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I was born to an Air Force family and adopted as well, I lived primarily in Europe. I joined the Army as an Operating Room Technician and ended up as a Flight Medic. I was stationed at Fort Leonard Wood, MO for Basic Training, Fort Sam Houston, TX for Medic and OR training, and finally Hunter Army Air Field, GA., right outside of Savannah. I did serve in Iraq and after almost ten years, I was Honorably discharged for medical reasons. 

Deciding to take a break from the medical aspect of things after working at a few doctor’s offices, I wanted that connection with the Soldiers, so I now work for the Department of Defense (DOD) at Fort Benning, GA.

I have two sons, one who is in the Army, stationed at Hunter Army Air Field and the other is an assistant manager. 

My four ‘puppies’ keep the house very much alive and full of chaos. Chi-Chi and Sanchez are chihuahuas. Perseus and Poseidon are Jack Russell mixes.

I started writing in journals when I was seven or eight when I lived in Europe. Little short stories that were inspired by the many castles and historic places that evoke the imagination. I also kept a journal while deployed to ‘escape’. I would write short stories about military romance. So, some of those will become full length novels…some with a happy and not so happy ending! Be prepared.

I never started out to be an author. I always wanted to be a nurse practitioner. I’ll get there maybe, one day…

I have in the past few years started reading romance novels. I have always enjoyed Autobiographies such as Audry Hepburn, John Wayne, The Reagan’s, Laura Bush, Maureen O’Hara…you get the idea. I also enjoy Tom Clancy novels, I read a lot on the Iraq War (having deployed there) and my affinity for cook books is OUTRAGEOUS!

My hobbies are photography (yes, I have done weddings, a few CD covers , lots of family and couples sittings). My favorite band is Thirty Seconds to Mars…Give them a listen! 

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Feeling betrayed by the love of her life, Colette leaves Savannah to regroup. Coming back always means new challenges. Will there be a reunion? She’s cautious. Old foes still try to interfere…but an unexpected ally brings a new front to an old fight. And then there is still the unattended matter of how she feels about Carter. In a game of ‘Tug of War’ with both men and the other goings on n their lives, who will she choose? Or will she

After Colette leaves, his life is nothing but wonder. Wonder where he went wrong, wonder when she’ll be back, wonder if he’ll stand a chance. But when she does…he confess’ all. There are new opportunities that arise in the Army…but there are also old problems. Now he’s faced with a career decision and a new foe. He wonders now…how Colette will answer when he says, “Pick Me.”

After Realizing that he wants Colette more than ever, deploying to Afghanistan gave him more time to plan a way of getting her back. Getting injured wasn’t in the plan. But it brings her to his side, right where he wants her. Now, all he has to do is convince her. The place is set, the moment is prefect, the time is right to tell her…”Pick Me.”


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