Tuesday Man Candy

I’ve been a bad bad girl. I skipped last week’s Man Candy. Really, I should be punished for such a travesty. Speaking of punishments, I think this guy should do it. A spanking…or 2 should do it. I think. Maybe? Probably not. It might take a few…uhem…sessions. What? I’ve been REALLY bad. But I digress.
So let me introduce you to one of the best reasons to watch European Football…or soccer as we call it. But who cares what he plays really. Just look at him! GAH!

He looks confused because I stole the rest of his clothes and won’t tell him where they are. I should have thought ahead and hidden the pants too. Damn! And maybe the briefs. Oh well, duly noted for next time.

P.S. I’ll be waiting in my room for my punishment…naked. LMAO! I’m kidding! (I’m totally not)
And in case you’re wondering, this hottie is Cristiano Ronaldo.



  1. Nicole A. says:

    Excellent job on the man candy!! I will let this make up for skipping last week. He is very good with his balls…get your head out of the gutter – I'm talking about his soccer balls 🙂

    • UHEM! I will have you know that my head is ALWAYS in the gutter. So no can do, lady! No can do! I am definitely thinking about his (soccer) balls right now bwahahahahahaha

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