Tuesday Man Candy

Well my darling dirty birds, it’s Tooosday yet again, and have I got a treat for you. And me too (smiles devilishly)

Are any of you sports fans? Much to my hubby’s dismay, I am not that big on sports. I happen to have a very short attention span. Unless those tight ends are in my books. What? I have my priorities.

So I’m sure you can imagine his complete suprise when he saw me looking at some Rugby clips online. That sweet naive man. Little does he know I still have no idea how the game is played. But I am now an expert on the incredibly tight ends that play it. If there was ever a reason to watch Australian Rugby, the utter deliciousness that is Nick Youngquest would be it.

Still not convinced? Well then let me give you the coup de grâce

You’re welcome!
Happy Tuesday my lovelies 😉

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