Tuesday Man Candy

It’s Tuesday again. It’s not quite as bad as Monday, and it’s not quite Hump Day. It just is. It’s just Meh. 
So here at Dirty Girl Romance blog, I’d like to designate it to be the official Man Candy Day. So my darlings, grab a change of underwear and some napkins for your drool and feast your eyes on the deliciousness that is Roman Dawidoff. 
Who is he, you ask? Does it really matter? 🙂
But OK, I’ll appease your curiosity. He just happens to be a fitness model, as well as one of the very yummy “faces” of ES underwear.

What are you doing sitting there and staring? The man is all wet now! Get to licking him dry 😉


  1. Anonymous says:

    He's quite delightful!

    Nicole A.

  2. Isn't he, thought? Makes my Tuesday a WHOLE lot better 😉

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