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Jordan Deen is an Award Winning YA and NA Author. She tends to write edgy stories that highlight human struggles, flawed characters, and bad boys with good hearts. She loves to connect with readers on Facebook and Twitter and is always looking for suggestions from readers for her next book boyfriend.

Books by Jordan Deen

Evil has a new address…

For over a century, evil has dwelled in the house on Red Lane, or Red Dead Lane as the locals call it. As one family after another meets with misfortune inside the aging
Victorian, it has fallen into disrepair. Forgotten. Waiting.

When the Maxwell family moved in, they were running from a long string of bad decisions. But their hope is quickly squashed by the evil. When police are summoned one summer night, all they find is violence and mysteries. Can they figure it out before the house kills again?

The Prestons hoped some distance would help their teenage daughter find her way out of trouble, but instead they wound up heaping it on. When a horrific crime leaves a fifteen year old girl facing a prison sentence, the truth can only make things worse for her.

The Lewis family made their living buying and restoring houses, but the sprawling manor house just might push them to their limit. Can they overcome the evil that has taken so many before them, or will they just be the latest victims.

Other books by author
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