#DGRFave & Review: Honey Cut by Sierra Simone

Lyonesse  #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance, MMF
Author: Sierra Simone
Release Date:
June 18, 2024

I have one job in this arranged marriage, and that’s to seduce my husband.

It should be easy; I’m the heiress to a transatlantic fortune, bred and raised to make a good match. I’ve spent a lifetime building up my endurance, my discipline, my dedication to my god and my church. The danger lies in falling for the devil who put his ring on my finger—a mistake I made years ago, and can’t afford to make again.

There is one more danger: handsome and green-eyed, emotionally wounded. Tristan Thomas, former soldier and my new husband’s bodyguard. A hero who stole my heart with salt-soaked kisses on the sea.

But Lyonesse is not like other places, and this isn’t like other marriages. Soon Tristan, Mark, and I are tangled in a knot of vicious jealousy and gorgeous wickedness, where suspicion is an aphrodisiac and secrets and vows are one and the same.

And there is something far darker at play than my real purpose, than the machinations of the Church I serve. Darker even than the twisted longings of my own heart. Because my husband has secrets of his own, and the reason he’ll stop at nothing to possess me could slice my soul deeper than the honeysuckle-hilted knife he gave me once upon a time.

Because when it comes to Mark Trevena and his games, the first cut is more than the deepest—it’s the sweetest.

And he always leaves you begging for more…

Honey Cut is the second book in the Lyonesse Trilogy.


You will be mine until you no longer wish to be so; I will be yours forever.”

Masterful, poignant, erotically sinful, and full of twists and turns. I thought I loved Salt Kiss but this book? Wow. This book completely blew me away. So much so, that I can also say that it has taken the place of Camelot Trilogy as my favorite of this author. And really, this is now easily my favorite MMF romance to date, period. And that’s not spoken lightly.

In this installment, we get a peak into the enigma that is Isolde. She’s a character that only gets introduced in the first book, and in this one we get immersed in her POV and what a POV it was. Even the POV is masterfully written to unwind a tale full of twists and turns. We now add Isolde’s POV in addition to Tristan, while desperately awaiting a deeper peek into the dark abyss that is Mark.

I want him as wild as he was on the sea; I want to see, over and over again, the rupture between his inherent goodness and his surrender to sin.

When we last left Tristan, he was chartering a yacht with Mark’s fiancé, Isolde. What we learn is that during that time at sea, he falls hard for her and she for him. But of course, when she’s engaged to his boss who he is still in love with, let’s just say that things are messy.

On one side of me, I have a hero; on my other side, a devil. One I want to fuck. The other I’ll have to.

Isolde and Mark’s union is not one of love but of business and partnership. Though knowing all that didn’t stop Isolde from loving the untouchable man either. And Isolde is an enigma in her own right. The second her POV is introduce, you’re instantly sucked into her world and it was impossible not to immediately connect with this broken but fierce woman.

because even though they have meant for you to be made of gold, you are made of shadows and glass instead, and I am too.

The feel of the forbidden of being in love with two men; one who is your husband to be but offers nothing of himself beyond surface level, the other with a heart of gold who is forbidden to you. But Isolde is no simple woman and she’s not a prize in the arrangement. She has a plan of her own and the more than unwinds, the more obsessed it made me to learn more details.

His voice is his devil’s voice tonight, seductive and cruel. Oh, how he makes us fall in love with him. We should hate him for it.

What I will tell you is that no one, and I mean absolutely no one can write such erotic filth like Sierra and fill it with so much poetry and gorgeous prose. It’s deliciously sinful and masterfully written. It’s not purple prose by any means, but it’s just perfectly written. I don’t even know how to describe it to you, you simply need to experience it for yourself.

Oh God. Oh my God.” Mark licks my mouth, like he wants to eat the words off my lips. He’s still smiling, evil and tyrannical and amused. “Sir will do for now.”

This book had me on the edge of my seat the entire time; loving Tristan, loving Isolde, and desperate for more details of Mark. The man is a dark and erotic enigma that I will never get enough of. It’s this amazing balance of the sweet cinnamon roll Tristan and the dark storm that is Mark, with Isolde at the center of it all.

Because it hurts, loving Tristan. And I’ve always craved things that hurt.

And that ending? I’m not even sure how I can survive the wait for book three. Talk about your jaw dropper! 

Sierra Simone is a USA Today Bestselling former librarian (who spent too much time reading romance novels at the information desk.) She lives with her husband and family in Kansas City.

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