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Ella Frank TeaserAlasdair
Series: Masters Among Monsters, #1
Author: Ella Frank
Release Date: October 13, 2015add-to-goodreads-button3

A Note from the author…

Dear Readers,

Before you embark on this journey into my new erotic paranormal series, Masters Among Monsters, I wanted to let you know what you can expect from this trilogy.

Each novel will center around a different relationship that will also span across the course of the series, and they will include elements of: M/M, M/F, F/F & M/M/M. That sounds crazy right? I hope that doesn’t scare you off because I promise it makes more sense in context. More so than paranormal, please keep in mind this is an erotic series. It will be what you have come to expect from me, but with a twist.

These will be the dark and sinful stories of the Masters among Monsters. They will not be standalones.

Xx Ella

SynopsisA dangerous allure…

Alasdair Kyriakous is one of the most feared and ruthless vampires in existence. Bestowed eternal life by the Ancient Vasilios, his name carries much weight across the continents.

But he is a mystery to his kind, an anomaly among the self-indulgent. While he enjoys the pleasures of the flesh, he is exceptionally particular in who he takes them from, priding himself on his ironclad self-control.

Yet with one look, and one man, his control will become a thing of the past, and Alasdair will discover—eternal life doesn’t always last forever…

A deadly attraction…

Thrust into a world he never knew existed, Leo Chapel has awoken in his worst nightmare. One that is being orchestrated by the dangerously, mesmerizing vampire, Alasdair.

He’s taken him hostage, convinced that Leo is hiding something after he managed to incapacitate him, and has vowed to do whatever is necessary to discover what that is—even if Leo himself has no clue.

A forbidden desire that could destroy a race…

Brought together by a force neither are aware of, both Alasdair and Leo are ignorant that they are pawns to a higher power. All they know, is the more time they spend trying to uncover the others secrets, the stronger the attraction becomes.

But enemies are watching, from afar and from within, and when decisions that will alter lives and destinies have to be made—can a dead grey heart learn to beat again?

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About the Author

Ella FrankElla Frank is a #1 Amazon Bestselling Author. She writes both contemporary and erotic fiction and is best known for her Temptation Series which includes the titles, Try, Take & Trust.

The minute she began her love affair with reading, she became an avid supporter of the romance genre and has never looked back.

Ella is Australian born and bred but currently resides in Portland with her husband.

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New Author Feature: ★Beautifully Damaged★ by @GinaSevani

Author: Gina Sevani
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: September 10, 2015add-to-goodreads-button3 Synopsis

Beautiful and Dangerous Damon Black isn’t what Ariel Montgomery expects, not at all. Living with the all-consuming darkness of her tragic past, she’s always kept everyone and everything at a distance. And love? Impossible!

Not if she wanted her past to stay in the past or her dark secrets to remain secrets. The future was never even a real possibility, but between Damon’s lyrical voice and devastating good looks, she’s finding it hard to stay away. Their white hot chemistry has her re-thinking everything. For the first time since she’s lost her family, Ariel dreams of a life she knows she’ll never deserve.

He’s determined to win her heart, body, and soul.

But can she trust him?

Trust his promise to save her from herself?

Or will his attention be the final catalyst that breaks her forever?


Smirking jackass. Oh, so he thought I would have already fallen at his feet by now like the entire female population that constantly surrounded him.

“Is that what you think? That it bothers me that you haven’t spoken to me before? You’re mighty fond of yourself. Perhaps I should call you King Damon?”

He threw his head back in laughter. I loved the sound.

“You said it, not me, and I don’t hate you. Let’s be real clear on that.”

He looked me up and down as his eyes raked over my body then slowly moved his gaze toward my eyes and smirked at me. There it was — finally. That sexy smirk he threw to all his conquests. Poor thing, didn’t even know who he was messing with. He may have been the hottest guy I had ever seen — and maybe even the most charming — but I had way more self-control than to fall for his shit.

I hoped so anyway, because I was banking on enough control over my own body to not fall at his feet. “But you have to admit King Damon does have a nice ring to it.” I’ll play his game. “Oh my gosh! Damon-freaking-Black has actually spoken to me.” I threw my head back and fake-fanned myself. “I guess from all your lady groupies this is about the time you expect me to run out and go get your name tattooed on my body.”

Damon was sipping on his beer and sprayed some of it down the front of his shirt. He covered his mouth, all the while choking and laughing at the same time. He quickly got himself in check, much faster than I ever could if that had happened to me.

“Wow, feisty,” he murmured as he took his palms and wiped his mouth.

“Something wrong, King Damon?” I batted my eyes at him. Damon leaned into me, and how someone who was just drinking a beer, and had been inside a bar all night smelled delicious, I had no clue, but he sure did.

“Ass… since it’s my name I should get an input on where it goes, don’t you think? I want to see it too,” he whispered seductively. His eyes pierced mine. “Ariel, tell me something. Would that be your first tattoo, or do you have others?”

“You’ll never know, but I’ll tell you one thing…”

“Yeah?” He arched his eyebrows. “What’s that?”

“If I’m ever stupid enough to get a man’s name tattooed on my ass…” I paused just for dramatic purposes, just to make him think as I leaned toward him and whispered, “… I promise it won’t be yours.” The sexy facial expression he was wearing turned into a cold glare as he narrowed his eyes on me. Yup, there it was. That was how I was used to him looking at me. Game point, Ariel!

“Can it be mine, Ariel?” Xavier laughed. I wasn’t even aware we had an audience listening to our conversation. I cut my eyes toward him to tell him to shut up, and, if looks could kill, Xavier would have been on the floor from the look Damon had already thrown his way. I slid off the seat and walked away, but my feet stopped me when I heard his voice.

“Don’t be so sure princess, and by the way, that’s a mighty fine ass, very worthy of my name.”

I turned around to face him but kept walking backward. “You sure do talk a lot.” He smiled. That smile could make a girl weak in the knees.

“We can always do something else.” He winked.

I raised my hand and saluted him the best way I knew how and turned for the door.

About the Author

IMG_20150721_153202Gina Sevani was born and raised in beautiful South Carolina. She still lives there with her adventurous husband, beautiful daughter, and the families two dogs. She learned at an early age that she had a mad love for reading, romance, paranormal and everything in between.

One night, as she was trying to fall asleep, fictional characters popped into her head and would not leave. Day after day she was running dialogue in her head while trying to perform daily tasks. Those characters would not shut up!

As time passed, she kept them at bay, convinced she didn’t have the ability to be an “Author”. But late one night, she sat down at the computer, deciding to see if her characters could come to life on the pages. When she finally took a breath, ten thousand words had poured out of her soul. Those words lead to her first novel “Beautifully Damaged.”

For a chance to win an ARC of Beautifully Damaged, visit my Facebook post HERE 

Upcoming Releases & Pre-Orders: July 28

July 28 Releases

Lots of goodies coming your way this upcoming Tuesday. Some I’ve been lucky enough to read early and can tell you with utmost certainty are absolutely awesome! I’ll list them in order of star rating 🙂


HIM by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy (Loved, loved LOVED this book! Friends-t0-lovers, GFY, second chance romance, humor and enough steam to set your kindle on fire. What the hell else do you need? I know what I need, this book to be the first in a series because I need MORE from this powerhouse duo dammit!)

Servicing the Target by Cherise Sinclair (this may have been my favorite Shadowlands book yet, and I’m not typically a reader that enjoys Domme heroines. Figures Cherise will be the one to make me like it. But there was just something about the dynamic between Mistress Anne and Ben that was just perfect. Ben is ALL alpha, with his submissive side only coming out in bed but even then it didn’t diminish his intensity. I just loved the two of them together.)

The Hotter You Burn by Gena Showalter (Not going to lie, I was not a fan of the first book in this series. But Beck caught my attention in that book and I’ve been dying for his book ever since. His heroine being a previous school bully that’s hated by the entire town was sure to make things interesting. Well, book 1 may not have worked for me but I LOVED THIS BOOK. HARD. It was humorous, and swoony, and angsty, and with enough sexual tension to give me a case of royal lady blue balls. But it was also absolutely delicious. I loved everything about these characters and their romance. I even found myself warming up to Jessie Kay, and who the hell thought THAT would ever happen? This may also be because I’m pretty desperate for West’s book and I’ll take her with it if it gives me him LOL)

4 Stars

Frisk Me by Lauren Layne (Hot NYPD brothers and a hate-to-love trope that’s as frustrating as it was delicious. Yep. I was sold. I’m already salivating for Luc’s brother, Anthony’s, book next.


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Upcoming Releases

Though there’s only a few short days left in March, those days are slam packed with some pretty awesome anticipated releases. I have a feeling my poor one-clicker is going to be getting a hell of a workout but I’m not even sorry. So here are the upcoming releases for March 30-31 in no certain order 😉
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