Review: ★Going Deep★ by @cariquinn

Review- Going DeepGoing Deep
Series: Boys of Fall
Genre: Erotic, Contemporary Romance (MMF)
Author: Cari Quinn
Release Date: October 1, 2015add-to-goodreads-button3


Two is hot…three is explosive. 

The last wedding former high school linebacker Colt Bennett attended was his own—to the woman his brother is now marrying. But tequila, romance and regrets make a bad combination, and the next thing he knows, he’s half passed out in his ex’s best friend’s truck.

That Paige Wilcox hates the sight of him is incidental, right?

At least until Colt calls his best friend and business partner, Drake, to give him a ride home, and somehow the three of them end up in Paige’s bedroom. There’s absolutely no reason why he should consider having a threesome…

Other than he’s been denying wanting both of them for months.

With Coach Carr on the mend and the rest of his high school football team back home, Colt’s starting to find his true place in his hometown. Except now he’s got even bigger problems than recriminations about the ex he’s long over. He’s falling for her best friend, and maybe even for his own…

Warning: Boys—and a girl—touch in this book. A lot.

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Review4 starsGoing Deep-DGR

He couldn’t see, couldn’t think. There wasn’t any wrong or right. There was just this, and doing what came naturally.

Dear Cari Quinn,

You have some splaning to do, lady! You’ve been seriously holding out on me. All this delicious MF romance of yours had me falling for every MMA fighter and Rockstar you wrote. But all this time you could have been giving me boy touching and you only did it now? Don’t think I’m not upset with you. I demand you write me more boy touching. Do you hear me? I need more boy touching! And if there’s a vagina thrown in there for variety sake, then I will accept this as well. Because your MMF?
Me likey.

Clearly I’m a big fan of this author. I’ve read practically her entire backlist. And while I enjoy the hell out of her gritty MMA series, On The Ropes, and I’ve loved her rockstar series with fellow author Taryn Elliot, Boys of Fall is quite a step away from those. It’s still just as good but a whole lot more smutty. Ever since I met Colt Bennett in Going Long, I knew I had to have his book. The backstory is enough to rival any soap opera. Older brother marries younger brother’s high school sweetheart, doesn’t see she’s still in love with younger brother, gets divorced and now his ex wife marries his younger brother. Bam! Say that three times fast. But there’s no hard feelings between them and no crazy drama either, so don’t be concerned. Just one devilishly sexy cowboy, his best friend that’s been in love with him for years, and the sassy redhead that’s been giving him hell for months. Add in some alcohol on his younger brother’s wedding day to his ex wife, and you gots yourself a recipe for some sexy times!
For those of you that still are not clear; what we have is a GFY AND a sizzling hot MMF menage. You with me now? Mkay then.

Going Deep is another smutty winner from the author and a book I devoured in pervy glee in one sitting. True story. Cari Quinn certainly knows how to write some delicious boy touching books. It’s not mindless smut either. It has a fantastic story that the romance wraps around all while delivering a hell of a sexy punch with those sex scenes.

Fair warning: Book may cause a serious case of carpal tunnel syndrome

Just saying…

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