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The Ultimate Workplace Romance Box Set 
Publisher: Penning Princess
Publication Date: June 2, 2014
Contributing Authors:  Eve Langlais, Cathryn Fox, Mandy Harbin, Parker Kincade, Cassandra Carr, Ann Mayburn, Ros Clarke, Lilly Cain, Delilah Devlin, Cari Quinn
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My Secretary, My Mistress – Eve Langlais
Can a boss let go of his inhibitions and let his secretary take charge of him in the bedroom?

To learn more about Eve Langlais and her entire book list please visit her website:

Yours to Take – Cathryn Fox
Revenge takes on a sexy twist when a powerhouse lawyer is stripped of her control by the handsome multi-millionaire she once took down in the courtroom. 
To learn more about Cathryn Fox and her entire book list please visit her website:

Against Company Policy – Mandy Harbin
Cassie Tucker and Ian Cope know they should keep things professional on their new assignment, but when desire is faced with physical boundaries and company policy, it’s time to get a little creative…and a little kinky.

To learn more about Mandy Harbin  and her entire book list please visit her website:

White Collar Cowboy – Parker Kincade
Lauren Delgado has had a crush on Gavin Mathis for years, but has a strict “hand-off” policy with the men she works with. When her life takes an unexpected turn, there’s nothing to stop her from accepting Gavin’s invitation to his vacation home on Galveston Island … where she learns the policy is definitely hands-on.

To learn more about Parker Kincade and her entire book list please visit her website:

Seducing Chase – Cassandra Carr
When a doctor disappears with millions, can Val and Nate set aside their explosive attraction and save the hospital?

To learn more about Cassandra Carr and her entire book list please visit her website:

First Kiss – Ann Mayburn
Ryan will never forgot that night in high school when he kissed Emma and lost his heart to her forever. Years later he finds Emma again, but now she’s a pro-Domme that refuses to fall in love. Ryan begins a campaign to win her reluctant heart, one night at a time.

To learn more about Ann Mayburn and her entire book list please visit her website:

Flirting with the Camera – Ros Clarke
Brilliant, beautiful and bigger than your average plus-size model, Hattie Bell can do anything she sets her mind to. After all, she’s just landed her dream job, modelling for top photographer, Tom Metcalfe. So her next goal should be a piece of cake: getting Tom to break his strict rule against workplace romances…

To learn more about Ros Clarke and her entire book list please visit her website:

No Restraints – Lilly Cain
Bad girl Selene Carter will do anything to save her business, even team up with the cop who stole her heart. But can Detective Tom Barker help when he knows she’s no innocent?

To learn more about Lilly Cain and her entire book list please visit her website:

Pleasing Sir – Delilah Devlin
Raelie might be a submissive in search of just the right Dom, but she’s not the kind to sit back and wait for the right man to happen. When she gets the chance to fill in as Bryce Caldwell’s executive assistant, she decides some subtle seduction is needed to see if he dominates the bedroom the same way he does the office.

To learn more about Delilah Devlin and her entire book list please visit her website:

Shadowboxer – Cari Quinn
She’s in for the fight of her life…with the man who only wants to be her lover.
To learn more about Cari Quinn and her entire book list please visit her website:

Ann Mayburn Naughty FIRST KISS Excerpt

After Ryan was buzzed in at the door, he moved quickly across the earth tone stained concrete floor to the receptionist’s desk. Exposed brick walls surrounded them on all sides and a glass block window allowed outside light in without letting anyone see the reception area from the exterior. A pretty blonde with bubble gum pink streaks in her hair, wearing a sparkly white corset and what looked like a tutu, smiled up at him from her seat behind the wide pale wood desk. He remembered her name was Tanya and she was Mistress Moira’s personal assistant as well as a house submissive.

“Ryan, it’s so nice to see you again. Mistress Emma has provided something for you to wear. If you’ll give me your clothes and personal items, I’d be more than happy to take care of them for you during your session.”

Resisting the urge to look for the cameras, he slowly unbuttoned his shirt and took it off, being careful to fold it neatly on the receptionist’s desk. Tanya looked up at him and openly checked him out as he disrobed. He took a step closer so the high desk would block her view of his cock, uneasy about what amounted to a stranger staring at his junk. When he removed his shirt, he heard a tiny gasp from the receptionist and hid a smile. He had a full set of tattoo sleeves that flowed into an intricate back piece depicting scenes from the book One Thousand and One Arabian Nights. Once he got down to his black boxer briefs, he was achingly hard at the thought of Emma watching him, and tried to remove them without showing the receptionist his erection. He stood nude and waited for the receptionist to hand over whatever Emma had wanted him to wear.

Tanya blinked and licked her lower lip. “Would you mind turning around so I can see the tattoo on your back? I caught a glimpse of it while you were undressing, and it is gorgeous.”

He smoothly turned, then took a step forward and stood still. He could almost feel the other woman’s eyes moving over him like a physical touch. When he looked over his shoulder, he found her staring at the top of his tattoo-free ass before stepping back, then around. “You’ve looked your fill. Can I have what Mistress Emma left for me?”

Flushing bright red all the way down to her chest, Tanya pulled out a good sized green velvet bag while Ryan moved back to the front of the desk. Before she handed it to him, she answered the ring of an incoming call from her phone. “Greetings, Mistress. How may I serve you?”

His heart slammed in his chest as he wondered if that was Emma on the line. He was pretty sure it was because the receptionist sat up straighter. He watched her gaze dart repeatedly up and to her left. When he followed her line of sight, he found a discreetly placed camera.

“Yes, Ma’am. I’m sorry.” He could actually hear Emma’s infectious laugh coming through the phone and the receptionist’s shoulders eased a bit. “I’ll give it to him right away. Thank you, Mistress.”

Ryan turned so he could see the receptionist, while making sure he angled himself so Emma could get a good look at his back and ass. He worked hard to keep in shape and he wanted her to want him – needed her to want him. Being this close to a sexual encounter with his teenage crush had his dick twitching, and he tried to calm his racing heart. The anticipation was threatening his self-control and he purposely slowed his breathing.

Tanya handed the bag to him while holding the phone to her ear with her other hand. “Mistress Emma wants you to put it on so that I may see it. She also said to stop trying to hide your erection. You are here for her pleasure, and her pleasure is to have you naked and aroused. She enjoys it when others covet her property.”

He took the bag without comment and pulled out some kind of leather strap and ring concoction. Looking over his shoulder, he held it up to the camera while raising one eyebrow.

The receptionist, still on the phone with Emma, giggled. “Mistress Emma wants to know if you need help putting it on.”

“What is it?”

“A cock harness.”

Ryan knew what that was, but had never seen one like this. It frustrated him that Emma was already one step ahead of him. He’d envisioned coming in here and being the perfect submissive, but instead he was already out of his element. His voice came out harsher than he intended. “If I don’t want to end up with my nuts somehow shoved up my ass, then yes, I’ll need help putting it on.”

Tanya blinked at him, pressed a button on the phone, and placed the receiver back in its cradle. Emma’s lovely voice, with the faintest hint of her mother’s Eastern European accent, rolled through the room with the irresistible strength of the ocean hitting the shore. “Ryan, I expect the truth from you at all times. If you are unfamiliar with something, please do not hesitate to let me know. I’m not here to humiliate you; that’s not one of the kinks I enjoy. If you wish to serve me, you will keep that in mind. That means you do not lash out with a crude comment just because you are uncomfortable.”

“I understand, Mistress.” He took a deep breath and let it out. “I don’t know how to put this on. Or even what it is. I’m sorry I snapped.”

“Do you need help, Ryan?”

The sudden image of Emma touching his body with her satiny skin had his erection returning full force. His voice came out in a rough growl. “Yes, Mistress.”

“Tanya, assist my submissive with putting on his harness.”

With a gleam in her eye and a hitch in her breath, Tanya stood and made her way over to him. This wasn’t exactly what Ryan had in mind. When the receptionist turned him to face her, she made a soft, almost choking sound as she stared at his cock. While he wasn’t abnormally long, his shaft had a lot more girth than the average man, something women seemed to greatly enjoy.

Pressing her fingertips to the hollow of her throat, Tanya said, “Mistress, I don’t think this will work.”

“What do you mean?”

Tanya came up to him and turned him so he was facing the camera full on. Emma’s soft inhale came through loud and clear a moment before she said, “Well, I do believe that would be like trying to fit a soda can through a keyhole.”

The woman standing before Ryan giggled as he stared into the camera, wanting Emma to see what could be hers. What Emma had said finally penetrated his lust-fogged brain and he shook his head. “Wait. What?”

Tanya took the leather and steel contraption from him. “See this ring? This is supposed to go over your cock.”

They both looked down at his dick, then at the cock harness, then back at his dick and snickered. “Yeah, that’s not going to happen.”

Giving him a flirtatious smile, Tanya nodded. “I agree.”

Emma’s voice came from the speakers again, but this time her tone held a cold edge. “Ryan, go down the hall to your left and into the third room on your right. Once inside, I want you to sit on the padded bench, then place your cock through the hole in the board at the end of the bench. You will then slip your wrists through the attached restraints. Give them a good pull and they’ll hold you, but don’t pull too hard. I don’t want you to cut off your circulation. Then close your eyes and wait for me. You are not to open them until I tell you. Understood?”

“Yes, Mistress.”


He tried to keep from breaking out into a run, but it took some effort. He could hear the desire in Emma’s voice and it flowed through him like a shot of good whiskey. As soon as he came to the door of the room she’d specified, he opened it and went inside, not really paying attention. When the heavy perfume of incense hit him, he looked up, surprised to find himself in a small space that resembled harem quarters from an ancient palace. The pierced brass lanterns gave the room a mellow glow and enormous pillows were scattered all over the exotic blue and white tile floor, covered here and there with jewel tone oriental carpets. A padded bench stood in the center of the room with a two-foot piece of wood covered in black leather attached at one end. This bench looked almost like a weird chair that a person would straddle and lean forward onto the back. But the back of this bench also featured a padded hole that was at just the right height for a man to put his dick through. The thought of straddling the bench and having himself so open to Emma’s touch, yet isolated from her, sent a rush of sexual need through him. He could imagine how erotic it would look to her to have his dick basically framed for her pleasure. The thought of turning her on only made him all the harder, until his balls ached with the urge to come.

Shit, he had to get hold of himself before he spewed at the first touch of her small hand.

Unsure if there were also cameras in this room, Ryan straddled the bench and eased his cock and balls through the hole. Feeling exposed and horny as hell, he quickly slipped his wrists into the oddly shaped metal cuffs attached to the top of the board with the hole in it. One quick pull and he was secured with his chest pressed against the board and his ass resting on the bench. Anticipation hummed through him, quickening the blood racing through his veins and straight to his dick. He wanted to get up and pace, but he was stuck, so instead he looked around the room.

The person who’d designed this fantasy chamber knew their shit, and he grinned as he spotted various pieces of BDSM equipment hidden among the scattered pillows and bolted to the walls. A large carved rosewood cabinet took up most of the wall to his right. He studied the intricate patterns in the wood and wondered what was inside.

The door handle clicked and he quickly shut his eyes, trying to pretend he’d followed her instructions.

Emma’s footsteps were muffled as she crossed the carpet, but a teasing hint of her perfume reached him. She didn’t wear a sweet powdery scent anymore. Now she smelled like vanilla and spices, making her completely edible. Having her close enough to touch after all these years had him fighting for self-control. The thought of her warm, silken body mere inches from made his dick jerk.


He opened his eyes and groaned at the sight of her. She was so fucking gorgeous, it made his heart hurt. Tonight, Emma wore a gold waist corset that ended just below her breasts and above her sex. Gold chains draped from her hips to form a skirt, and as she moved, he had a brief glimpse of her neatly trimmed golden curls and partially shaved pussy that had him swallowing hard. His mouth filled with saliva at the thought of licking that pretty pussy. Her outer labia were full enough that the secrets of her inner sex were completely hidden. He desperately wanted to plunge his tongue between those plump lips. His cock throbbed and ached through the hole in the bench as his gaze traveled upwards. Her shirt was made of some kind of filmy gold material that shimmered as she breathed and did nothing to hide her body. The firm mounds of her breasts pressed against the fabric and her hard, long nipples poked out, just begging for his kiss. He wanted to suck those nipples, to lick them and spend hours learning what kind of touch she liked best. As Ryan’s hungry gaze traveled to Emma’s face, he let out a long, low groan. She’d painted her lips with some kind of gold dust so they sparkled with her every breath. The rest of her makeup was equally exotic, and when their gazes met, he was surprised by the anger there.

“Did I tell you to open your eyes?”


Mandy Harbin – Against Company Policy (Excerpt)

Ian waited for Cassie to log on to their meeting, reading over their texts. He didn’t know if he wanted the innuendo to be blatantly obvious or for her to be oblivious to his come-on. God, he was in another state. It wasn’t as if anything could come of this. Especially not now that Mac had him doing his dirty work. Yeah, Ian was in a meeting earlier, but what he’d found out was that Mac was the one who was supposed to devise a migration plan for the closure of the south regional office. But when this project started, it was his way to pawn off the work to Ian.

Now Ian was stuck. He’d waited and practically begged to work with Cassie for two years. Well, he got exactly what he wanted. He had to get close enough to her to get her talking about work not specific to their project. He hated lying to her, and he knew even if she was interested in him, he couldn’t forge a relationship on a lie. He needed to cool it, get this project finished, and maybe then he could look her up. Maybe he should friend her on Facebook. It’d provide an opening to her afterward since all their interactions so far had been through company means. He’d then be able to lend a sympathetic ear to the atrocities of corporate cutbacks and even help her find a new job.

When she logged on to the meeting, he sighed. God, she was beautiful. Brown hair and light-green eyes. Her brown suit and tan blouse would probably look bland on anyone else, but it complemented her creamy skin tone, making it look as if it were bathed in milk. He needed to snap out of it and get this ball rolling.

“Hey there, sorry for the delay. I copied the application and loaded it into a development environment. I’m sending you the path now.”


“I’m also sending you the notes I have on what our client wants. I’ve already noted some changes, but since you’re more familiar with this application, you might be able to tell me where best to modify it.”

“Okay. I’ll read over that tonight.”

Ian shook his head and adjusted his earphones. “No, no. I don’t want you working after-hours on this. We should be able to finish without any overtime.”

Cassie laughed, and Ian could swear he felt her breath on his neck. He stifled a groan when his cock twitched.

“I don’t mind. Really.”

“Well, if you are, then I am.”

She laughed again, the sound that of an angel. Fuck! What was wrong with him?

“You must not have a life either,” she said, still chuckling as she jotted down something in her notebook.

“Married to my job.”

“Same here.”

Ian felt a pang of sadness. She was dedicated to a job she was about to lose. He was such a piece of shit for not giving her a heads-up.

But there wasn’t anything he could do, so he needed to use this opportunity to start his investigation.

“You got a lot of projects going on?”

“Not too many. How about you?”

Crap. Her answer was not only too vague, but she threw his question right back at him. Maybe if he was specific, she’d be too.

“I lead three projects that are long-term and handle smaller ones as they come up. You?”

“Wow. No wonder you stay busy. I don’t have anything going on long-term. When I’m in the last leg of a project, my time gets scheduled on whatever’s up next. Sometimes they overlap, but I’ve never worked on more than three major projects at the same time.”

“I’m jealous.” Ian chuckled. “No wonder you produce good work—you’re not frazzled out from being stretched too thin.”

Cassie smiled softly and Ian had to clench his fist to keep from stroking the monitor like a moron.

“Why, thank you.” Her Southern drawl was thicker than it had been, and it was quite possibly the most adorable thing he’d ever heard. “But it is how things are done here. Everyone is assigned projects based on their area of expertise, and we work in teams to complete them on schedule. Even if I’m not assigned to a particular project, I’m known to jump in and help when I think I have something to contribute.”

He smiled and leaned closer to the monitor. “I wish everyone was like that. It’d make my job a lot easier.”

Her head fell back as she laughed carelessly. Even the column of her neck looked inviting. He’d give anything to collar it. No, he wasn’t a Dom, but he knew he had some dominant tendencies that flared to life every now and then.

Like right now.

“Then I wouldn’t be special.”

“Nothing would change how special you are,” Ian said huskily.

Cassie gasped, her eyes boring into the screen.

Fuck! Why did he say that? He cleared his throat. “Um, I think we’ve got enough to go on for now. How about we meet back up in the morning and compare notes?”

“Er, okay.”

“Great,” he said quickly. “Talk to you later.”


He disconnected the meeting, yanked his earphones off and threw them on his desk. What the hell had gotten into him? Had he not just told himself to cool it where she was concerned because nothing could come of this? Not right now, anyway? Jesus! He was acting like a sixteen-year-old with his first girlfriend. Next thing he knew, he’d be having wet dreams at the thought of just copping a feel.

He ran his hands through his disheveled hair, realizing he had to get out of here. He logged off and grabbed his laptop, thinking over the rest of their meeting as he bolted. At least he did learn a little about the dynamics of her office. It didn’t seem as if she was juggling too many projects, and the way she talked, that was the norm for everyone there. It was a start.

A start to his betrayal of her. Fuck! He needed a beer.

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