#TeaserTuesday: ☆Until We Fly☆ by @Court_Writes

So if you haven’t been following my posts on Goodreads and Facebook, maybe you don’t know just how excited I am for the release of this book. Because let me tell you, I am FUCKING THRILLED mkay?! Seriously. I was incredibly lucky to read the ARC last week, and guys, trust me when I tell you that you NEED to meet Brand.

But it wasn’t just about Brand. Nora had to have been one of my favorite heroines in the series so far. My heart seriously broke for her.

Now since I’m feeling super generous like, here’s one of my favorite quotes and teasers from the book

But I’m desperate, just for a few weeks, to see if I can lose myself in Brand. To see if his goodness can eclipse that part of me that is so irrevocably damaged, just for a little while.

And who can blame you, Nora? We are talking about Brand here

 #GetBranded on July 7, 2014! 

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