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The SEALs of Summer Military Super-bundle of ten novellas and novels hit both the New York Times and the USA Today bestseller lists… now read the next books from authors Anne Marsh, Cora Seton, Zoe York, Kimberley Troutte, S.M. Butler, and Jennifer Lowery.

SWEET BURN by Anne Marsh: 

It’s supposed to be a quick wedding hook-up. She’s lonely. He’s available. After seeing Rio Donovan and Gia Jackson down the aisle, the sizzling sexual chemistry between Mimi Hart and Mack Landry has this pair burning up the sheets in a night of no-holds fantasies. One night. No regrets. And no promises. As Strong’s resident bad girl and bartender, Mimi has earned every inch of her reputation. Tattoos, motorcycles and dancing on the bar—Mimi’s all in. She’s fun and she’s tough, a hot sex-on-the-pool-table woman—not a sunset-and-kisses sweetheart. Until her wedding hook-up, Mack Landry, turns into a man on a sensual mission…and threatens to send her heart into freefall even as her own past threatens to catch up with her.
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Sweet Burn (The Smoke Jumpers, #5)
Mimi’s mouth met Mack’s and their kiss headed to Sexyville, faster than fast. Good times.  He devoured her, deepening their kiss as his hands shoved her tank top down and she pressed into his touch with a groan.
Letting her go was one of the hardest things he’d ever done.
“Finish what you started.” As she spoke, she pulled back. Not physically—her breasts still pushed up against his chest and, hell, he loved that—but emotionally. He could almost see her brain click on and start the next step of the drive-Mack-away plan. Mimi didn’t let anyone close. Damned if he knew how she did it, because sex should have been about as close as two people got, but the minute she started shucking her clothes, an emotional Grand Canyon opened up between them.
“You want to have sex right now?” The words came out hoarser than he would have liked. Best to be clear, though, because she confused the hell out of him. That was the God’s honest truth.
“You bet,” she whispered back to him in her sex kitten voice, a husky ribbon of sound that promised a thousand delicious sex acts that would rock his world and make him forget both his name and hers, lost in the meeting of their bodies. He liked it better when she was laughing and happy. When he didn’t forget his own name—or who she could be to him.
His Mimi.
Taking his silence for buy-in, she cupped his ass with her hands. Her urgency communicated itself to him through the squeeze of her fingers, soft and then harder, more demanding as she pulled him to her and in. He’d be happy to let her manhandle him all night because it felt so good, except… He wasn’t sure she was one hundred percent with him. And definitely not for the right reasons. Her fingers slipped over his jeans, teasing a naughty pattern over his butt, and he groaned. There was no helping that. Mimi got to him.
He was one hundred percent hers, even if she wouldn’t admit it. So his next words surprised him.
“No.” He thought about it for a too short, too long moment and then repeated himself. “We’re not doing this.”
She tilted her head back so she could see his face, her hands clenching on his ass. “No? Really? Because if this is your version of hard to get, we need to talk.”
Her fingers moved over his ass, down the crack and exploring between his legs as far as she could reach. Jesus. Heat shot through him. Was he really turning her down in favor of empty arms tonight?
“I’m holding out for all of you,” he said roughly.
“Is that code for some kinky shit you want to do?” Her eyes laughed at him. But… there was something else there as well. In truth, his Mimi probably didn’t have a problem with any sex act he could list. He’d never hurt her and everything they did had been about giving her pleasure. But that was her body and there were all sorts of other parts to Mimi. Like her head.
Her heart.
He should let her take him to bed and figure this out in the morning when they weren’t fresh from a fire and a possible death threat. She was tired. He’d seen the yawns. But letting this go seemed wrong.
“The sex is great, but I want more.”
Her fingers made another wicked pass over his ass, not letting go. He stepped back reluctantly, because otherwise he was going to cave. Softly, he set her leg on the ground.
“There’s not much more, big guy.” She didn’t move from where he’d put her, just leaned against the wall, her tank top shoved up beneath her breasts. He’d done that. It would be so easy to step back and continue what they’d started. Her bra was a wicked scrap, a pale blue covered with black lace that almost, but not quite, covered the rosy tips of her breasts. Her nipples were like the best kind of cherries and he wanted to tongue them, suck them slow and sweet.
“No,” he said again, making sure.
 She slowly slid her hands up over her ribs, cupping her breasts. Rearranging… and then concealing.
“What you see is what you get,” she said quietly, her voice full of what he’d come to think of as Mimi bravado. She never showed fear, not even when her bar was on fire and someone was gunning for her. The mocking smile was back on her face, though, and he deserved that.
“You deserve more.” He’d never meant three words so much.
She shook her head, sending her hair dancing. “Most women wouldn’t complain about a good orgasm. What more is there?”
Hell if he knew what. He was certain with every fiber of his being that this thing between him and Mimi wouldn’t—couldn’t—be about just sex.
“Were you a virgin?” She sounded curious. And dubious. Wise girl.
He laughed softly. “I lost my new a long time ago, sweetheart.”
Something dark flashed in her eyes. “I’m not new, either.”
“New to me, to each other,” he said.
There was a moment of silence while he tried—and failed—to come up with the right words. If she wanted a man who could sweet talk her, he was all wrong.
“I want us to have a relationship.”
The surprised look on her face was hardly flattering. “Are we in high school? Are you asking me to go steady with you? I’m not seeing your class ring fitting on my finger.”
His high school self had been a wild child, only interested in what he’d decided was living. Problem was, his definition had been all about him. He’d chased fast cars and six packs, pretty girls and long nights in the bayou. Waking up in the morning had simply meant waiting for the next night, the next round of fun.      
“I want to see where this can go. I want tomorrow instead of tonight.”
She looked at him like he was speaking Greek and she’d left her Berlitz at home. “You want us to get married or something?”
Yeah. He did.
She said the words and everything kind of slid into place, like one of those kaleidoscope puzzles you shook up. Imagining himself starring front and center in one of those white tulle things he’d gone to in Napa? That was rough. He could see something simpler, perhaps on a beach somewhere. After that, though, it was all smooth sailing. His head—and possibly his heart—had plenty of suggestions for the next fifty years or so, and not all of them involved a bed and making love with Mimi.

After ten years of graduate school and too many degrees, Anne Marsh escaped to become a technical writer. When not planted firmly in front of the laptop translating Engineer into English, Anne enjoys gardening, running (even if it’s just to the 7-11 for slurpees), and reading books curled up with her kids. The best part of writing romance, however, is finally being able to answer the question: “So… what do you do with a PhD in Slavic Languages and Literatures?” She lives in Northern California with her husband, two kids and four cats.
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When a damaged soldier and a disgraced Hollywood actress agree to marry for a year, can they remember that it’s only supposed to be an act?

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THE MAZE by Jennifer Lowery: 

Former Navy SEAL, Noah Kincaid, bears the responsibility of fellow counterterrorist operative, Atalanta Devayne’s, imprisonment, torture and retirement. Now the drug lord has resurfaced and set up an elaborate plan to exact his revenge on Attie. Noah and Attie must face challenges to overcome the past and accept their feelings for each other before the danger that tore them apart separates them forever. 

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LOCK AND LOAD by Kimberley Troutte: 

When a Chinese gaming company tricks Amber Fitz into hacking the U.S. Department of Defense to extract weaponry secrets, can she trust Charlie Handly and his newly-formed SEAL team to get her out of China and protect the secrets in her hands?

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Addison Hardy kept Navy SEAL Eamon Murphy twisted in knots growing up, with her vivacious smile and her gorgeous curves. He thought he was over his best friend’s sister. But finding her at the wrong end of his weapon three years later is only the beginning, and Murphy just might have to break all his rules to keep her safe.

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Beth Stewart is ready to find a nice guy and settle down. But the only man who makes her tingle also drives her crazy in the non-sexy, work-related way. When her bosses hire Finn Howard as a marketing consultant for their growing winery, Beth is sure working together is going to be a complete disaster. Finn knows he can’t give Beth what she wants–and a nice guy would walk away. But when a long day of work turns into a private night, fueled by wine and pent-up desire, he gives in to his baser instincts. Damn the consequences. Latest in the sexy small town Wardham series!

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