Review Policies & Requests

Hello, my fabulous authors!

I love discovering new books along with my current favorites, but due to the volume of requests I get and being just one reviewer on my blog, I cannot accept every review request I receive. This is nothing personal, and please understand that while I’d love to accept every request I receive, it just wouldn’t be humanly possible. Thank you for understanding.

NOTE: I am currently accepting very limited review requests; giving priority to author’s I’ve read in the past. 


  • Send me an email with the book cover, title, synopsis, and please let me know if it’s part of a series, serial or a standalone.

I love doing author and book spotlights with author interviews, character interviews, guest posts, excerpts and giveaways. If you’re interested in a spotlight by DGR, please feel free to email me.

I’m a total mood reader, and as such I try not to accept too many reviews with a deadlines. The last thing I’d want to do is force myself to read a book I’m not in the mood for and have that affect my rating. If you are looking for a review within a certain time parameter, please note that in your email and I’ll try to accommodate it as much as possible.


  • Contemporary & Erotic Romance
  • Dark Romance
  • New Adult
  • BDSM
  • PNR
  • MM Romance
  • Chick Lit
  • Romantic Suspense
  • Historical Romance

I have a special place in my heart for bad boys and alphaholes. But I don’t discriminate, I’ll spice things up with a nice guy every now and then too. Love tattoos and motorcycles, sexy Alpha heroes, and kick-ass heroines. Please note, I do not like to read books without a HEA.


5 Stars: I’m EXTREMELY stingy with my 5 stars. I’m saying super stingy. I’m a very picky reader and I reserve my 5 stars to books that will not only blow me away but leave me up till the buttcrack of dawn reading, thinking about it for days after, and wanting to reread it just so I can experience it again.
4 Stars: I loved it! It held my attention and I’d gladly recommend it.
3 Stars: I liked it but something just kept me from really loving it. I’d recommend it though I won’t be raving about it.
2 Stars: Meh. Not my cuppa and I struggled to finish.
1 Star: I hated it and barely finished.
DNF: I do not rate books I didn’t finish. Nor will I post a review for it on my blog, Amazon or B&N. I will post a short DNF review up on Goodreads summing up what didn’t work for me.

My reviews:

  • Are always constructive. If I dislike a book, I will say exactly what didn’t work for me in a concise and constructive manner.
  • Are never mean spirited, rude, or bash an author. Professionalism is key here.
  • Will include at least one teaser made by me from purchased stock images.
  • Are posted on my blog, Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon


  • E-books in Kindle/mobi format.
  • Print books
  • ARCs sent to Kindle
  • Netgalley digital galleys
  • Edelweiss digital galleys


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