous puppy.


Blog Tour & Review: ☆Buried☆ by @SelenaLaurence

BURIED by Selena Laurence
Blog Tour and Giveaway


Hiding from Love #3 
by Selena Laurence
Releases  August 4, 2014
* Stand Alone Novel *
Seven years ago, Juan Martinez lost everything—his only parent, his home, his life as he’d known it. Alone, lost, and desperate, he turned to the Reyes Hispanos—the RH—one of the most violent gangs in South Texas. But when you sell your soul to the devil, you pay a heavy price. Convicted of a drive-by shooting, Juan has served hard time. Finally out on parole, he wants to disappear—from the RH, from memories of all that he’s lost, and especially from the gorgeous woman who just showed up next door.

Beth Garcia grew up following after her older brother, David, and his best friend, Juan. She always dreamed of a day when she’d be old enough for Juan to look at her as someone other than David’s little sister. But he disappeared at seventeen, after his mother was deported, and Beth thought she’d lost him forever. When she finds him living at the halfway house next door, she knows he’s still the same guy inside. Determined to save him from himself and the RH, Beth sets out to prove that he didn’t commit the crime he was convicted of. But the path to absolution is dark, and even Beth may not be able to discover the real Juan.

Can a man with a damaged soul and a beautiful heart let a woman with fierce loyalty and unwavering love risk it all to save him? Or will his past bury them both this time?

4 Stars

I’m going to find Juan- the real Juan. I’m going to bring him back from the dark, deep place of pain and punishment he’s been living in. I know who he is. I’m going to remind him who he is, and then I’m going to make sure the world knows him too.

In my typical fashion of doing things back asswards, I went into this book without having read the previous 2 in this series. What? Don’t act like you’re surprised. What can I tell you after finishing it? 3 things.

1. The story goes to prove what a fantastic author Selena Laurence is
2. You can easily read this as a standalone
3. I will now be going back and reading the previous 2, not because I was lost in the story, but simply because I’m intrigued by the characters.

Juan Martinez has spent the past 7 years in hell. He’s lost his mother, his home, and life as he once knew it. Seeing no other alternative, he turned to the only option he thought was available to him; joining the Reyes Hispanos, one of the most violent gangs in his town of Texas. His life certainly hasn’t been easy, and he’s long since buried all his youthful dreams. The straight A student with dreams of a wife and a white picket fence has been replaced by the cold faced gangster that’s learned to hide everything he feels. After serving hard time for being convicted of a death in a drive-by shooting, Juan only wants one thing; to hide. To hide from his past, to hide from his present, and definitely to hide from the gang that is already breathing down his neck and wants him back into the fold. But all that changes when at his halfway house his past comes crashing into him in the form of Beth Garcia; his childhood best friend’s younger sister and the woman he’s always loved.

Beth still remembers the boy that Juan used to be, and she refuses to believe in the facade of the dangerous gangster he now presents. She doesn’t believe he’s guilty of the crime he was convicted for. She sees beyond the hard exterior to the broken soul of the man beneath. The man that she used to know, and the man that she is determined to find again.

I can’t give you any one word to describe this book, because it doesn’t fit into any particular box or genre that I can think of. It was emotional, heart wrenching, at times sexy, and poignant.

I loved the strength in both of these characters. With every piece of the puzzle of Juan’s past that gets revealed, you get further and further drawn into the story.

Juan for all his bad boy gangster ways was nothing like that with Beth. This was his childhood crush and the girl he always imagined himself being with. So while their connection is instantaneous when the reconnect these 7 years later, you can understand it given their history. Though their relationship is not an easy one with the chaos that surrounds them from Juan’s past life. There was action and quite a few nail biting moments that will keep you glued to the story from beginning to finish.

I also loved how Selena included Joss from A Lush Betrayal in the end here. It was so flawlessly done and just added to my enjoyment of the story to see the two worlds tied together.

**ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review**

The Hiding from Love series

(Nick & Lindsey)
** 99 cents **

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(Gabe & Alexis)
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(Juan & Beth)

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Selena Laurence is the Barnes and Noble Bestselling author of what she likes to call Edgy Contemporary Romance. Her books have been Amazon Top 10 bestsellers in multiple categories including Multicultural Romance, Hispanic Fiction, Urban Fiction, Military Romance, and Romantic Suspense. Her New Adult romance, Hidden, won the 2014 Reader’s Crown Award for Contemporary Romance of the year.

Selena lives in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and spends a hell of a lot of time at soccer games, on her laptop, and reading. She requires a Mocha Latte every day to function, keeps a goldendoodle at her feet most of the time, and has more kids than she or Mr. Laurence know what to do with.

Selena is also author of the Lush Series, a story of four high school friends who form the rock band Lush.  Take a ride with rock stars, men, brothers, and lovers, as Joss, Walsh, Mike, and Colin discover what it means to succeed, to fail, to hurt, and to love.

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