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Fiendish is a dark and twisted take on Beauty and The Beast. This story contains mature themes meant for readers 18+.

So what would you do if your prince charming turned out to be the worst kind of monster?

Calida Alexander moves from Charlotte to Atlanta after a painful break up. She faced some harsh realities about herself during that breakup and desperately wants to change who she perceives herself to be. When she meets Seth, she is drawn in by his sexy good looks and is won over by his gentlemanly demeanor. On the surface, he’s her dream come true.

Seth Jokobi is sexy and charming, the kind of man that women dream of being with. As a master manipulator, he uses his charm and good looks as a lure. His prey never suspect that lurking behind those piercing blue eyes and million dollar smile, lies a sadistic monster. When he meets Calida, her shy nature tempts him into playing a game where the stakes end up being higher than he could have imagined.

Can love really conquer all or is it sometimes just not enough?

Warning: This e-book contains sexually explicit scenes some that may contain dubious and non-consent, adult language, and graphic violence and may be considered offensive to some readers.

**Intrigued? Read on for an exclusive excerpt from the book and a guest post from the author talking about the story behind the book and to find out what else she has planned**

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“Intimacy,” I whispered into her hair.

I slid my hand under her shirt, stroking the soft skin of her abdomen. I felt the subtle changes in her breathing. I smiled; she was still weak to my touch even when angry with me.

“Seth, I would just like to go to sleep.”

“I’m not trying to have sex with you right now, Calida. I’m answering your question.”

“I didn’t ask you anything.”

My fingers splayed across her toned stomach, my thumb grazed the bottom curve of her breast.

“Yes, you did,” I replied, planting soft kisses along her neck. It was a very beautiful neck and my second favorite part of her body I enjoyed kissing. “At the beach. You asked why I wouldn’t kiss you.”

Stepping back, I slowly turned her in my arms. I wanted to see those gorgeous green eyes of hers. I wanted to see the emotions in them as I gave her this little piece of me. You don’t have to explain yourself to her. Her gaze was trained on my chest as she chewed on her bottom lip.

“Look at me. Please.” I waited until I had her complete attention before continuing.

Cupping her lovely face in my hands, I leaned down to partake in those luscious lips of hers. Their softness, the warmth, the taste of them called to me. It wasn’t a deep passionate kiss. I only wanted to feel her lips on mine. Resting my forehead on hers, I stroked her cheeks with my thumbs as I spoke.

“For me, a kiss is not just a kiss.” Her eyes were wide with confusion, causing a smile to tug at the corner of my mouth. “It’s about intimacy, the connection you have with a person. It implies a level of comfort and personal knowledge of the person you share the kiss with.” I leaned down, placing a soft kiss just below her ear before continuing. “A kiss can be orgasmic in itself. When performed by two lovers, it can be more seductive, more meaningful, and exude more intensity than the act of sex. It can leave you breathless and wanting; desirous heat and passion can bleed into every fiber of your being when embraced so achingly close to someone sharing the same sensations.”

Calida’s pupils dilated, her breathing became shallow, and she shifted her stance, pressing her legs tighter together. She was aroused yet trying to fight it. I traced the outline of her lips with my thumb. They parted slightly, bringing another smile to my face. “So…” Her tongue darted out, licking her lips as she tried to gather her thoughts “…um, I…I don’t…I wasn’t expecting that kind of an answer.”

“Before you, Calida, I hadn’t kissed or had the desire to kiss anyone for a very, very long time. I take that very seriously. Do you understand that?” Wordlessly, she nodded her head. “Good. Now keep your hands at your side. No touching, understand?”

“Yes,” she replied breathlessly.

I placed my hands on the counter on either side of her but kept our bodies separated. “I’m going to kiss you now.”

The story behind the book

Fiendish started out as a simple blog story. It was a challenge prompt in my writing group, to take a classic fairytale and give it our own spin and adult twist. I’d always loved Beauty and the Beast so I chose that for my base. I knew I wanted something different than the outwardly beastly guy who needed to be humbled and find love to break a curse, so Seth was born. He’s perfection on the outside and beyond beastly on the inside. I tried to bring in some aspects of the fairytale, but it’s not a standard retelling by any means. The quote at the beginning of the book really speaks to Calida’s character. She does have a lot of strength in her perceived weakness. What she’s able to endure, and overcome is proof of that.

A friend who loved the concept convinced me I should take it further and make it into a novel. I was hesitant because of the subject matter, but decided to take the plunge. Her unexpected passing made this project even more meaningful for me. Now it’s ready and out for the world to (hopefully) enjoy.

As I was writing it, Fiendish was never meant to be a series. The book wraps up without a cliffhanger, but once it was done I felt there was more to Calida’s story, plus I wasn’t ready to let go of my characters yet. I’ve started working on a companion novel to Fiendish that I’ve titled Not Broken. My husband and daughter laugh at me because I refuse to call it a sequel.

Fiendish can be a stand-alone novel. A reader doesn’t have to read Not Broken in order to get the full story of Seth and Calida. Not Broken will make some references to the things that happened in Fiendish, but I’m trying to write book two so that it’s not necessary for a reader to have read the first one to know what’s going on. Sadly, I won’t know if I’ve accomplished that until it’s ready for beta readers which most likely won’t be until next year.

After Not Broken is completed, I’m planning on writing another twisted fairytale. I already have ideas for two, so I will just have to wait and see which one speaks the loudest to me.

Meka James is a stay at home mom to four kids ranging in ages 17-4 and lives in the great state of Georgia. She’s been happily married for 11 years and counting. She is a pet lover and has three dogs: Pixie, Loki, and Thor. The additional pets include a turtle, a bearded dragon, and two snakes that belong solely to her husband and children. When she’s not attending little league games and school functions, she finds time to volunteer with the local Weimaraner Rescue. Her main hobby outside of writing and reading is playing The Sims 3 PC game.

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  1. Meca, is an amazing writer. I followed Fiendish when it was a blog story and was hooked from the very beginning. I was very excited for Meca when I heard she was going to publish Fiendish as a novel. I have always thought, like our other friend she mentioned above, that it would be worth publishing. I just know that this novel will do well and I continue to follow her stories and novels to come.

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