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I don’t know if you all know this, but ever since I first read Shadowboxer last summer, I’ve been practically stalking Cari Quinn for more in this series. Actually, forget practically, it’s a wonder the woman puts up with me with my incessant and rabid need for Giovanni’s book. But when she told me that there’s going to be another book for the couple that made me fall in love with this series, Mia and Tray. I can’t say I was complaining. So I’m so excited to have Cari on the blog today talking all things Sneak Attack, sharing an excerpt AND a great giveaway. Make sure you check it all out below!
Hey y’all! I’m Cari Quinn, and I’m so thrilled to be back on Dirty Girl Romance to talk about SNEAK ATTACK, my next book in the Tapped Out MMA series! And make sure to read on until the end for an awesome contest where YOU get to share which kind of sports hero gets *your* blood pumping!

SNEAK ATTACK is about Tray “Fox” Knox and Mia Anderson, two former underground MMA fighters who fell in love when Mia set her sights on fighting Tray. A bit surprising, right? Some readers wondered how that could be possible, and if Mia truly thought she could kick Tray’s ass. I’m currently reading the autobiography of Ronda Rousey, one heck of an amazing female fighter, and I bet she’d agree that yes, women can take down men. She sure has. 😉

When I wrote SHADOWBOXER, I thought that was the end of Mia and Tray’s story, though of course they’d continue to show up as side characters in the rest of the books in the series. Yeah, well, they didn’t want to go along with my plan. In fact, when I started ripping off the layers involved in the building of a relationship between two scarred people—physically and emotionally—so many secrets started coming out of the woodwork that I couldn’t keep up. And SNEAK ATTACK will definitely change the trajectory of the series.

One thing that hasn’t changed about Tray and Mia? Their explosive chemistry. These two want each other everywhere…and anywhere. 😉

Mia arched against me and sank her teeth into my shoulder. It shouldn’t have made me instantly hard. I shouldn’t have grabbed her long braids in my fists and yanked her head back to claim that wild, hungry mouth with my own. This wasn’t the way. We needed to talk. I needed to shift back from her hips pressing so insistently into mine. But I couldn’t. Couldn’t. I knew what she craved because the same craving streaked through my blood.

Breathing fast, she yanked up her shirt, knowing I’d pull it off. I’d help her as I always did. Together, we were both weak. And when my hands closed over hers and tugged the material higher, then when they greedily slipped lower to caress the flesh I knew as intimately as my own, I expected her to gasp. To beg. Not to twist away and pant as if I’d plunged a knife into her chest.

“What?” I jerked up her shirt again while she fought to pull it down. “Let me see.”

I drew her toward the window and turned her into the shaft of light, swallowing hard at the black tattoo outline covering her ribs. I had a tat in that spot too. Those bastards hurt. Even in the dim light, I could make out the roses and shaded gloves.

Fucking boxing gloves.

Her chin lifted and in her eyes was a demand. Don’t ask. I wouldn’t, but not because she’d silently instructed me not to. That tattoo was why she’d left me hanging for hours? It sure as hell hadn’t been there this morning when I’d had her luscious breasts in my mouth.

The better question was why it was there. The gloves might’ve been a metaphor. God knows she was fighting now. Would always be fighting. Or was she trying to give me a message I refused to hear? Did she want to start fighting again?


She stretched up and locked her hands around my head, hauling my mouth to hers. Cutting off her name, turning it into a groan of pure pleasure as she pressed her breasts against my chest. Having her shirt and bra between us didn’t lessen the sensation. If anything, it amplified the friction of her skin against mine. I bit her lower lip, my annoyance level rising in tandem with the arousal I couldn’t stop. My body was primed to respond to hers.

That didn’t mean I had to like it.

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Book 2 in the NEW ADULT MMA series, TAPPED OUT

She thought she’d fought her final match…but the bout isn’t over yet.

Mia Anderson found more than she ever bargained for when she set up a fight with reigning king of the underground MMA fighters, Tray “Fox” Knox. Five months have passed, and both have walked away from the sport that brought them together. Now they fight for love, not blood. Until a voice from the past comes back to haunt Mia, causing her to struggle with her secrets and her need for Tray.

Tray’s tired of battling to be with a woman who keeps pushing him away. He loves Mia, but maybe he can’t love her through this. Not unless she will let him put his back to hers, all or nothing. He’s ready to slay any demon she has—except the one she refuses to share.

One opponent will walk away the victor. And one will lose…everything.

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Intrigued? I hope so! Both SNEAK ATTACK (out 5.29.15) and ON THE ROPES (out 7.1.15) are up for preorder now for only 2.99 thru release week! And if you’d like to give the series a try for FREE, both SHADOWBOXER and BODY SHOT, a vignette teaser for On The Ropes, are free for a limited time!

Now for the contest.

GiveawayFor a chance to win a $10.00 Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card and a signed print copy of SHADOWBOXER, book 1 in the Tapped Out series, plus a custom made book hook for the Tapped Out series plus some fun swag, just answer this question:

Which sports hero is your favorite to read—or watch? And why?

Thanks so much for having me here today and thank YOU for reading! <3
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