#NewRelease Spotlight & #Giveaway: ★Destroyed★ by @cariquinn & @TarynElliottFic

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of these authors (read: stalk them incessantly for their new releases). It’s also no secret that I’m an even bigger fan of their Lost in Oblivion series (read: slightly obsessed with). Each book just gets better and better and now it’s finally Simon’s turn! So I am beyond thrilled to be hosting these ladies that are rockstars in their own literary right at DGR today! 

Hi everyone! Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott here, and we’re super excited to hang out with one of our favorite book bloggers EVER, the most awesome Lana at Dirty Girl Romance!

Why do we love her so much? Well, let’s count the ways.
1)    She likes dirty books as much as we do.
2)    She loves dirty men as much or MORE than we do.
3)    She does the most awesome book graphics EVAH!
Oh wait, are we supposed to be talking about our book DESTROYED, book 3 in the Lost in Oblivion rockstar series? *looks around* Oh yeah, I guess so, huh? While DESTROYED is book 3 in the series, it totally stands alone, though we hope you’ll want to go back and read about the other members of the band. But you don’t *have* to in order to enjoy DESTROYED. Or Simon. 😉
Since we’ve already started with a numbered list, let’s just keep that going. shall we? And read on for how you can win a fabulous prize, because life – and dirty books – are better with gifties! 😉
Top Three Reasons You Want to F@ck Simon Kagan from DESTROYED (I know, this title shocked me too, but hey, when the dirty rockstar muse speaks, we listen!)
1) He’s the lead singer of a sexy as hell up-and-coming rock band, Oblivion. And believe me, they do plenty of the coming part. Early and often. They’ve also come a long way from their laundromat-practice-space roots. Now they’re headlining tours. And banging members of the band on catwalks above the club they just played in…which brings me to number two.

2) Simon will do it everywhere and anywhere. Behind the tour bus, on a catwalk, maybe even tease another girl while you’re watching and can’t quite make up your mind to take the leap…into his bed.

3) He won’t stop until you’re satisfied. Yes, he’ll eat at the Y. And the back exit too. No boundaries, right?

Want more proof? Here’s a little taste of Simon and his leading lady getting dirty on stage…before it happens for real.

Margo matched him in all black except for the bright pink that drew the eye to her spectacular breasts. So much her and yet not. A new breed of prim musician just waiting to bust out of her mold.

And because the song seemed to cry out for it, Simon stalked her around the stage. They held eye contact as the song built and his voice got raspier with each chorus. He swayed forward and she arched back until they were one unit in the song.

Like the ebb and flow of thrusting inside of her. They matched up so effortlessly. By the time the song ended, the room was silent and the cord of the mic was wound so tightly around his wrist his blood throbbed with the restriction.

Book 3 in the NEW ADULT rockstar series, LOST IN OBLIVION

Only one woman has ever refused him… and she’s the only one he wants. 

Now that he’s successful beyond his wildest dreams with his band Oblivion, Simon Kagan is happy to enjoy his all-access pass to the groupie train. After getting more fists in the ribs than hugs growing up, he discovers having a warm female in his bed is an easy way to escape the loneliness.
Until Margo.

From the moment the classy, buttoned up violinist entered his sphere, he knew she was different. After one amazing night in the studio, he feels like he’s finally connected with someone on a deeper level—only to have her walk away without a backward glance.
As a member of the Boston Symphony orchestra, Margo Reece’s life revolves around the regimented structure of a second chair violinist. But Simon’s uncanny ability to crawl into a song and create a smoky, sin-filled experience translated into the hottest night of her life. She walked away afterward because that’s what she was supposed to do.
And Margo always does what she’s supposed to.
Until Simon.
When she’s called on again to blend her sound with Oblivion’s, she has to make the decision to play it safe or let her wild side free.
Hot, right? Yeah, we think so. Simon is a whole new breed of delicious for this series, and we hope you check him out while he’s on sale for only $2.99! But now for the contest. 


For a chance to win a $25.00 Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card and a signed print copy of ROCKED, book 1 in the Lost in Oblivion series, plus some fun swag, just answer this question:

You get a backstage pass to see your favorite singer/rocker/band ever. Who is it and why? (Or if you’re not into music, what one actor/actress turns your crank?)

Thanks again for having us here today and thank YOU for reading! <3

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