Review: ★The Billionaire Takes a Bride★ by Jessica Clare

Review- TBTABThe Billionaire Takes a Bride
Series: Billionaires and Bridesmaids #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Jessica Clare
Release Date: October 20, 2015add-to-goodreads-button3


A lie turns to love in the latest novel from the New York Timesbestselling author of The Taming of the Billionaire.

Billionaire Sebastian Cabral loves his family, he just doesn’t love their reality TV show, The Cabral Empire. So when his ex-girlfriend tries to rekindle their relationship on camera, Sebastian decides that drastic measures are in order.

By day, Chelsea Hall is a happy-go-lucky, rough and tumble roller derby skater. By night, she’s still living in fear of her past. Most of all, she just doesn’t want to be alone. And she really, really doesn’t want to date.

So when their mutual friends’ upcoming wedding turns Chelsea and Sebastian into fast friends, they realize they can solve both of their problems with one life-changing lie: a quick trip down the aisle.

But with one kiss, Chelsea and Sebastian suddenly realize that their pretend relationship is more real than either of them expected…

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Review3 starsTBTaB-DGR

Fans of sweet romance with a sexy kick and beta heroes will adore this latest from the fabulous Jessica Clare.
This was my first book in the series by this author, and I had absolutely no issues picking this up 3 books in. I immediately grew a liking to the heroine, Chelsea Hall. This is clearly a woman with some cracks, but she’s by no means broken. At least not in my opinion. She was strong in her own right, but I also absolutely loved her vulnerable side. This is someone that’s been through something tragic and that’s evident from the very first chapter.

Sebastian Cabral is a wonderful hero. I simply loved the way that he was with Chelsea; patient, understanding and kind. This is not your average brooding, manwhore billionaire with issues. That’s not to say he’s without any, but a kooky family and the issues that ensues from their popular television show just made him more endearing. In an effort to avoid a crazy ex intent on being famous, and for Chelsea to avoid men hitting on her, they come to a mutually beneficial arrangement; marriage…without the benefits. They become each other’s safety nets, though it’s not long before the sexual chemistry brewing between them begins to take hold.

Now you’re probably thinking why only three stars. Well, as much as I hate to say it but this book was just too sweet for me.
Now now, don’t judge me here! It’s fair to say that this had absolutely nothing to do with the book and absolutely everything to do with reader preference. I prefer my heroes alphas, and a more unassuming beta hero doesn’t tickle my fancy as much. While Sebastian is a great hero, he’s just not what I prefer in my books. If you’re looking for a story with a hero that’s as rich as he is nice, then Sebastian is definitely your guy.


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