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We’ll be getting a little more dirty than usual with this post today, dirty birds, because I rounded up some of my favorite AdamandEve.com products to share with you all. I love to spice things up in the bedroom and below are some of my favorite items. My hubs loves toys in the bedroom and I’m a big proponent of them myself because it was adds a little something something to the festivities. But without further ado, let’s get to it.

Fingo Nubby Finger Vibrator

About the product: This Fingo features tiny nubs that grip onto sensitive areas to transmit thrilling vibrations.

Why I love it: The jelly texture and nubby bumps on this vibe give it an extra oomhp. It doesn’t slip and slide all over the place like a regular egg vibe may. The ring does stretch quite a bit, though I found that it’s not as comfy for my hubby to put on one of his fingers. But that’s because he has giant man hands (not complaining here). Luckily I have no issues taking matters into my own hands and this tiny but powerful vibe seriously gets the job done.

Fifty Shades Darker Oh My Rabbit Vibrator 

*This item is not eligible for discount

About the product: The Oh My Rabbit Vibrator is naturally shaped with non-intimidating dimensions and a full range of exquisite power at your finger tips.

Premium silicone provides a silky smooth and utterly touchable surface that feels diving. The shaft has been sculpted into a soft curve and tapered at the tip- perfect for your G-spot.

Why I love it: Confession time. I totally bought this because I have a slight obsession with all things Fifty Shades. I wasn’t expecting anything different from any other bunny vibe but I was pleasantly surprised. I love the texture of this vibe and the sleek black color adds a certain eroticism to it. I love that it’s rechargeable and doesn’t burn through batteries. The fact that it gets you from zero to orgasm in one minute flat is not too shabby either.

Pure Enrichment Peak Wand Massager

About the product: Love the power of big wand massagers, but not how bulky they can be? The Pure Enrichment Wand Massager delivers intense vibes in a lightweight yet luxurious package. Made from smooth silicone, the 1.5″ wide tip bends and flexes along with your body. Target any hot zone with your choice of 7 vibration functions for total bliss. Rechargeable for endless hours of fun.

Why I love it: The description doesn’t lie; it’s SUPER light weight. Like I couldn’t believe just how light it was. While I’ve used this in the bedroom with the hubs, this is also one of my favorite toys for just myself to use. And the fact that I love all thinks pink? Total coincidence. Did I happen to mention this little beauty is also 100% waterproof? BAM.

Adam & Eve Butterfly Kiss

About the product: The butterfly stimulator is what makes this sex toy so special. It has an enlarged tip for easier G-Spot stimulation, butterfly antennae to tickle the clit while the rings tease below, 3 vibration speeds, and waterproof for use almost anywhere.

Why I love it: All the things mentioned above and then some. I love the jelly texture of this cute little vibe and those butterfly antennae seriously get the job done. It looks small and fragile but it packs a heck of a punch. No pun intended.

Intimate Earth Aromatherapy Massage Oil

About the product: Intimate Earth Aromatherapy Message Oil contains certified organic extracts and natural oils derived from ingredients like sunflower oil, sweet almost oil and coconut oil. These oils are safe to use on sensitive skin and are absorbed more easily. It comes in a number of scents like “Awake”, “Bloom”, “Relax”, and “Energize”

Why I love it: I have the most sensitive skin in the world. You breathe on it wrong and it turns red and breaks out. I love massage oils, but almost all of them give my skin a reaction. Additionally I’m allergic to a lot of the perfumes that are added to it. Not so with this oil. It’s wonderful to use, truly is more absorbing, and I absolutely love the scent options. My favorite is “Bloom” Peony Blush. I love the scent of peonies and this oil has such a lovely light scent of the flower, it’s intoxicating.

Fleshlube Water

*This item is not eligible for discount

About the product: This dual-purpose personal lubricant does double duty for your favorite sex toys and with your partner. The highest medical grade ingredients have been formulated for a completely natural and pleasurable experience.

Why I love it: One, it’s multi-functional. You don’t need to stock up on different lubes for different things and take up more room in your night stand. Two, it’s non greasy and super light while doing what it advertises. I happen to have a very picky nether region. It happens to hate most lubes. True story. Even most condoms are no go for me since it just feels super uncomfortable. Which was super fun before I met my husband (NOT!) This stuff is awesome! I’ve been using it for a year and my hubs and I both love it.

Adam & Eve Lube

About the product: This super-slippery Adam and Eve lubricant provides slick strokes in a water-soluble, condom-compatible formula. Safe for use with all types of adult toys, condoms, and other items.

Why I love it: The packaging, for one. It’s easy to open, use, and close, which is great. I also love the long-lasting formula. It doesn’t dry out and start to feel weird after a while.

We-Vibe Touch

*This item is not eligible for discount

About the product: The We-Vibe Touch is uniquely shaped to maximize your stimulation and its effectiveness. The rounded tip applies direct stimulation wherever you touch. The spoon-shaped scoop fits over your clit, surrounding it with powerful vibrations for incredibly strong orgasms. The ergonomic body of the vibrator is shaped like a wave, to fit the body’s natural curves for soothing massages from head to toe. It features 8 different vibrations speed and patterns and has a quieter motor than your typical vibrator.

Why I love it: Ermahgerd. Just ermahgerd! This vibe is magic. It’s the unicorn of small vibes everywhere. It does everything it advertises and THEN some. It’s quiet but ridiculously powerful and the shape truly does work wonders. A huge fave of mine!

Thank you again to AdamandEve.com for offering the awesome coupon code and for sponsoring the post! And of course, I’d love to hear from you guys about any and all recommendations you might have as well!

DGR’s 2016 Favorites

Did 2016 fly by or what? Holy moly! Where did the year go?! Jennifer and I had such an amazing year in books it was almost impossible to pick our favorites. Of course there was one particular book that we’re STILL fighting about…

What? That husseh started it dammit! She wants my man Gabriel from THE PAWN. I’m having NONE OF IT!! He’s mine. MINE! You hear me, woman? But I digress. Let’s get back to our regularly scheduled programming, shall we?


BACKFIRE by Keri Lake

No one and I mean NO ONE writes a gritty, dark romance quite like Keri Lake. The woman is a freaking rock star. But this book? It’s official; I had PTKD (Post Traumatic Keri Disorder). The woman has ruined me. This book? I hope you all have your big girl panties on, because a walk through the meadows with unicorns it. Is. Not.

Backfire is dark, gritty, and unapologetic. You’ll be reading it with your heart in your throat and your stomach twisted up in knots. It’s violent, a touch depraved, darkly erotic, action packed and absolutely, positively unputdownable. The story is filled with so many unpredictable twists and turns that it will make your head spin! It’s brilliantly written and I will even go so far as to say this was darker than Ricochet and that’s saying something, trust me.


PERFECT RAGE by Nashoda Rose

You know when you spend years waiting for a certain character’s story. You build it up in your head. Your eager anticipation can really get the best of you. So I was equal parts excited and nervous for Connor’s book. It couldn’t possibly live up to all my expectations, right? I mean, at this point they were highly unrealistic. But leave it to Nashoda Rose to not only live up to it, but blow all my expectations out of the water. I loved and I mean LOVED this book.

This is not a book you can read out of order. You need to read the entire Unyielding series in order to understand the complexity of the story and especially the events that led to finding Connor. While the author does a fantastic job with a recap, you’d still lose a lot of info not having read the first two books.

After the scene at the end of Perfect Ruin, I’ve been practically salivating for this book. I had no idea what the tie between Catalina “Alina” Diaz and Connor was, but this book finally gave me that. Oh boy did it give me that. I think I must have been reading with a lump in my throat the entire time. Connor and Alina’s story is devastating and heart-wrenching. Pure gritty, angsty perfection!


DISCLAIM by Pam Godwin

It’s no secret that I love dark romance, and it’s also no secret that I’m EXTREMELY picky when it comes to it. It’s easy to throw in some violence and shock value and call it a day. But at the end of the day, that’s not what makes a truly masterful dark romance. Only a few authors truly pull that off and there’s a reason Pam is my go-to author for dark romance; the woman writes some of my favorite anti-heroes.

Pam Godwin is the queen of dark romance and she crafted the perfect couple with Camilla and Matias. They were a ying and yang of dominance and submission. They were dark and darker. They were pain and pleasure. They were devastatingly perfect. I loved every single page of this book!



When it comes to Kele Moon, I don’t have enough praise in the world to cover all of her talent. She writes some of the most emotionally gripping, enrapturing romances I have ever read. She’s a master of creating characters that burrow into your heart and stay there. They become part of your very being and no I’m not being even a little melodramatic. Her books are THAT good. But The Enforcer?

Gut wrenching.
All consuming.
And so raw it’ll make your heart bleed.

I say this each and every time I finish a book by Kele Moon, but unbelievably she only continues to get better and better. And that’s saying a lot considering how much I loved The Slayer. But Tino’s book? This was something else entirely. Kele truly takes you to the dark and violent underbelly of the New York mafia. She spares no details. None. You’ll read it with your gut twisted and your heart in your throat the entire time just like I did.


THE PAWN by Skye Warren

Why are Jennifer and I STILL fighting over Gabriel? You’ll have to read this book to find out. And if you’ve read it, then you already know the answer. Gabriel is easily my favorite anti-hero that Skye Warren has written to date.

This powerful story sucked me in from the very first page. I’m STILL thinking about it weeks later.

The Pawn was easily my favorite by this author to date. Gripping. Captivating. Magnetic. Dark. Erotic. It was EVERYTHING I love about a dark romance. It’s not gratuitous violence and scenes thrown in for pure shock value. It’s a mind fuck. An incredibly written, twisty, and delicious mind fuck that I couldn’t put down from beginning to finish; with a heroine you’ll want to root for, and an anti-hero that you’ll want to hate only slightly more than you love him.

Now if you’ll excuse us, Jennifer and I are off to respectfully and peacefully discuss dibs of Gabriel once more…



So here’s the thing; I do NOT read love triangles. They make me cranky and stabby. True story. What? We all have our limits, mkay? But something about this blurb just sucked me in. My curiosity got the best of me. Then my lovely friend Nashoda told me that it had my name written all over it and I should check it out, I figured, I have to read it. And let me tell you, she was NOT wrong!

This book blew me away. It was masterfully written, multi-layerd and perfectly developed. I found myself kicking my own butt for not reading this author before. Because after this book? She’s on my auto-buy list. No. Questions. Asked.

If you’re thinking this is a typical love triangle, you couldn’t be more wrong. That blurb doesn’t even begin to do this book justice. It’s so much more than a woman who can’t have the man she wants so she settles for his brother. This is not a black and white story. It’s settled very firmly in the gray. It’s a must read. TRUST ME.


UNBREAK MY HEART by Nicole Jacquelyn

The angst! THE ANGST! OMG THE ANGST. I love a good dose of the double A. Angst and alphaholes that is. Nom nom nom. And boy did this book have both of those in spades. I’m not even kidding. And it was SO delicious.

I picked it up and read it straight through because I couldn’t bear to put it down for even a second. I was an ugly crying, sniveling, raging mess the entire time and loved every painful second of it.

Unbreak My Heart is an unbelievably gripping story of love and loss and second chances. This book absolutely owned my heart. It was a compelling, angst-filled, emotional, and completely unputdownable read from beginning to finish. You will love to hate this hero and then you’ll just flat out love him.



Since this is a duet, I’m counting it as one (What? You don’t expect me to pick one do you? It’s like picking your favorite child. Impossible) I loved both of these equally. Aly Martinez seriously outdid herself with this story. While it is a duet, each book is a story of a different couple, with the story line developing throughout both books.

This was Aly’s best work to date and I’ve loved the woman’s entire backlist. If you’ve read it, you know exactly what I’m talking about. And if you haven’t, don’t miss a second more. You NEED to experience this gripping and emotional story. A story of two different couples whose lives intertwine in the most devastating of ways. Trust me on this, if you read any book of this author, make it these two. You won’t be sorry.


Book crack. That’s what this was. Complete and utter book crack. My god! Imagine if there was a love child of Cruel Intentions and Gossip Girl, because that’s what this was. While it’s marked YA, I’d say it’s more NA in the scenarios. It is a trilogy that you’ll want to read back to back because those damn cliffhangers will get you.

I don’t remember the last time I was THAT enraptured in a book. There was so much teenage drama and angst and I just gobbled it right up with a spoon. Yum!


PUNK 57 by Penelope Douglas

Without fail, this author shows up on my favorites list each and every single year? Why? Because her style of writing just does it for me. She writes angsty NA with alphahole heroes and strong and witty heroines that give as good as they get. She writes some of my favorite enemies to lovers trope and some of the best angst I’ve ever read. Suffice it to say, she’s been on my auto-buy list since the first book I read by her.

If you’ve read Corrupt, you’ll definitely appreciate this book and a few connections that it has to the world and characters from Corrupt. As for the book itself? Pure Penelope Douglas book crack as always. I loved it!



If you follow my blog, then you already know my love for this author. She’s written some of my very favorite enemies to lovers trope books. Her Hot In Chicago series happens to be one of my favorites and she seriously hit the spot just right with book 3 in this awesome series!

If you haven’t read this series, you’re seriously missing out. If you haven’t read anything by this amazing author, you’re seriously missing out. And if you haven’t made plans to meet Wyatt Fox, then you’re SERIOUSLY missing out!

Kate Meader is going to spoil me with her awesomeness soon, but you won’t hear a peep of complaint out of this reader.



Oh the swoons! The swoons I tells ya! I adored this book. As much as I love all things J. Daniels, this was my favorite book by her to date. It had everything; a sassy heroine, a broody alpha, amazing banter, fantastic secondary characters, and a romance so sizzling it may set your kindle on fire.

Four Letter Word marks book 1 in J’s brand new Dirty Deeds series and I’m seriously in love. If you haven’t read any book by this author yet, I highly recommend you start with this one. You won’t be sorry.


FIRST AND FIRST by Santino Hassel

Simply put, my top favorite MM romance I read all year. Period.

I loved everything about their romance; the raw sexuality, the realness, the slow burn and the tension. It wasn’t your typical, wrapped in a perfect little bow sort of story. But it was perfect nonetheless.

Santino Hassel introduces you to a world that’s hard to leave even once you finish the book. You find yourself thinking about these characters long after reading the final page. You crave more and yet you’re also surprisingly satisfied with how it ends. I’m not sure how this incredibly talented author had flown under my radar up until now, but I will be rectifying my mistake by reading his entire backlist and all future releases to come. I recommend this book to any MM fans out there. Seriously. This is an absolute must read. If you don’t fall in love with these characters when you read it, then we’re simply not reading the same book.



Do you love well written BDSM romance?

Do you love broken and broody alphas?

Do you love seriously hot MMF menage romance?

Do you want all of those things in one incredibly satisfying read?


Even if you haven’t read any other book in this series, and you love an incredible well written MMF romance, this book is a must read. You can easily enjoy it as a standalone but I highly recommend the rest of the series because it’s just as good. I can’t believe this is already book 9, but I never want it to end.


SOMEONE LIKE YOU by Lauren Layne

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve been both eagerly anticipating and dreading Lincoln’s book. Anticipating it because you love those irreverent playboys, and dreading because you’re afraid that you’ve been building up your expectations in anticipation. Lincoln’s story was the one I’ve been waiting for since Irresistibly Yours. It’s been a long, painful wait. But after finishing this book in one sitting, I can tell you that it was every single minute, hour, day, and month of the wait. It didn’t meet my expectation. Heck no! It blew them away. Lincoln Mathis took everything I had thought I knew about him and took me on a rollercoaster of emotion. I laughed, I cried, I freaking swooned! I adored everything about this story. EVERYTHING.

If you’ve enjoyed the rest of the Stiletto and Oxford series and you’ve been anticipating Lincoln’s story as much as I have, this is a must read. But have a box of tissues ready, because you won’t come out of it unscathed. Be ready to shed some tears and swoon over the perfect imperfection that is Lincoln Mathis.



The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

Of all the books in the world, you should read this one. It is THAT BOOK. That book that you remember forever. That book that makes you laugh until your stomach hurts. That book that makes you cry in the best way possible. That book that you will keep on your bookshelf forever. That book that you want everyone to read. And YOU should.


The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

Enemies to Lovers!!!! My favorite trope! This book checked all of my boxes. And it was so unique and so well written. I am still shocked that this is her debut novel. Because Sally Thorne needs to write all of the books. And I will read all of her books.


The Pawn by Skye Warren

Uber-alpha-hole in the hizouse!!!! And I have licked him, so he’s miiiiiine! Lana are gonna have to have a throw-down because I don’t think either one of us are giving up on Gabriel.

And this is just the first book! Lol! We might combust when The Knight comes out.



Tonic by Staci Hart

I have a confession. I am in love with Staci Hart. And this is the only book I have read of hers. I know! I am horrible person, but one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to read all of Staci Hart’s books! Another enemies to lovers (I have a problem! I know!). This books i full of FIRE and ICE, and I was just left a pile of goop in the end.



Worked Up by Tessa Bailey

This book made all my dreams come true. My #pmb dreams. (That’s “Pouty Man Bear” for all you crazy people who aren’t obsessed with everything Tessa Bailey like me). This book can be summed up in One Word……Duke. I’m basically a Super Fan of Tessa Bailey, y’all. All I want for Christmas is Tessa Bailey locked in my basement. Is that too much to ask??!!!



Wicked Sexy by J.T. Geissinger

Welcome to my favorites, J.T. Geissinger….we are all mad here. I was pleasantly surprised by this book because I had never read this author before. It was the perfect mix of everything. The witty dialogue….I ate it up. All the feels…I ate them up. And of course it is enemies to lovers (this is a common theme to my favorites). Ugh. I need to reread this book!



Favorite MC Club

Fearless by Lauren Gilley

This book is like MC Club Literature, you guys. Lauren Gilley has such a way with beautiful words and I just get swept up in them. This was my first book I’ve read of her, and it’s definitely one of my favorite MC Club books and series. I am a fan for life of this amazing author, and I am begging that you give her a try.



Favorite Young Adult

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Rainbow Rowell = Life-changer. I heard about this author, and this book sat on my TBR for the longest time, and I regret putting this book off. Because…..dayum. I haven’t jumped into her other books, but I know I will love them and they just won’t be enough because I will always want more Rainbow Rowell, more of her characters, more of her stories.



Favorite Historical

Do You Want to Start a Scandal by Tessa Dare

Tessa Dare is one of my go-to favorite HR authors. I know that I will get lost in her books, and I definitely did with this one. It is witty and smart. This book is one giant SWOON. I love how unique Tessa’s stories are, and this one is definitely unique, putting a twist on James Bond and Clue.


Favorite PNR

Caressed by Ice by Nalini Singh

Lana book-pushed Nalini Singh on me, and I finally caved and started this series this year, and I am so glad she did! Because WOW! I have stepped into the rabbit hole in this series. It is so creative with layers upon layers of awesome. I know that I haven’t even touched the surface of this series because there are SO many books in this series, but this was my favorite one in the series I read this year.



Favorite Mafia

Sebring by Kristen Ashley

Bucket List Item #1 = Meet Kristen Ashley. This woman. I mean…..seriously. This book rocked me to my core. All the feels inside the feels are in this book. And of course, it is so hot it scorched my eyelashes from reading it. I adore Mafia Romance, and this one just surpasses all!



Favorite Sports Romance

 The Baller by Vi Keeland

I love me a good Sports Romance, and this one mixes with my absolute favorite trope on top with whip cream (ok, I added the whip cream)…..Enemies to Lovers!!!! When the characters hate each other so much that the lust just builds and builds and it scorches them into loving each otherrrrr!!!



Did we miss some of your favorites? We’d love to hear about them in comments below! Tell us about some of the favorite reads you had this year. As you noticed, not all of ours were necessarily released in 2016 but it was when we read them, so it counts 🙂

We didn’t get a chance to review all the favorites mentioned on our list, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t blown away by the book. Just that we were lazy or real life got the best of us. Each book mentioned on our list was a HUGE 5 star read for us and we can’t recommend it to other readers enough! Now bring on the awesome reads of 2017! WE’RE READY FOR YOU!!!

DGR’s Ultimate List of Hot Cops in Romance

DGR Ultimate List of Hot Cops

Know what’s better than a man in a uniform? A man OUT of uniform and knowing how to use those cuff of his. Uhem. What? So I like me some hot alpha cops. Arrest me. Ha! See what I did there? Alright, enough of my bad jokes.

I know I’m  a little late with this month’s list. I try to get these out for you guys on the last Saturday of every month, but unfortunately real life has been kicking my butt lately. But better late than never right?

This month you all voted for my Ultimate List of Hot Cops, and that’s what I’m giving you. Fair warning, this will quite possibly be my longest list ever! We always chat about these lists in my FB group, so if you haven’t yet, join in on the inappropriate fun  HERE.

Since this list will be ridiculously long if I let it, I decided to limit my choices to the uber angsty book picks. These are some of my all time favorites and my go-to recs.

And if you’re new to my blog, this a monthly feature I do on the last Saturday of each month! Check out the previous features here:









As always, I’d love to hear from you all in comments if you don’t see one of your favorites listed. You know I love me some book recs 😉

You’ll notice I’ll list some of these by author because I loved several of their books, some I’ll list by series, and some will be simply individual books. Now let’s do this thing!

HARD EVIDENCE (I-Team #2) by Pamela Clare

Hard Evidence

“I’m half Italian.”
“Which half?” the words were out before Tessa could stop them. Was she flirting with him? She never flirted with men.
His lips curved in a slow, sexy smile that made her heart trip. “From the waist down.”

If you follow my reviews, then you already I’m obsessed with this series and this author. I’m talking LOVE this series. While this is book 2 in the series, you can easily start with it and not be lost. If you like dirty talking, slightly assholish yet protective cops, then undercover FBI agent,  Julian Darcangelo will be right up your alley. My top favorite in this series is definitely Marc “Hunt” Hunter in Unlawful Contact, Hard Evidence is definitely right up there too!

DIRTY SEXY CUFFED (Dirty Sexy #3) by Carly Phillips & Erika Wilde

Dirty Sexy Cuffed

“I want to lick you and eat you and taste you on my tongue as you come. Then I want to slid my cock into your soft , tight pussy and bury myself so fucking deep that you scream my name.”

Officer Levi Kincaid can do dirty REAL good. But he can also do super sweet.

…this went beyond simple attraction. She was the first woman to stir something deep inside of him when he honestly thought that part of him was damaged beyond repair.

Oh and did I mention he has a very specific kink that happens to involve those handcuffs of his? Cause…yeah.

CUFF ME (New York’s Finest #3) by Lauren Layne

Cuff Me

“He pushed her thighs wider apart. “You have the right to remain silent . . .” Vincent slid his hand upward, one finger sliding slightly into her.
Jill moaned. 
“Apparently you’re forgoing that right,” he said, his teeth nipping at her left butt cheek as his fingers continued to play with her. 
“Vin, you—” 
“Careful, baby. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.”

Oh I’m sorry…did you actually need more to convince you to read this? OK. Grumpy cop, sassy heroine. There. Now go read it! And don’t miss the first two Moretti brothers in FRISK ME and STEAL ME.

EXPOSED (Unguarded #1) by Ivy Stone


He was a cop.
She was a criminal.
Together we were chaos.


I want him, bad. I want him to slap those cuffs on, tell me what a bad girl I’ve been, and fuck me into oblivion. I hold back my grin. This is so not going to end well.

Ivy Stone had an insta fan in me when I read this fantastic debut full of angst and enough sexy time to keep my inner perv in me satisfied. My love for this series was solidified with book 2, DIVIDED, which I loved just as much if not more.


It’s no secret that I’m a fan of all things KA, and the woman has written some of my favorite cops EVAH, like Hector “Oh My God” Chavez. Seriously now. Have you met the man? Because you need a Hector “Oh My God” Chavez in your life. Below my favorite 3 KA cop heroes.

HOLD ON (The ‘Burg #6)

Hold On

“Need you to get this, Cher. I wanna kiss you. But right now, I wanna kiss you because you’re standin’ in my arms, lookin’ up at me the way you’re lookin’ up at me. I definitely wanna kiss the girl who loves to make me laugh. And I wanna kiss the girl who put that dress on for me. I also wanna kiss you because after I kiss you, I’m gonna take you to my bed and I’m gonna fuck you. But you need to know, in this instant, I wanna kiss you because you’re the girl you are right now, the way you are right now, lookin’ up at me.”

Swoon. I mean, FREAKING SWOON.



Rock Chick

“Chiquita, women spend a lot of time sittin’ around bitchin’ that there are no good men out there.
I hate to tell you this, but there aren’t a lot of good women either.
The difference is, when a man sees one, he knows it.
Then, he goes after her and wears her down until she’s his.
Then, if he’s any man at all, he won’t let her go.”

A protective alpha male cop, a girl in trouble and a whole lot of shenanigans. KA at her best with this book! Though it wasn’t my favorite in the series, I still couldn’t get enough of  Eddie Chavez.


Rock Chick

Then before I could stop it, to my horror, I started crying.
Really! Where was my Ice Princess? Why did she come along when she wasn’t wanted and disappeared when I needed her? She was beginning to really annoy me.
When the Ice Princess didn’t show, with no other choice so he wouldn’t see me cry, I shoved my face in his neck.
He dropped to the side on his back taking me with him. He rolled us and then we were lying on the couch, me snug between the heat of him and the soft back of the couch.
One of his arms held me close at the waist; the other hand cupped the back of my head and held my face to his throat.
“Let me take care of you,” he whispered through my sobs.
“Okay,” I whispered through my sobs too, too tired to fight it anymore.

This was easily the most emotional book in this whole series, and for me, the most memorable one too!

BREATHE (Colorado Man #4) 


“I’ll let you in on a secret, honey. The knight who has serious chinks in his armor but never falls is the true hero. That means he’s won battles and doesn’t waste time polishing his armor so he can look good while he rides in parades that are tributes to his glory. He just drags himself back on his steed and keeps right on battling. And if he’s the right kind of knight, he never rides alone. The best heroes inspire loyalty. The best heroes keep fighting the good fight, tirelessly, quietly. The best heroes always have scars. If they didn’t, the heroine would have nothing to do. It’s her job to help the hero let all that stuff go in order that her man can be strong enough to fight on but when he’s with her he’s free to just ‘breathe’.”

Chace Keaton. All of the swoons.

LAW MAN (Mystery Man #3)

Law Man

“I’ll go gentle, baby,” he whispered against my lips. “I promise. You’ll always be safe with me.”

Oh. My.

“Mitch,” I breathed.

His soulful eyes held mine captive as he repeated firmly, “Always.”

And of course, last but certainly not lease is Detective Mitch Lawson. A cop, a single dad, and all of the swoons!

“You’re Mara, you’re sweet, you’re beautiful and I will not forget until the day I die how beautiful it felt to slide inside you with you wrapped around me, see your eyes get wet and know straight in my gut that you felt how beautiful it was too.”

And now back to regularly schedule programming…

IN A BAD WAY (Bad Boys of The Bay #4) by Karin Tabke

In A Bad Way

“I’ll split you apart and make you beg for more” He dropped his lips to the base of her throat and inhaled her sweet scent. “And I’ll be gone before you wake up.”
“Is that how you court a lady?”
“You’re not a lady and I don’t court.”
“If you don’t court, what do you do?”
“I fuck.”
“Then just fuck me.”

A missing stripper sister, the Russian mob, a smoking hot FBI Agent and the enigmatic woman who lies at the center of it all, is as crazy sexy as it gets.

Sounds delicious? Well that’s because it totally is! And it’s also easily read as a standalone.

ALL I WANT (Alabama Summer #2) by J. Daniels

All I Want

“Oh sweetie. You might want to go disinfect. he’s got the herp.”
“Oh my God. Are you serious? You have herpes?”
“What? No I don’t!”
“He’s really sweet about it though,” I say sympathetically at the blonde. “He pays for my Valtrex every month.”

What’s better than a second chance romance? A second chance romance with a healthy dose of hate lust and a whole heck of a lot of sass thrown in! You need Luke Evans in your life!

Oh my God,” I whimper.
“Do I need to tell you what to do with that?” he asks, his voice laced with arrogance as he glances down at my hand that remains stagnant against his cock.
“God I fucking hate you.” I pull his cock free and wrap my hand around it, feeling him thicken in my palm…
“Yeah, I hate you too, babe.”

And if you haven’t met Officer Benjamin Kelly and looking for more enemies to lovers, then don’t forget to check out book 1 in this series, Where I Belong.

FLOORED (Frenched #3) by Melanie Harlow


…I was irritated. It wasn’t the note, either. It was the fact that Charlie had come over here, tempted me with his whiskey and his cologne and his cuddling, and then kept his word not to touch me. How dare he!

Speaking of enemies to lovers, Floored definitely hits the spot for that trope as well. Plus the hot cop AND the pee yourself laughing sort of humor to boot.

Confession: I actually said a little prayer here, something along the lines of Dear God, I hope you’re not watching this but I’d really, really be grateful if I could get through this without gagging or choking, and also it would be great if this was the best blowjob he ever gets in his entire life. OK thanks, go away now.

Oh and you can easily read it as a standalone!

DOWN ON HER KNEES by Christine Belle

Down on Her Knees

A warm summer breeze kicked up as he clamped his fingers tight around her wrists and pinned her to the hood with his hips, hard enough to make her gasp.
“Tell me no,” he murmured against the soft shell of her ear, “and I won’t slide my hands up that little dress and work that pussy until you scream.”

*Pervy shudder*

Officer Rafe could arrest ME any time. Any. Time.

This book had by far one of the HOTTEST cop role plays I’ve ever read, and it was with an actual cop too! Well, fictional. But you get what I’m saying here.


I mean, the woman has only written some of my all time favorite dirty cops to date. How do you even have a list like this and NOT have at least her entire Line of Duty series? HOW I ask ya?!


Protecting What's His

“Listen to me, baby. From the time we walk in the door to my apartment, you will have less than a minute before I put my cock inside you. No foreplay. No kissing. There won’t be any time, because you’ve got me strung so damn tight I can barely thing straight. I need you to keep yourself wet for me on the ride home. Starting now.”


HIS RISK TO TAKE (Line Of Duty #2)

His Risk to Take

“I’ve been ready for you since Saturday morning. It’s going to take me hours of fucking that tight little body of yours to satisfy it. I hope you know what you’re in for”
She looked up at him, bold and determined. “I’m here, aren’t I?”
He growled, equally exhilarated and annoyed by the way she insisted on pushing him back. “I’m going to put you on your knees, Ruby. You’re going to hate how much you love it.”


OFFICER OFF LIMITS (Line of Duty #3)

Officer off Limits

“Just that in my experience, guys who talk the biggest game are usually a letdown in the end.”
“It wouldn’t be disappointing.”
“I’ll tell you what. You’ve got one minute to prove me wrong.”
His eyes narrowed. “Elaborate.”
She slipped her phone out of her pocket and held it up. “I’ll set the timer for one minute. You’ll have sixty seconds to prove you’re not just a bunch of talk.”
Daniel glanced at the bed behind her. “The things I want to do to you, Story, would take a lot longer than sixty seconds. Your phone’s battery would die well before I finished.”
“Then show yourself the door.”
“Set the damn timer.”


Asking for Trouble

“Aw, what’s wrong, Brent? Jealous? After all, if ever there was someone who deserved to have a jackass named after him, it’s you.”
“Yeah? And what would they name it? How about…Spanky?”
“How about Oversized Dickhead?”
He shrugged. “Didn’t hear you complaining about
 my oversized—”
She shot to her feet, jostling the table. “Can I speak with you in private?”
“You need it right now?” He feigned exasperation.“We’re in the middle of dinner, woman. You’re insatiable.”



Liberating Lacey

Without a word he led her through the bar to the sultry heat of the parking lot, heading for the shadows created by an enormous black SUV arrogantly angled across three parking spaces in the back corner.
“Yours?” she asked as they rounded the truck’s hood.
“Nope, just a place for a private conversation.” He backed her up into the passenger door. Hands braced on either side of her head, he fastened his teeth on the sensitive juncture of her neck and shoulder, sucking at her skin with just enough pressure to make her gasp.

Older woman meets younger man in one of my all time favorite Anne Calhoun books EVER. Hunter Anderson brought all the swoons and all the sexy and I loved the ever-loving hell out of him!


Uncommon Passion

My God, he was broken. So broken, this frightening vulnerability protected only by pieces of bulletproof vest held together with razor wire, attitude, and a smile that broke her heart every time he flashed it.

Broken alpha for the win! Clearly I’m a fan of this author so it’s not a shock she appears on my list once more for hot cops. In Uncommon Passion you get Swat Officer Ben Harris and man oh man will you fall hard for this broken man.

This book had everything! The feels. The sizzling sex. And the romance! In true Anne Calhoun passion, she crafts strong heroines that balance out her broody heroes perfectly!


CROSSING THE LINE (Battered Hearts #3) by Kele Moon

Crossing The Line“Wyatt didn’t want it, but without his permission, his heart started beating again. 
It had always beat for Tabitha.”

Second chance romance so emotionally gripping, it’ll make your heart beat. No one and I mean NO ONE writes gritty and emotional love stories quite like Kele. What makes Sheriff Wyatt Conner sexy? It’s not that he’s a former MMA fighter. It’s his absolutely unwavering love and devotion for Tabitha.

If you want swoons and feels and a sizzling hot romance, you need this book AND this series in your life!



Packing Heat

“You like being forced to just lay there and wait for me. I like it too. You look so good all open and ready for my cock. Just being still and obedient like a good little cock whore.”

A cop AND a firefighter in a sizzling hot MM?!! Be still my ovaries! Sure this is a shortie of a book, but man oh man does it pack a one two punch straight to the ovaries!



A Lot Like Love

“I’d like to know more about this undercover agent who posed as my daughter’s date. The ubiquitous Tall, Dark, and Smoldering.’

Nick put on his best meet-the-parent smile. ‘I generally prefer to go by Nick.”

Sassy heroines, laugh out loud humor, & sexy romance with grumpy and broody heroes is what makes this series absolute crack for me! I’ve been a huge fan since meeting  Special Agent Jack Pallas in SOMETHING ABOUT YOU, book 1 in this series. And while I loved that little enemies to lovers romp, there was something about A LOT LIKE LOVE that stuck with me even more. But then again, this is a series that just got better and better with each new installment.

EXTREME DANGER (McCloud & Friends #5) by Shannon McKenna 

Extreme Danger

“You use your tits the way a ninja assassin uses nunchuks.” 

If über alphas are your thing, then this series will be pure catnip for you. Because let me tell you, Shannon McKenna writes some SUPER uber alphas. These men are dirty talkers, crazy possessive, domineering, protective, and hit the spot for me each and every single time. Most of the series focuses on the McCloud brothers and their investigative and security business, but Extreme Danger was about cop Nick Ward, undercover to investigate a dangerous enemy when a beautiful and innocent woman lands in his crosshairs and he simply can’t walk away.



These are all titles I’ve read and loved and would strongly recommend to all my fellow dirty birds 😉

RUN THE RISK (Love Undercover #1) by Lori Foster

Run The RiskWhen Detective Logan Riske goes undercover to find Pepper Yates, a potential link to his best friend’s unsolved murder, he vows to gain her cooperation by any means necessary. But the elusive beauty is more suspicious—and in far more danger—than he expected. And the last thing Logan needs is to start caring for her…

Pepper has spent years dodging the corrupt club owner who will stop at nothing to keep her silenced. She can trust no one, not even the handsome new “construction worker” who’s moved in next door. The heat between them is undeniable. But will surrendering to passion bring her the safety she so desires—or will her feelings for Logan draw them both into a killer’s crosshairs?


MIDNIGHT SECRETS (Wildefire #1) by Ella Grace (pen name for Christy Reece a DGR fave author)

Midnight Secrets


On a hot southern night, with a storm on the horizon, a family is shattered. Three beautiful daughters—Savannah, Samantha, and Sabrina Wilde—go on with their lives, each significantly changed, as they bear the memory of the murder-suicide that killed their parents. For years, they have stayed away from Midnight, Alabama. Until Midnight calls them home.

Savannah is the first one back, when a grueling case in Nashville leads the young prosecutor to seek shelter in the quiet of the once grand Wilde mansion. But when she finds letters casting doubt on her family’s dark, shameful past, she realizes that peace in Midnight is a shallow façade and sinister secrets lurk beneath the surface. Zach Tanner, once the town’s bad boy, is now the new police chief and still has a wild hold over her. Zach can feel it, too, but he hurt Savannah once. As teenagers, they broke every rule together. Now it’s his job to keep her safe, even though he isn’t sure who her enemies are—or which ones might be his own.


arrested by love

In the steamy world of bestselling romance author Virna DePaul, there are bad boys and good girls on both sides of the law. And when they mix, it’s always an explosive combination. Now the three novellas of her contemporary Red-Hot Cops series are available together in this eBook anthology:


Though Claire Fullerton, a respected journalist, isn’t afraid to walk on the wild side, she’s terrified that unleashing her inner vixen will expose her to getting hurt. But when Claire is captured by a notorious gang of bikers, she recognizes a friendly face from her darkest fantasies: undercover cop Ty Williamson, who has managed to infiltrate the gang to bring them down from the inside. Now Ty’s determined to bind Claire to him and prove that he wants all of her: the good with the bad. In fact, the badder she is, the better they’ll be—together.


People used to call her Sure-Thing-Sarah, but the only thing Sarah Larson’s sure about these days is the torch she’s carried for undercover cop Luke Anderson. Four years ago, Sarah made the biggest mistake of her life: leaving Luke to marry another cop. Now, a year after her divorce, Luke’s back in her life—ready to convince Sarah that he’s the one when it comes to love. But Sarah has a big fear—that her dangerously possessive ex-husband is out to make sure that her second chance at happiness is destroyed forever.


As a former centerfold, Jenna Mills is a pro at deflecting male attention, and with good reason. A painful past has made her mistrustful of all men—and hell-bent on getting revenge on one in particular. But first she needs help overcoming her fear of physical intimacy. And honorable cop Noah James might just be the perfect place to start. Noah’s used to making a woman feel safe, in bed and out. But when Jenna makes him an indecent proposal, Noah’s willing to give her everything she’s asking for . . . and more.

MINE TO HOLD (Wicked Lovers #6) by Shayla Black

Mine To Hold

A friend’s duty.

Tyler Murphy was an LAPD detective, single and happy—until a near-fatal tragedy crippled his friend, fellow detective Eric Catalano. While Tyler supported Eric, he also became a shoulder for Eric’s wife, Delaney, to lean on. But with one naughty suggestion from Eric, a drunken night with Delaney spilled into erotic abandon. Before it was over, Tyler saw his best friend’s wife as a woman and yearned for more. When Eric struggled to deal with the aftermath, Delaney begged Tyler to leave. Crushed, he fled to Louisiana, hoping to escape his longing for the one woman he could never have again…and unaware of what he’d left behind.

A lover’s desire.

After two years of living with regret, Tyler finds Delaney on his doorstep, her husband having abandoned her long ago. She’s protecting a shocking secret and desperately needs refuge from a stalker determined to see her dead. As they fight to stay alive and catch the killer, they struggle to resolve the guilt of their past pleasures. But they can’t deny that what was once a spark is now a flame burning out of control. To possess Delaney—body and soul—Tyler must heal her pain and thwart the evil that’s a mere breath behind her…

INTO THE NIGHT (The Reliance Group #1) by Janelle Denison

Into The Night

A former Marine and Las Vegas Vice cop, Nathan Fox has seen it all and then some. Heading up security for The Onyx Casino is tame compared to his past, but it’s not his only job. Working for The Reliance Group is his real passion project. His current case: A missing woman. His mission: To find her. But soon Nathan must deal with a stubborn—and stunning—journalist who’s nosed her way into the investigation…and into Nathan’s fantasies.

To reporter Nicole Hutton, exposing a ruthless, twisted criminal who abuses vulnerable teens isn’t just a job. In fact, this story has become very personal, especially now that she’s gotten tangled up with sexy Nathan Fox. But before she can break the story, and help rescue a missing girl, she and Nathan must brave the labyrinth of Vegas’s dark underbelly…where the heat simmering between them is about to burst into flames…

DEADLY HEAT (Deadly #2) by Cynthia Eden <— my top favorite series by this author!!

Deadly Heat

She wants revenge…
Six months after her lover died in an arsonist’s blaze, firefighter Lora Spade calls in the FBI’s elite Serial Services Division to track the elusive killer. When Special Agent Kenton Lake is lured into a violent inferno, Lora pulls him to safety and is stunned – not by the fire, but by her own searing attraction to Kent. For the first time in months, she longs for something other than vengeance.

He wants her…
Kenton’s interest in Lora should be purely professional. But one fleeting kiss and he can’t get her out of his mind. Her combination of strength and vulnerability makes him want to protect her, and that means solving this case – and fast. For even the passion igniting between them can’t hide a terrifying truth: Lora is the next target in a murderer’s sadistic, fiery game.

A vicious killer wants only…


Men Out of Uniform

The hottest thing about a man in uniform is imagining him out of it… 

They may enforce the rules, but when men in uniform are off duty and under the covers, they’re experts at breaking them. In this searingly sexy anthology, popular authors Maya Banks, Sylvia Day, and Karin Tabke present men in uniform-unzipped…

Taking the Heat by Sylvia Day
It’s time for protected witness Layla Creed to come out of hiding and take the stand. Layla has only three days to reconnect with federal marshal Brian Simmons—and slake the white-hot lust that has simmered between them for years…

Soul Possession – Maya Banks
Jessie spends a hot night with two sexy-as-sin detectives, only to be accused of murder the very next day. But when Jessie becomes the target of a serial killer, her two detectives will risk everything to have her back in their arms—and in their bed…

Karin Tabke’s Wanted follows the X-rated exploits of bad-boy cop Colin Daniels and the soon-to-be-ex-wife of a mob boss. He’s been hired to guard her body, but it drives him to distraction instead, putting his career—and his life—on the line…

FAITH & FIDELITY by Tere Michaels

faith & fidelity

New York City Vice Detective Evan Cerelli has lost his wife, the only person he ever loved and slept with. He’s trying to get on with his life, build a life for his children. Former Homicide Detective Matt Haight is a ladies’ man, all sex/no commitment. He’s depressed, having a midlife crisis, and not sure where his life is headed.

The two find friendship in the bottom of a shared bottle. When the friendship turns to love, it shakes two straight men to the core and flips their lives inside out. Kids, families, careers that are not gay-friendly — can all the love in the world overcome the obstacles to faith and fidelity?


DANGEROUS BOYS AND THEIR TOY by Shayla Black <— super hot MFM with GFY

dangerous boys and their toy


Trading orgasms for information isn’t their usual way of doing business, but when a missing criminal-turned-star-witness and fifty grand are on the line, bounty hunter R. A. Thorn and Detective Cameron Martinez are prepared to put their bodies to the task and give gorgeous Brenna Sheridan everything she needs. An exchange they never anticipated becomes an experience none can forget—or walk away from. Sexual hunger sizzles the threesome, but the stakes and danger rise as a mafia bad-ass stalks Brenna. Soon, their “deal” is no longer about information—or sex. Emotions bind Brenna, Cam and Thorn together more tightly than they ever imagined as the men protect—and serve—the beloved woman neither can live without.


Welp, that’s it for my list. Loved it? Tell me in comments? Did I miss one of your favorites? Tell me about it in comments! I love to hear from you all, so don’t be shy <3

Till next time, dirty birds!

DGR’s June Wrap-Up

DGR sum upWhen the heck did June fly by? Seriously? Wasn’t it just last week? I swear, I blink and it’s July. Craziness I tells ya! Well, June was an awesome month for me here in DGR land. First, I added my girl, Jennifer, as a permanent reviewer. It doesn’t hurt that she’s a book pusher just like me when it comes to her faves and we just happen to have pretty much identical reading tastes! So with this fabulous new addition, I figured why not add a fabulous new feature? So each month, I’ll be doing a wrap-up post talking about what we’ve read, what we’ve loved, and what we plan on reading.

We also happen to LOVE book recs, so if you have any, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section below. If there’s a book you’d like to see us read next month, tell us about it in the comments as well 🙂


wrap up-june

Clearly I’ve been busy this June because holy moly! When did I read all that? All that coffee and no sleep is obviously good for my reading. Here’s the sum-up:

LAST KISS by Laurelin Paige 

HOT SEAL LOVER (HOT SEAL Team #2) by Lynn Raye Harris




BELOW THE SURFACE by Elizabeth Lee

ALL THE RAGE by TM Frazier

IDOL by Kristen Callihan


ALLEGIANCE OF HONOR (Psy/Changeling #15) by Nalini Singh

DIRTY SEXY CUFFED by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde

RAMSAY by Mia Sheridan

MAN CANDY by Melanie Harlow


DARK MAFIA PRINCE by Annika Martin




Can’t pick a book from all the ones I have mentioned? How about some help? Here’s some stand out reads of mine from this month and one from late May that I still can’t stop thinking about!

UNBREAK MY HEART (Unbreak My Heart #1) by Nicole Jacquelyn

I read this book in late May and OMG you guys! If you’re looking for angst that will make you cry for your mama, this is that book! It was addicting, painful, and so SO good!

BROKEN PRINCE (Royals #2) by Erin Watt

Sweet mother of book crack! And so my addiction continues with this series. This book doesn’t release until July 25 but trust me when I tell you that you will not want to miss it. If you thought Paper Princess was crazy, you haven’t seen anything yet.

HOT SEAL LOVER (Hot SEAL Team #2) by Lynn Raye Harris

I’m obsessed with this author and everything she writes! Simply obsessed! If you like sizzling hot romantic suspense, I can’t recommend her books enough. Hot Seal Lover is book 2 in her brand new HOT Seal Team spin-off but each of her books may be easily enjoyed as standalones.

MAN CANDY by Melanie Harlow

When I’m looking for a laugh out loud, feel good romance, Melanie Harlow is my go-to. But Man Candy may have been my favorite book by her yet. And that’s saying something considering how much I loved FLOORED.

ALLEGIANCE OF HONOR (Psy/Changeling #15) by Nalini Singh

What an epic conclusion to an even more epic story arc. This is a compelation of stories bringing back all past readers favorites, especially Lucas. #Swoon.
Allegiance of Honor is essentially a bridge book that closes the chapter on “Season One” story arc and introduces all the ingredients of Season Two that the readers will be looking forward to. If you’re a fan of this series, this book is not to be missed! It’s a pivotal story in between story arcs.

DOWNTOWN DEVIL (Sins in The City #2) by Cara McKenna

Holy mother of ovaries, I dunno how I survived this book but MAN was it hot. I’m talking HOT. Like beyond HOT. This is the second standalone novel in Cara’s Sins In The City series and brings a brand new scorching menage. A satisfying romance with some sizzling MMF and MFM threesome action.


I feel like I have a book for every category this month lol. So how about one to appease those that love a sweet and sexy, light but satisfying contemporary romance. I floved this brand new book from one of my favorite contemporary romance authors. Sweet Little Lies kicks off the new Heartbreaker Bay series and I already can’t wait for more!

Lana’s July Reads

I got lots of books on deck for July and I can’t wait to get to all of these. These are all either already released or will be releasing in July. I’ll mark the release dates on each 🙂

CREAM OF THE CROP (Hudson Valley #2) by Alice Clayton

FIRST AND FIRST by Santino Hassell

RAVEN by Scarlett Fin

The Boss: Vol 6 by Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott

GOING HARD (Boys Of Fall) by Cari Quinn

WANDERLUST by Roni Loren– releasing July 19

DON’T TEMPT ME by Lori Foster– releasing July 26

HIS ROYAL SECRET by Lilah Pace– releasing July 19

FORBIDDEN FLING by Skye Jordan– releasing July 26

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD (Wedding Belles #1) by Lauren Layne– releasing July 26

STORM OF ECSTASY (Guardians of the Realm #9) by Setta Jay

BLOOD TO DUST by LJ Shen– releasing July 18


Jennifer's Reads

Jennifer has been a busy girl! She got to read some of my favorites finally (Backfire, Friction, Dirty Ties and Slave To Sensation) and a few I haven’t read yet. Here’s her sum-up

ONE WEEK TO SCORE by Kate Meader





THE HANG UP by Tawna Fenske

TRUTH OR BEARD by Penny Reid

DIRTY TIES by Pam Godwin

FRICTION by Sawyer Bennett

BACKFIRE by Keri Lake


Friction by Sawyer Bennett 

This book is the perfect book wrapped up in a pretty little package with a bow on top. Love/Hate relationship. Laugh my ass off. Hot dirty-talking sex. Apparently, I have a thing for lawyers, because….DAYUM. This is technically the 8th book in the series, but I didn’t read the books before it and I was not lost at all (so calm yo tits if you have to read books in order. Lol.)

Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh

To say this book is unique is an understatement. I have never read a paranormal book like this! I am so excited that it is a series and I get to read more. I hope there is more MEGA-HOT-DREAM-SEX! After I finished this first book in the Psy-Changeling series, I dragged my children through the rain to 3 different book stores to purchase the rest of the series. Yeah, that happened.

Dirty Ties by Pam Godwin

This is that book that you kick yourself in the boob for waiting so long to read! I know I did. This is my first Pam Godwin book, and it only took this book to know that I will read anything she writes. I was sucked into this underground lair of speed-racing, hotness, greed, and grit, and I didn’t want come out for days. It was heaven in a book, for me.

Romancing the Duke by Tessa Dare

Expect to laugh, giggle, chuckle….SWOON! This book is FUN & FUNNY.  Tessa’s books always make me laugh. I loved the broody hero in this one (broody is my jam!). For you OCD readers J, this is the first book in the Castles Ever After series.


WICKED BEAUTIFUL (Wicked Games #1) by JT Geissinger 

WICKED SEXY (Wicked Games #2) by JT Geissinger- releasing July 19

PAPER PRINCESS (Royals #1) by Erin Watt

THE BEAST (BDB #13) by JR Ward

SHIFT (Hot Rides #2) by Sidney Bristol

NEW DESIRES: Becoming Elena – Book Three

AFTERGLOW by Maria Monroe

OFF LIMITS by Lola Darling- releasing July 26

WICKED MAFIA PRINCE by Annika Martin- releasing July 26

FORBIDDEN FLING by Skye Jordan– releasing July 26




★DGR’S Ultimate List of Angsty Romance★

DGR-Ultimate list of angst

Let’s talk angst.
  1. a feeling of deep anxiety or dread, typically an unfocused one about the human condition or the state of the world in general.
    “adolescent angst”

ANGST just so happens to be pure catnip for this reader. I gobble it up like the starved addict that I am, and love every hair pulling second of it. If a book can make me feel like I want to throttle someone, scream at the ceiling and rip my hair out by the roots, I know I got myself a winner. What? Like you don’t have your vices? Sheesh. Judgy much?

This month you all voted for my Ultimate List of Angsty Romance, and that’s what I’m giving you. Fair warning, this will quite possibly be my longest list ever! We always chat about these lists in my FB group, so if you haven’t yet, join in on the inappropriate fun  HERE.

Since this list will be ridiculously long if I let it, I decided to limit my choices to the uber angsty book picks. These are some of my all time favorites and my go-to recs.

And if you’re new to my blog, this a monthly feature I do on the last Saturday of each month! Check out the previous features here:








As always, I’d love to hear from you all in comments if you don’t see one of your favorites listed. You know I love me some book recs 😉

You’ll notice I’ll list some of these by author because I loved several of their books, some I’ll list by series, and some will be simply individual books. Now let’s do this thing!

THOUGHTLESS by S.C. Stephens


“What if I don’t choose you, Kellan? What will you do?”
He looked away, a tear rolling down his cheek. “I’ll leave, Kiera. I’ll leave, and you and Denny can have your happily ever after.” He looked back at me. “You wouldn’t even need to tell him about me. Eventually, the two of you…” his voice broke and another tear fell on his cheek, “the two of you would get married, and have children, and have a great life.”
I fought back a sob. “And you? What happens to you in that scenario?”
“I…get by. And I miss you, every day,” he whispered.”

Sweet mother of hair pulling, wanting to run the heroine over with my car, while rocking myself in a corner somewhere ANGST. GAH! GAH I tells ya! This freaking book. I don’t know how I even survived it. It put me off life triangles for years. And yet when I think of angst, this is the first one that pops into my head. Clearly it left an impression. And let’s be real here for a hot second, because it just doesn’t get much better than Kellan fucking Kyle *pervy sigh*


TRISTAN & DANIKA trilogy by R.K. Lilley


I knew we were going to be a dangerous combination. Bad things were going to happen if we spent too much time around each other.

First I read book one, and thought, well this isn’t so bad. Then I read book two and thought I’d been hit with a two by four full of feels, and then I barely BARELY survived book three because holy hell!!! I LOVED this trilogy. Absolutely loved it. It spans years and had one of the most memorable love stories I’ve read. The angst was in apoplectic proportions and I loved every single painful second of it. It was utterly delicious!

I convinced myself that it had all been passion, not true love.  True love was a myth, a misdirection from the solid things in life.  What I’d felt for Tristan had been big and all consuming, but I told myself, like a mantra in my head, that it had never been solid.   Even so, every little thing brought him to mind.  We’d had too much together, been through too much, felt too much, and every feeling had a memory.


CAROLINE & WEST duet by Robin York


I want you, and I don’t know how to stop wanting you. I want to get deep inside you, and then deeper, until I’m so deep I don’t even know what’s me anymore and what’s you.

What’s better than angst? New Adult kind of angst. Yum yum yum. This is one of my all time favorite duets. These books took me through the emotional wringer and I don’t regret it even a little. I adored the heroine and I loved to hate the hero. But who am I even kidding? I mostly loved him even when I wanted to hate him!

“I could tell you how much I’m hurting, or I could get out of the car, slam the door, hitchhike to the airport because fuck you, fuck you, West, how could you do this to me? How?

What I can’t do is pretend I don’t know what you did,” I say. “Or pretend I don’t still care about you.”


BULLY by Penelope Douglas


“You were my tempest, my thunder cloud, my tree in the downpour. I loved all of those things, and I loved you. But now? You’re a fucking drought. I thought that all the assholes drove German cars, but it turns out that pricks in Mustangs can still leave scars.”

If you haven’t at least heard of this phenomenal series, odds are you’ve been living under a rock. Well climb on out from under there my friend, because you are seriously missing out. This is easily of my top favorite NA series and the angst is utterly delicious. I have a motto when it comes to books by Penelope Douglas; she writes them, I read them. Period. No exception.

Becoming hard at heart isn’t an intersection in your brain where you have a choice to turn left or right. It’s coming to a dead end, and you just keep going, over the cliff, unable to stop the inevitable, because the truth is you just don’t want to.
There is freedom in the fall.




“ If I’d ever taken the time to wonder about my soul being as black as this town seemed to believe, I knew the moment Ashton stepped out of her little white Jetta looking like an angel from Heaven that my soul was damned to Hell. ”

I have a love hate relationship with Abbi Glines books. No really. See I love to hate them. No I don’t mean that in a hater sort of way. What I mean, is she’s a guilty pleasure author for me. I may not always love every book, I may want to throttle most of the heroines, and yet I still enjoy the ride. Kind sick saying it out loud lol. I’ve read her entire backlist, and I absolutely ADORED her Sea Breeze series. To date, that’s my favorite series by her.

But what began the obsession was this book. The Vincent Boys. And to be clear, I’m referring to the uncut edition, because let’s be real, if I’m forced to endure YA angst, I need steam to dilute it. I devour her books in one sitting. I adore every hero she’s written. What can I say? The struggle is real with this addiction I have and I’m not even sorry. Even when I hate the heroines, the heroes more than make up for it.

DGR’S ABBI GLINES FAVORITES (All angsty deliciousness)

AN ORDINARY GIRL by Barbara Elsborg


“I can’t believe I’ve found someone that’s more fucked up than me.”

I don’t remember why I read this book exactly. I think I stumbled on it by pure chance actually. Something about that synopsis just hooked me. I ended up devouring it in one sitting! This author has a signature blend of angst and dry wit and humor that just calls to me. I love it! She’ll add a bit of OTT drama that also somehow just works and at times a dash of suspense and voila! Instant addiction. I went on a Barbara Elsborg binge right after this and the addiction still continues. Not only does she write great angst, but the steam level is through the roof! She writes amazing MM, scorching MMF, and deliciously dirty MF. I can’t recommend her enough!

DGR’S BARBARA ELSBORG FAVORITES (all angsty perfection)



“I’m your husband…”
“No. You are not my husband,” she interrupted in a voice thickened with hatred and tears. “You have never been my husband. A husband loves, honours and cherishes! A husband is a lover and a champion….Look into the next room if you want to see what a real husband is, because you are no such thing!”

What would happen if you combined Harlequin presents with some crazy angst? This. Book. Holy mother! I loved it! I loved it so freaking much! Natasha Anders definitely has a signature style to her romance. I love watching her heroines grow into their own and stand up for themselves. I love seeing her royal alphaholes of heroes realize their mistakes and perform some epic kind of groveling. All of it just speaks to me and I can’t get enough!

DGR’S NATASHA ANDERS FAVORITES (all standalones and all angsty, of course)

THIS HEART OF MINE by Brenda Novak


She’d wanted him so badly seventeen years ago. And now that he wanted her, regardless of what anyone said, she wouldn’t come near him.

This was the first book I had read by this author and boy was I kicking myself for it after. Hard. If you love second chance romance and redemption stories, this is an absolute must read. It’s emotional, heart breaking, beautifully written, and completely unforgettable. While it is a part of a long-standing series, it can easily be read as a standalone.

No it’s not exactly the smutty smut that I normally gravitate to so if you’re expecting lots of steam, you’ll be sorely disappointed. But this book was not lacking it for me. Not even a little. The story was so emotionally powerful and the romance was so beautiful with just the right amount of tasteful love scenes, that I fell head over heels for This Heart of Mine.

THIS MUCH IS TRUE by Katherine Owen


LIFE CAN CHANGE in as little of fifteen seconds. I know this.
Fifteen seconds.
An SUV clips my car, kills my sister, and changes me and my life forever.

Thirty seconds.
The time it takes for a stranger to lift me up and carry me away and save me from the burning wreckage.
Thirty seconds.

One night.
The time it takes to fall in love with Lincoln Presley and forge promises that neither of us can keep.
One night.

Thirty seconds.
In thirty seconds, a heart can break.

If you like your angst to feel like you’ve been run over by the mac truck of feels, boy do I have a rec for you. Because this book? It will actually physically drain you. I’m not even a little kidding. It was fucking painful, people! I still have no idea how I survived it but I feel like I needed a cookie, a hug, a medal and all of the alcohol after it. In that exact order. This does end on a cliffhanger and I recommend reading the full trilogy to get a much deserved HEA.


IF YOU LEAVE by Courtney Cole


“That day, that one day, changed me forever. It taught me that everything you love, everyone you love, even if you love them and hate them at the same time, can be taken away in a moment and there isn’t anything you can do to change it.”

The Beautifully Broken is a series of 4 books, but it wasn’t until this book, IF YOU LEAVE (book 2 in the series), that I fell in love with the series. If You Leave deals with many heart wrenching issues; the biggest being the hero, Gabriel’s, PTSD from his Army Ranger days. It’s an emotional romance filled with angst, feels, and enough steam to keep you panting.

I loved every book in this series, but 2 and 4 have to be my all time favorites. If you haven’t read these yet, I strongly recommend you check them out.


THE EDUCATION Series by Jane Harvey-Berrick


“What do you think I’ve got here that I wouldn’t give up in a heartbeat to be with you? There’s nothing to keep me here: I’ll go anywhere, do anything to be with you.”

What happens when a 30-year-old woman stuck in a loveless marriage has an affair with her 17, soon to be 18-year-old neighbor? One of the most gripping, emotional and powerful romances that I have ever read. Book one is The Education of Sebastian and tells the heart wrenching story of how these two fell in love. The Education of Caroline takes place ten years later, when these two lovers finally reunite. If you haven’t read this series, it’s seriously an absolute must read.

“Be happy, Caro, because that’s what you deserve.
I love you, I have always loved you, and where I go after this world, I will always love you.
Sempre e per sempre.”


UNBEAUTIFULLY by Madeline Sheehan


“Baby,” he said gruffly. “Man like me got no business with a girl like you. You’re nothin’ but a fuckin’ beauty and I’m a while lot of fuckin’ ugly who’s already halfway to hell.”

You want angst? You want grit with a big chunk of dark MC romance? Welcome to your next addiction! While I enjoyed every single book in this series, I have to say that UnBeautifully is easily my absolute favorite. There was just something so powerful about this beauty-and-the-beast romance that just spoke to me. It wasn’t an easy read and far from a light one. But it was an unforgettable ride from beginning to finish.


ROCK CHICK REGRET by Kristen Ashley


“No really,” I whispered, letting the sweet, peaceful feeling steal over me. “It only matters if there’s someone to care if you don’t wake up. It’s okay if I don’t wake up because there’s no one to care.”

I have three words for you: Hector OMG Chavez. That is all. No really. That’s all. If you’ve read this book, you know exactly what I mean. And if you haven’t? You need to get to reading it right freaking meow because MAN! So. Good.

This was probably the heaviest and most powerful book in the series for me (right up there with Stella and Mace in ROCK CHICK RECKONINGwhich is also a HUGE angsty rec). But there was just something about RCR that stayed with me for all these years. Maybe it’s what the heroine went through and watching her grow? Maybe it’s the story as a whole. Whatever the case may be, I simply adored it.

DREW + FABLE series by Monica Murphy


“Maybe it was a mistake leaving you.
And I don’t know how to make it right.
Regret fills me every single day.
So much of it builds up I
Hate myself for 
Missing you. Hurting you.
And I want you to know i…
Long for you
Love you
Others may come and go in our lives but…
We belong together”

New Adult angst? This has it. In spades. This was the book that made me fall in love with Monica Murphy’s writing. It was the first book that I read by her and I was hooked. I recommend reading them back to back because the cliffhanger in OWG will leave you so ragey, it’ll make you want to slap someone.

THE ONE WEEK GIRLFRIEND SERIES (these need to be read in order)

OTHER BOOKS IN THE SERIES but with new characters

DESTROYED by Pepper Winters


“I was obsessed with finding redemption. Destroyed by love. Possessed by hope. Consumed by a past I couldn’t shake.”

So Pepper Winters advertises this as her “gray romance” but please don’t let that fool you. While this is certainly not quite on her usual dark scale it still packs a mean punch….straight to the mother effin feels. My. God. This book tore my heart to shreds and put it back together…barely. I was a damn mess reading it. I don’t remember the last time I cried that hard in a book but DAMN. Just DAMN.

This is a full standalone.

WICKED HEART by Leisa Reyven


“Heartache doesn’t teach you to be resilient. It teaches you to protect your fragility. It teaches you to fear love. And it draws a bright red circle around all the ways you’ve failed as a person and laughs while you cry.”

Ah…sweet sweet second chance romance angst. How I love thee. Let me count the ways….Liam, Liam, Liam…wait. That’s not right.

While a lot of my friends loved the first two books in this series, I struggled a little with them. But I continued with the series because not only did I love the writing style, but I saw where it was going and I knew it was only a matter of meeting the right characters for me to fall in love with the story. And Wicked Heart? It was exactly that book for me.


UNFORGIVEN by Elizabeth Finn


You don’t fall in love with the person responsible for your greatest loss. And God help you if you do.

God help you indeed. This book was a crazy rollercoaster of emotion. It was almost physically painful to read at times. But man. MAN. What an incredibly powerful and angsty romance. To date, this is my favorite book by this author. And Elizabeth Finn happens to be one of my go to’s for angst, so I don’t make that statement lightly.

I’ll list some other notable favorites below. All are full standalones.


WORTH IT by Linda Kage


I craved every little second I got to see her, but I knew I should stay away. It was torment, the two cravings rivaling and constantly churning in me, playing tug-of-war between what my heart wanted and what I knew was best.

I’m seriously obsessed with this New Adult series and can’t recommend every book in it enough. I love it that much. Worth It had some darker undertones to it that the others didn’t. It wasn’t dark, just more emotional and a touch heavier if that makes sense. The whole series packs a good amount of angst and if sexy NA romance is your thing, prepare to binge.




“Nicholas Grayson wasn’t a nice person. In fact one could call him an asshole and he wouldn’t dispute it. He was as jaded as they come, eighteen years old, with a moral compass fixed permanently on diabolical. … His goals in life were to piss off his parents, break a few laws and generally screw his way through life.”

Cruel Intention meets Soap Opera in this deliciously angsty YA romance and I gobbled up each page like the addict that I am. Holy crap, people! This book HURT. Complete with a mother of all cliffhangers. But no worries, because you do get a much deserved HEA in the conclusion, REDEMPTION.

FACADE by Nyrae Dawn


I don’t see the future; I just notice shit. When you’re seven years old and scared of your own shadow, too scared to get close to anyone like I used to be, you learn to pay attention. To study people’s loves because it’s the only way to feel like you’re living and to think about how differently you’d be doing if you had the balls to man up. Or, hell, if you hadn’t been given such a shitty hand to begin with. 

While I loved the entire Games series, Facade was easily my favorite. I couldn’t even tell you why exactly. It just was. Something about a broken boy finding love in the girl he least expected. I just loved it.


A LUSH BETRAYAL by Selena Laurence


I know almost instantly- this is it- I’m done. This woman will either be my salvation or the death of me. There is no question. I’ve lost control now that I’ve touched her. There’s no going back, and she’s the most spectacular thing I’ve ever experienced.

Rockstars. Betrayals. Redemptions. Second chances. This book had it all. This was my first book by Selena and I was hooked. A Lush Betrayal is still free on amazon, so if you like the sounds of this one, you need to grab it quick!


Twisted by Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott


He could do anything, survive anything, but he couldn’t turn away from Jazz. She would sustain him where every other drug had failed.

It’s no secret that I love everything these authors write. I first fell in love with their Love In Oblivion series when I stumbled on ROCKED by pure chance. And from then, it was as they say, history. While each book focuses on a different member of the band, I don’t recommend reading it out-of-order. There is a story arc that continues throughout the series that you wouldn’t be able to appreciate having read the books out-of-order. I highly recommend starting with the prequel (SEDUCED) first. It really introduces the characters and gives you a taste of things to come.




“Just breathe,” my mom would say.
“Ten tiny breaths…Seize them.
Feel them.Love them.”

Does this book even need an introduction or an explanation for being on my list? C’mon now!

“I don’t hate you. I could never hate you. Give me your heart, Kacey. I’ll take everything that comes with it.”


THIN LOVE by Eden Butler


“I don’t want easy. I want the impossible. I want love so thick, I drown in it; it’s the only thing worth having and, I’m sorry Kona, you’re a nice guy when you’re not acting like an entitled jackass, but I really don’t think you’re capable of being anything more than that.”

To date, this is still one of my favorite second chance romances. The angst is in epic proportions and I do mean epic. This book will make you rip your hair out, it will make you sob hysterically, it will make you scream like a lunatic, but ultimately it will make you feel every single emotion right along with the characters and love every second of it.



I was ripped from heaven with an angel, and tossed into the fiery pit of hell by myself with no way out. I wouldn’t ever allow myself to be released from its relentless grip.

If you ask me how this book first came on my radar, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. All I remember is reading that synopsis and knowing that I had to read it. And boy was I glad that I did because I absolutely loved it! I mean….just read this:

Kane Archer hasn’t always been tormented; he hasn’t always hated himself or been full of rage. He hasn’t always lived his life with an overpowering sense of guilt that threatens to destroy him. There was a time when his life was different. He was optimistic; he smiled and laughed; he loved passionately; he had it all. Kane was content—until the unthinkable took it all away. Two and a half years later and still reeling from his fiancée’s death, Kane returns to the one place he vowed he’d never visit again—Camden—with the promise to find the men who killed her and bring them to justice, regardless of the cost. Emotionally numb, stricken by guilt, and haunted by the events preceding Aimee’s death, the last thing Kane wanted was to meet someone he connected with; someone who made him feel again. As Kane gets closer to those responsible for Aimee’s death, he is thrown a curveball when he discovers a secret so devastating it rocks his world and threatens to destroy his chance at happiness. Whitney Jareau packed up her life when tragedy struck her family, leaving everything behind. Finally free from the persistent and domineering family that insisted she do the one thing she couldn’t, Whitney found peace in Camden. Two years later, her family wants her to come home and will stop at nothing to get her there. Wearing her heart on her sleeve for Kane Archer, a man so gorgeous it hurts to see the pain he carries, Whitney fights her family and refuses to return home to carry out their wishes. Can Whitney stay strong without giving in to the demands of her family? Can Kane let go of the past and move forward with the woman who brought him back to life? Or, will he walk away from her and carry the burden of UNBEARABLE GUILT

This is book 2 in the Breathe Again series, but easily enjoyed as a standalone

BROKEN by Lauren Layne


I almost want to laugh at how messed up we are.
Two completely shattered souls doing a weird approach-and-recoil dance around each other.

A New Adult take on beauty and the beast by the super amazing Lauren Layne? Hell. Yes.

Lauren Layne first hit my radar when I read ISN’T SHE LOVELY which funnily enough turned out to be the prequel to this amazing series. But don’t be fooled, it’s not a novella. It’s a full length novel that introduces the characters, so I think that’s why it’s not considered the prequel? But it has its own fabulous HEA. Each book in the series is easily enjoyed as a standalone.


WALK THROUGH FIRE by Kristen Ashley


“I gave you up, walking through fire to do it but I did…
I did it in the end. I gave you everything.”

Holy mother of ugly cries!!! I was a pathetic mess reading this book. Utterly pathetic I tells ya! I don’t remember the last time a book made me ugly cry to quite this caliber. I’m talking crocodile tears level here, people!

You already know I love me a second chance romance and Walk Through Fire had an absolutely epic one. As a matter of fact, I’ve re-read one particular scene in this book at least 4 times now and each time the water works start. It’s just that powerful. So. Good.

DIVIDED by Ivy Stone


He wasn’t supposed to show up on that bridge.
He wasn’t supposed to fill me with a slither of hope, for more, for different. But he did.

I first discovered Ivy Stone when I read the first book in her Unguarded series, EXPOSED. I fell in love with her writing style, her broken characters, and I knew I found myself a new author to stalk.

While each book in this series focuses on a different couple and their HEA, I highly recommend reading them in order because the backstory starts in the very beginning and you’d appreciate the story that much more having read each book.

BREAK EVEN by Lisa De Jong


To an outsider, I have it all- the job, the husband, and the house- but inside I’m nearly empty.

I’ll be honest, I was afraid to read this book. Utterly terrified. I’m not typically a reader that enjoys reading about a heroine that cheats, no matter what the circumstance. It’s a horrible double standard I have and I own it, because I’ll forgive the hero but not the heroine *hangs head in shame*

But this book is nothing like what I thought. It’s incredibly unpredictable, erotic, and utterly unputdownable. If you read any book by this author, please make it this one. Trust me. Take a chance on something outside your comfort zone. You will not regret it.

PAPER HEARTS by Claire Contreras


“How would you describe the #feeling of #love in 140 or less characters?
Answer : Like somebody is gripping your heart, but you don’t want them to let go because the ache would worsen without them.”

You already know that second chance romance is my crack of choice, so are you even a little surprised to see this book on my list? Really? Are you? Of course you’re not! I adored Kaleidoscope Hearts, but I loved Paper Hearts even more. If you’re a fan of angsty second chance romance and you haven’t read these books yet, you need to get on them right now. RIGHT. NOW.


HOPELESS by Colleen Hoover


“Fuck all the firsts, Sky. The only thing that matters to me with you are the forevers.”

Um…I’m sorry, but do I even need to say anything here? I don’t think so. Carry on…

“The moment my lips touch yours, it will be your first kiss. Because if you’ve never felt anything when someone’s kissed you, then no one’s ever really kissed you. Not the way I plan on kissing you.”

“I live you, Sky,” he says against my lips. “I live you so much.”




I’m going to fix this. I have to fix this… I hate every moment that I’m away from her, but I will do whatever it takes to find the man she once loved and bring him back to her.”

Yet another second chance romance that I adored! I seriously loved every single angsty page of this! One of my top reads of that year.

How do I get that back when the darkness is hell bent on taking over, holding me in its clutches and making sure I never see the sunshine again?

TOXIC by Kim Karr


Jeremy McQueen.
He wasn’t just any boy- he was “the boy”. The only one I never should have met, and the one I’d never trade meeting for the world.

And since we’re on a second chance romance angst kick, how can I not mention this deliciousness?

I loved him once, even though I’d never told him I did. And as I looked at him, everything I’d ever felt for him came rushing back.




“You should know whatever game you’re playing, you can’t win. Not against all of us.
If you leave now, you won’t be hurt. If you stay, we’ll break you so bad that you’ll be crawling away.”

Book. Crack.

Warning: this book will cause nervous break downs, eye ticks, random screaming episodes, cause you to perve on a 17 yr old alphahole and be glued to your kindle from beginning to finish. That is all. You’ve been warned.

This will never be my home. I don’t belong in splendor, I belong in squalor. That’s what I know. It’s what I’m comfortable with because squalor doesn’t lie to you. It’s not wrapped up in a pretty package. It is what it is.

THE ROYALS TRILOGY (Warning: Rage inducing cliffys ahead)

UNBREAK MY HEART by Jacquelyn 


I’d pushed her aside for so long that there was no foundation to build on. Just a mess of shattered pieces that I’d crushed with a sledgehammer every time she’d grown closer than I was comfortable with.

Quite easily my favorite angsty romance I’ve read all year. ALL OF THE ANGST!!! Oh man! If you love serious alphaholes, angst so thick you can choke on it, and a story so addicting that you can’t stop reading it for even a second? Read. This. Book.

For the past couple of nights when I’d lain down beside her, after she’d called asleep and I knew she couldn’t hear me, I’d promised her that she’d never have to forgive me again if she could do it one last time.



The following are all book recommendations I’ve received (thanks to my favorite angst pusher, Carolin Jache)


★DGR’s Ultimate List of Mafia Romance★

DGR-Ultimate list of mafia romance

It’s that time of the month again, dirty birds! You know, the time where I bring you a brand, spanking new Ultimate List with a category of your choosing. Oh yeah. By the way, I post the category choices at the beginning of each month in my Facebook group HERESo if you haven’t yet, make sure you join the inappropriate fun 😉

But I digress…

With all the craziness of last month, I totally missed doing my list and I’m so sorry! I’ve been a bad girl and deserve a spanking (preferably from one of the heroes in the books I’m about to list here…uhem…) But no worries, this will not be repeating itself. I post these lists monthly, and monthly you shall get them.

This month you guys wanted to see Mafia Romance, and since this happens to tickle my particular fancy as well, I was beyond happy to deliver. Now keep in mind, this will be kept specifically to mafia only. I passed over some books that had a similar vibe but weren’t “organized crime” centered in order to stay as true to the category as possible. As always I’ll give you guys my recs of the books I’ve personally read and loved, and I’ll follow that with a list of recs that I’ve received and have purchased the books for.

And if you’re new to my blog, this a monthly feature I do on the last Saturday of each month! Check out the previous features here:







Now without further ado, let’s do this thing.




“When a woman singles me out”—he leaned down to murmur at my ear—“it’s because she wants to get fucked. She looks at the scars and tattoos and knows she’ll get fucked hard.”

I’ve been a HUGE Kresley Cole fan for years. I have her entire IAD series in paperback. I’m slightly obsessed, I admit. The woman is the queen of sassy heroines and uber alphas. I love her PNR.

When I saw that she was coming out with a new erotic romance that just happens to feature some mafia baddies, suffice it to say I was all over it like a stripper on a pole. True story. Now I’ll admit, the first book didn’t quite blow me away, but it’s deliciously dirty and if you’re looking for a super sexy dirty talker, Mafiya enforcer Aleksei “The Siberian” Sevastyan will be RIGHT UP your pervy little alley. Originally released as a 3 part series, THE PROFESSIONAL is now a full novel in a series of 3. Each book is a different couple and may be enjoyed as a standalone though I recommend reading in order 😉



EVAN ARDEN by Shay Savage


How did I get here? I wasn’t stupid. I also wasn’t so far gone to not remember the basics of what happened. After serving my tour of duty as a Marine sniper in the Middle East coupled with eighteen months as a prisoner of war, being exiled to Arizona for screwing up a hit for my mob-boss, spending too much time thinking about the girl I met there, and killing my favorite hooker for betraying me, I’d finally lost it and started shooting up the neighborhood.

Got your attention now, didn’t I? Don’t lie, you’re intrigued. Well you should be! A former Marine suffering from PTSD and battling his inner demons throughout his life as a hit man for the top Chicago mafia boss, Rinaldo Moretti? It’s as delicious as it sounds. This box set has all 5 books in the series. The first 3 is what I read and has a HEA at the end of book 3. The author later released a novella and a novel which I didn’t read for personal taste reasons, but I hear it was just as good as the first 3. And all of these are in this fantastic box set!




“I tried to stay away,” he said. “I’ve never wanted a woman this much in my life. I’d burn cities to have you. I’d fight armies. I’d commit murder to take you right now.”

Originally released as a series of 3, this is the full set. Hurrah for no waiting! I was a HUGE fan of CD’s Songs of Submission series. If you haven’t read that, I can’t recommend it enough.

Songs of Corruption focuses on the story of Theresa Drazen (who’s the sister of Jonathan from SoS). But you don’t need to read SoS in order to enjoy SoC. And of course the hero here is the sinfully sexy Mafia capo, Antonio Spinelli.





He’s a whirlpool of darkness, and I feel myself getting sucked deeper and deeper into the depths of his abyss. I’m drowning in him.

Gah. GAH! This book! This series!! I can’t even. First of all, no one writes mafia romance quite like JM Darhower. I’ve loved each and every book I’ve read by her.

Monster In His Eyes is book 1 of 3, and follows the story of Karissa and Naz. Monster in his Eyes is told in Karissa’s POV, Torture To Her Soul follows that with Naz’s POV. The amazing conclusion is Target on Our Backs.

MONSTER IN HIS EYES series order





She would never convert to what I needed her to be. She was a ruthless savage, and if you cannot break a ruthless savage, you need to figure out how to tame them.

What happens when an arranged marriage puts the head of the Irish mob with the head of the Italian mob? A whole lot of crazy fuckery! Holy fuck, this series is crazy! There is no good guys to be found. Both the hero and heroine are absolutely batshit and bad to their bone, and I freaking loved it! This is a trilogy that must be read in order since the story isn’t complete until the final book.




 REAP by Tillie Cole



Our desperate gazes met.
He took a deep breath.
Then he whispered, “You are…for me?”

While I didn’t quite love the first book in this series, I have to say I really enjoyed this one. The set up is darkly intriguing; you have ‘slaves’ who are imprisoned and conditioned in captivity to maim, to kill and to slaughter, known only by their numbers. Reap focuses on prisoner818 who raised as a prototype for the Georgian Bratva’s obedience drug, 221. He cannot act or think for himself. Knows only death and bloodshed. The heroine happens to be a mafia princess and the daughter of the Russian Bratva boss.

Reap is book 2 in Tillie Cole’s Scarred Souls series, and while you may read it as a standalone since it focuses on a different main couple and their HEA, I highly recommend you start with book 1. Because while Reap tells the story of Zaal and Talia, it also gives the readers a continuation of Luka through his POV. It builds up on what has begun in Raze and it would connect you to the story that much more having previously read that.


RAZE | REAP | RAVAGE (releasing Aug 16, 2016)

FLAWED by Francette Phal



Have you ever looked at something so beautiful, so utterly alluring that you just wanted to destroy it? That’s what you are to me. You are this beautiful thing I want to destroy.

Hmmm…how would I describe this book? Basically his it’s like the love child that would result if Seduced In The Dark and Dexter ever had wild monkey sex and then had a baby that was seriously fucked in the head. Like SERIOUSLY fucked in the head.

The hero is utterly fucked up. If you want rainbows and unicorns, fuck right off with that. I’m not even kidding here. The man is basically a hit man. A sociopath on a good day. He gets off on pain and death… and yet I absolutely loved this book. What the fuck does that say about me? Don’t even answer that right now! Flawed is a cliffhanger and book two (CARNAGE) is hopefully coming out end of August this year.




Whatever she’d expected from this kiss, it certainly hadn’t been desire. Though DESIRE was too tame a word. She’d felt desire before, and this wasn’t it. This was…need. All-consuming need that devoured everything in its path, leaving only destruction in its wake.

As far as grit and darkness, The Marriage Contract is a bit on the lighter side. This one had a case of the insta-love and yet it was still a fabulous read. The series focuses on the O’Malley family; a powerful Irish Boston mafia family. The head of the O’Malley family is intent on marrying off his children in order to solidify powerful mafia alliances with other families, and the result is one intriguing story. I’ve read both The Marriage Contract and The Wedding Pact, and enjoyed both thoroughly. Though I did love the set up of book 2 a bit more with the forbidden romance of two warring families element being the major focus.




I fucking love you, Brianna…
I wouldn’t just bleed for you… I’d bleed motherfuckers out for you.”

If you were to ask me what my all time favorite mafia romance book was, this book would be it. Bar none. Nothing ever touched me on such a visceral level as this one did. Brutal, powerful, emotional, gut wrenching, all consuming, gritty, and so raw it’ll make your heart bleed.

Yeah. This book is just that good. I’ve been a huge fan of all things Kele Moon for many years now, but she absolutely blew me away with Tino’s story. I’d highly recommend starting this series in order so you can truly appreciate all the character’s backstories. Keep in mind Enforcer is part 1 of a 2 part story. On that note, it ends in a very satisfying place that I wouldn’t quite consider to be a cliffhanger. If you read any book from my list, this one should be at the very top. I simply can’t recommend it enough.



The Enforcer -Teaser4

That’s it for books that I’ve read an loved, but I have recommendations galore from fellow readers and I’ll include those below. I have all of these books on my kindle already, since you guys know I won’t recommend anything that I wouldn’t personally be interested in reading myself. So here we go…

MADE by JM Darhower


This is easily the most recommended book I have on my list. Everyone and I mean everyone that read it absolutely loved it!


Corrado Moretti.

The world knows the notorious Kevlar Killer, but few have ever seen what lies beneath his armor. The abused child. The neglected teenager. The broken man. He always did whatever he had to do in order to survive.

It’s kill or be killed.

Throughout his life, he has been there in the shadows, a witness to everything from beginning to end. Bound by loyalty and honor, there’s only one thing he would sacrifice it all for: family.

Never get close. Never get attached. It’s a lesson that has been brutally pounded into him since childhood, but they’re words the DeMarcos make it difficult for him to follow. Through them he finds love and grieves loss, realizing the world isn’t quite as black and white as it’s made out to be.

A LOVE OF VENGEANCE (Wanted Men #1) by Nancy Haviland



Once the most feared member of an Italian Mafia crime family, Gabriel Moretti returns to New York at the request of his mentor, Russian crime boss Vasily Tarasov. Vasily needs someone he can trust in Seattle to protect his estranged daughter, Eva Jacobs, while he avenges the murder of the young woman’s mother. Gabriel is unstoppable in a fight, whether he’s using fists, blades, or bullets; but innocent, onyx-haired Eva may just be the most dangerous—and beautiful—thing he’s come up against.

Intense sparks fly between the two, tempting Gabriel to mix business with pleasure while in the Emerald City. But once word gets around that Gabriel has shown up in New York, Stefano—his vengeful brother and the de facto head of the family—decides that Eva is the key to ending the feud between them…permanently.

In this pulse-pounding romantic thriller set against the backdrop of New York City’s storied underworld, loyalties will be tested, secrets will be told, and mob justice will be served.



LUCIAN (Filthy Marcellos #1) by Bethany-Kris



Lucian Marcello is aware of the expectations following him as the oldest son of one of North America’s most infamous Cosa Nostra Dons. Family in his world is more than blood and sharing a last name. It’s the honor, respect, business, and the life. Being a Capo is just a stepping stone until it’s time for him to take on the role of underboss but a chance meeting with her could be the one thing he’d risk it all for.

She is exactly what he didn’t know he was looking for.

Jordyn Reese spends her time trying to stay under the radar of a man who wouldn’t think twice about killing her. Unwillingly affiliated with a dangerous MC gang, her life is dominated by the men surrounding her and her future rests solely in how useful she can be for them. The last thing she needs is some Mafioso gaining her more unwanted attention from the club.

He is everything she should stay away from but can’t.

Notoriously violent when it comes to getting what he wants, Lucian will stop at nothing to make the target on Jordyn’s back disappear. But sometimes the worst threats are the ones you can’t see until it’s too late. The truth behind Lucian’s history is about to take center stage in more ways than one, and it’ll either save him … or kill him.

This world leaves everyone a little filthy.

Filthy Marcellos, Book One



CROW (Boston Underworld #1) by A. Zaverelli



He’s a killer. A mobster.

The last man on earth I’d ever want to be with. I won’t lose my head just because he’s hot, Irish, and has a wicked accent to boot.

He’s one of the only leads in my best friend’s disappearance, and I don’t trust him.

So I’ve got a few rules in mind when it comes to dealing with Lachlan Crow.

1. Keep a clear head and don’t get distracted.
2. Do what’s necessary and never forget why you’re there.
3. Never, and I mean never, fall for him.

Fourth and final rule?

Throw out the book altogether. Because the rules don’t apply when it comes to the Irish mafia.

It was only supposed to be temporary, but now Lachlan thinks he owns me. He says he’s not letting me go.

And I believe him.


I don’t know who she is. I don’t know why she’s here.

But if it’s my attention she wants, she has it.

The Russians want her dead, and now it’s up to me to look out for her. This girl is trouble. A distraction I can’t afford.

So why have I already decided she’s mine?

I’ve claimed her and there’s no going back now.

This is a full-length standalone novel full of hot Irish bad boys with accents. Steamy and dark mafia themes throughout. HEA included.



HIGH STAKES (Vittorio Crime Family #1) by Vanessa Waltz



There are a million reasons why I should stay away from Vincent Cesare.

This was supposed to be temporary. I was supposed to deal for his illegal card games and get some quick cash. That was it. I wasn’t supposed to fall for him.

Little by little, I see the monster grinning at me through the cracks in his pretty suit. He won’t tell me what he does, and I’m not sure I want to know. The darkness in his eyes terrifies me. He’s seduced me into his web of lies with his charm, and now I’m trapped in his life. He’s taken control over me without me even realizing…or resisting.

I’m in way over my head.

He promised that nothing would ever happen to me. The Vittorio family wants me dead and there’s only one person I can turn to. But what scares me is what I’ll have to do.

I’ll need to become his.



FOOTSTEPS (The Pagano Family #1) by Susan Fanetti 



Carlo Pagano Jr. is the eldest son of a large Italian-American family in Quiet Cove, Rhode Island. He’s a disappointment to his father but a hero to the young son he is raising alone, after his wife abandoned them.

Sabina Alonzo-Auberon is a beautiful Argentine native married to one of the most powerful and wealthy men in New England. Though James Auberon is highly esteemed, the power and glamour the world sees hide a darker reality that exists within the walls of their home. Sabina is trapped in a life of control and abasement, living with a man too powerful and vengeful to escape.

Sabina doesn’t wish to be rescued and whisked away on a white horse. She’s not looking for a fairy tale hero; she knows the fairy tale is a lie. She’s waiting for the chance to save herself. But she won’t turn down help if it comes.

A fateful meeting with Carlo brings Sabina the chance to break free and make a life on her own terms. If any name demands respect and strikes fear more than Auberon, it’s Pagano. Carlo’s uncles head one of the most powerful ‘families’ in the Northeast, and they will offer their help—for a price.

What begins as an offer of assistance deepens into an intense bond, but before Carlo and Sabina can be together, they must overcome the obstacles in their path.

Together Carlo and Sabina seek true and honest love, and freedom from the demons of their pasts, but no quest was ever without its trials.



MAFIA CAPTIVE by Kitty Thomas



Faith Jacobson was in the wrong place at the wrong time. After witnessing a mob hit, she’s only moments from death when Angelo Raspallo decides to give his brother an unlikely gift. Leo has avoided involvement with the family business, but it doesn’t make him a saint. He’s troubled and ashamed by his darker sexual desires, one of which is to own a slave. But when his brother throws Faith at his feet, repainting the scenario to make Leo the hero rescuing her from certain death, his moral fortitude will be tested. If Faith were kinky, it would be easy to live out his fantasy, but she’s not. Not even a little bit. Even the mildest spanking sparks terror in her that Leo can’t bear. The gift soon becomes a burden as he fights with himself over how to handle the addition to his home. He could release her, but his brother doesn’t do loose ends. The only thing keeping her out of the bottom of the harbor is Leo’s mercy. She’s like a beautiful piece of art he keeps in a glass case but can never touch. Is possessing her enough?

ROUGH (Chicago Underground #1) by Skye Warren

GOODREADS | AMAZON (Currently FREE on Amazon)


I’m a cautionary tale. A statistic. A victim. A single teenage mother from the poor part of town. Most of the time I’m too busy working and struggling to care what people think. Survival doesn’t come easy.

I have a dark secret, a pressure valve, a rare moment just for myself. On these nights I visit a club. There I find men who give me what I need. Men who aren’t afraid to take what they want.

Men like Colin.

But he takes more than a few stolen hours. He demands more than my body. He wants my heart and soul–my happily ever after. I never thought I’d be Cinderella. I never thought a man that rough could be my prince.



BOUND BY HONOR (Born In Blood Mafia Chronicles #1) by Cora Reilly 

GOODREADS | AMAZON (Currently FREE on Amazon)


Born into one of the leading Mob families in Chicago, Aria Scuderi struggles to find her own path in a world where no choices are given. Aria was only fifteen when her parents betrothed her to Luca – The Vice – Vitiello, the oldest son of the head of the New York Cosa Nostra to ensure peace between the two families.
Now with eighteen, the day Aria has been dreading for years is looming dangerously: her wedding to Luca.
Aria is terrified of marrying a man she hardly knows, especially someone like Luca who got his nickname ‘the Vice’ for crushing a man’s throat with his bare hands. Luca might be one of the most sought after men in New York thanks to his good looks, wealth and predator-like charisma that radiates power, but the society girls throwing themselves at him don’t know what Aria does: that the bad boy aura isn’t just a game; blood and death lurk beneath Luca’s striking gray eyes and arrogant smile.
In her world a handsome exterior often hides the monster within; a monster who can just as easily kill as kiss you.
The only way to escape the marriage to Luca would be to run away and leave everything she’s ever known behind but Aria can’t bear the thought of never seeing her family again.
Despite her fear, she decides to go through with the marriage; Aria has grown up among predators like Luca and knows that even most cold-hearted bastards have a heart and she has every intention of working her way into Luca’s.

Born In Blood Mafia Chronicles series


HOLD YOU AGAINST ME (Stripped #4) by Skye Warren



Once upon a time the daughter of a mafia king fell in love with a foot soldier.

This fairy tale didn’t have a happy ending.

My sister and I barely managed to escape alive, and we’ve lived in relative hiding ever since. I’m safe now, but I can never forget the boy who gave his life to save mine.

Except there’s a chance that he’s still alive. And he’s fighting a war.

Even knowing the risks, I have to find him. I have to find some way to protect him, the way he protected me. But he isn’t the boy I left behind. He’s a violent man. A criminal. And he’s been waiting for me—the final pawn in a dark game of survival and love.

New Release Review & Author Interview: ★Cuff Me★ by @_LaurenLayne

Review-Cuff MeCuff Me
Series: New York’s Finest #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Lauren Layne
Release Date: March 29, 2016add-to-goodreads-button-2


Meet New York’s Finest-three hot brothers sworn to protect and serve the city they love… and the women who’ve stolen their hearts.


Vincent Moretti is one of the NYPD’s top homicide detectives-and one of the most eligible bachelors in town. His family, however, thinks he should date his longtime partner, Jill-a sassy, sexy, smart-mouthed blonde who drives him absolutely crazy.

Behind the quiet authority, tough-guy demeanor, and dark aviator glasses lies a man with a big soul-and a hard body that can soften any girl’s heart. After years as his coworker, Jill Henley has given up hope that anything could happen between her and Vin. Besides, loving him would break all the rules. But seeing Jill with someone else triggers feelings in Vincent he never knew he had. Now he’ll have to stop playing good cop/bad cop-and find a way to convince her to be his partner for life. . .

Buy LinksAMAZON | iBOOKS | B&NReview4.5 starsCuff Me-DGR

Vincent Moretti was more than her partner.
So much more.
What he was to her, she didn’t know how to name. Or wasn’t ready to.

If there’s one thing that Lauren Layne knows how to do, it’s to write a swoony, feel-good, and super sexy contemporary romance. Cuff Me just may be my favorite in the series and of course the grumpy Vince is definitely my favorite Moretti brother…so far anyway.

Vincent and Jill first caught my attention in Frisk Me. Vincent and Jill are partners and homicide detectives for the NYPD, but that’s not what intrigued me. What intrigued me was the hate/lust current that practically sizzled between them. Though it’s not quite hate, more as it is denial. You just know that these two are attracted to each other and try to mask it with barbs and insults, and you simply can’t wait for them to realize it. This was friends-to-lovers but with a little bit more to it and I enjoyed every page of it.

It’s refreshing to get a hero that has his issues but they’re not rooted in some deep emotional scars or anything like that. Vin is a regular man with no OTT issues but he just doesn’t happen to believe in a HEA for himself.

He believed in love. He did.
He just didn’t believe in it for him.
Not because he had any gory emotional wounds, not because he had some brokenhearted past.
He was just…he didn’t feel like other people did.

It was a nice change of pace from the typical broody and tortured hero that you normally find in romance these days. After two books of wondering what made Vin tick and made him the man that he is today, I can certainly say I was not left disappointed with the way the author handled it.

Quiet. Reserved. Broody.
It’s not that he didn’t feel. Of course he did. He just didn’t feel out loud.

Jill is the exact opposite of Vin. She’s sassy to his grumpy, she’s sunny to his broody, she’s smiley to his scowly…well you get the point. If anything I liked Jill even more in this book.

Lauren Layne took an interesting turn in order to get these two to finally see what’s brewing between them and at first I wasn’t sure that’s a particular direction I would enjoy. I had my doubts because it’s not something that normally works for me. However, Miss Layne did such a fantastic job with it then I ended up enjoying it a whole lot more than I thought. I think a huge part of that is due to Jill. She’s so bubbly and endearing, it’s impossible not to like her. She says what she means and she means what she says, and I definitely loved the way she went after what she wanted.

She wanted Vincent Moretti desperately, consequences be damned. And so Jill did the bravest thing she could think of. She went on her toes. And kissed him.

I loved watching Vin’s inevitable fall. It wasn’t instant. Heck, it was basically six years in the making since that’s how long they’ve been partners. But I really appreciated that the author still made it a slow burn and didn’t just throw them together at the very first opportunity. It made it that much more enjoyable and realistic for me.

I excepted more of my beloved hate lust, but this was more friends to lovers and you’ll get zero complaints from me. It was humorous, steamy, and super cute! A guaranteed win for any contemporary romance lover that enjoys their heroes extra broody and their heroines down to earth and with a smart mouth. I sincerely hope that the author continues on with the series because I’m not done with these Moretti siblings yet.

Graphic is stock purchased and created by me for DGR blog. 

Author Interview

DGR: Hi Lauren! Thanks so much for being here today!

LL: Oh gosh, thanks for having me!!! We authors practically preen when we get the chance to talk about our book-babies 🙂

DGR: Let’s start simple. Can you introduce yourself to readers that may not be familiar with your books?

LL: Definitely! So, my name is Lauren Layne, I was born in on a sunny April morning in San Diego in the early 80s … 🙂 For real though, I write what I like to call “sexy romantic comedies.” Basically, I like to think about my work as as the book equivalents of your favorite romantic comedies, with plenty of sexy time. My goal is always to make readers laugh and swoon, in either order.

DGR: Now let’s talk about your New York’s Finest series. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

LL: Yes! Hot Cops. The end. Oh wait, not enough? Okay, so … New York’s Finest is about a family, first and foremost. The Morettis are NYPD royalty, meaning that their blood quite possibly runs blue! Each story is about a different brother, all deliciously sexy in their own way 🙂 I also feel the need to mention Nonna, the outrageous grandma who steals almost every scene she’s in.

DGR: Cuff Me is book 3 in the series and all about the grumpy Moretti brother, Vin. What can readers expect from his book?

LL: Longing. I don’t know how else to describe it other than this book, for all its joking banter, has an undercurrent of longing and want. Vin/Jill have known each other forever, wanted each other for at least that long, but they’re completely unaware of the other’s feelings. (stubborn, these two!) Of all the books in the series, this one’s perhaps the most, “hey, I’m the author and I’m going to rip your heart out.” 🙂 You’ve been warned!

DGR: I loved the hate/lust thing that Vin and Jill had going on through the previous two books. But Cuff Me wasn’t quite what I expected. It was more of a friends-to-lovers vibe. I loved that! Were they a fun couple to write?

LL: Oh thank you! You know, they WERE a fun couple to write, but tricky, too. I love their banter in the earlier books, and love it here too, but as I settled down to really get to know them, I realized how much trust they had to have in the other person. Yes, they’ve got their bickering thing going on, yes, they drive each other nuts, but they quite literally, put their life on the line for each other every single day. The foundation of their relationship was really much deeper than even I knew!

DGR: Jill is such a spitfire! All the heroines in the series are, in their own way, but I have to admit that Jill is probably my favorite so far. How would you describe her?

LL: Oh man. Jill makes me laugh. Ava (book 1) was very much a ball-buster, ambitious almost to a fault. Maggie (book 2) was much sweeter, but not quite soft, as she knew when it was time to stand up for herself. Jill is a whole other creature entirely. Jill has a really strong sense of self, which I think is rare in the romance genre. Often we see strong heroines, but quite often they’re hiding something, or they have a secret soft spot, that they reveal only to the hero. And that’s lovely, but it’s also not Jill. More than any other heroine I’ve written, I think she perhaps is the most “what you see is what you get,” and I really love that about her.

DGR: Did you have a favorite scene to write in Cuff Me?

LL: A couple, actually. I’m a sucker for that doughnut scene (no spoilers here, but you’ll know it when you get to i!) It was actually a late addition to the story, added in the final round of revisions on a whim, and I sort of knew it was perfect and crucial to the book the minute I put it in there. The other is the “motel scene.” That one was there from the very beginning, and I think it’s the first time we see Vin at his weakest, getting to see how he really is when he doesn’t think Jill’s watching. It’s a heart-melter, if I do so say so myself 😉

DGR: What about the hardest scene to write?

LL: You know, I would have thought it would be the “murder plot” stuff, as I’m not a romantic suspense writer (at all), but I was pleasantly surprised by how easily the “mystery” part came. Not that this is a mystery novel by any means, but there’s a tiny element of “who dunnit” that I enjoyed more than I thought I would! As far as what was hardest, I’d say it was as we got to the end and I had to figure out how the hell I was going to get Vincent “out of his shell” while still staying true to his character. I don’t want to say too much, but there’s this scene towards the end where Vincent’s heart is literally breaking, but Jill doesn’t know it, and getting that one just right took me a few times!

DGR: Let’s talk Moretti brothers; can we expect for the fourth Moretti to be getting a book in the series? And what about that Moretti sister?

LL: Oh man. I’ll have to say “TBD” on fourth brother (Marc) as well as the sister (Elena). 🙂 I will say that I have Marco’s story VERY clear in my head, and Elena’s “not at all.” Man, that girl is secretive!

DGR: What’s up next for you?

LL: Haha, I feel like my answer to this question is always: lots! 2016 is a huge year for me! 7 releases for me, plus a novella, and CUFF ME is only the second in that set 🙂 Next up, I have Good Girl in May about a Nashville pop princess on the run from the paparazzi after a “cheating” scandal, followed by a brand new series about Manhattan wedding planners in the summer, and then I’ll be wrapping it up with Someone Like You in December, which LL fans likely know simply as “Lincoln’s book.” 🙂

DGR: Anything you’d like to close with?

 LL: Just that I so appreciate you allowing me to stop by and talk about Vincent and Jill, and that if you’re a sucker for romantic comedies and grumpy heroes, you’ll love CUFF Me. Promise 🙂


Spotlight, Author Interview & Giveaway with @authorerinwatt

Spotlight-Paper Princess

When was the last time you read a book that sucked you in so bad, you couldn’t put it down for even a second? I’m talking the worst kind of book crack kind of book. You know what I’m talking about here; the kind that will leave you shaking in withdrawal once you finish with your skin practically itching for the next fix? Oh yeah. That, dirty birds, was Paper Princess to me. I don’t remember the last time I read a book in quite literary one sitting. My kindle went with me everywhere. Hell, I’m surprised I only walked into a door and a wall twice considering I couldn’t be bothered to lift my nose from my book long enough to see where I’m going. So suffice it to say that ever since I finished, I’ve been going through the worst book hangover OF MY LIFE! And no I’m not being melodramatic or exaggerating even a little bad. It hurts, dammit!

So when I got the chance to chat with the super talented duo, Jen Frederick and Elle Kennedy; who are writing as Erin Watt and are the masterminds behind this little cracktastic masterpiece, of course I jumped at the chance. I couldn’t wait to pick their brain on all things Paper Princess, the Royals series, I may have also tried to bribe them an inner organ or two for an early release of Broken Prince (The Royals #2). Oh and if you missed it, you can find my 5 Star review of Paper Princess HERE.

Now without further ado, let’s get to the interview, shall we?


DGR: So, first things first, you both have some super addicting book series going individually, what made you decide to come together for this project?

EW: Deciding to work together was a spur of the moment thing that occurred after various emails back and forth. We started with football talk (serious business!) and it somehow turned into a mutual desire to write an over-the-top-omg-drama YA novel.

DGR: How did you come up with this pen name?

EW: We’re both huge football fans so the name is a tribute to our favorite players: Aaron Rodgers and J.J. Watt.

DGR: Now let’s just jump right into things, can you tell the readers about Paper Princess and The Royals series?

EW: The Royals series is a super angsty, drama-filled series that starts with our heroine Ella being plucked from a world where she’s fending for herself and deposited into the midst of a broken Royal family and a bunch of super-wealthy, snobby, image-driven teenagers. It’s YA Gossip Girl, Cruel Intentions and Mean Girls rolled up into one!

DGR: Now be honest, did you sit down and say to yourself, I’m going to write the literary equivalent of crack that will hook readers fast and quick and then leave them quivering messes while suffering from the worst kind of withdrawals known as the book hangover to beat all hangovers?!

EW: We knew this book was going to be fun to write, but we had no idea the effect it was going to have on our readers! We are considering putting together some sort of “#RuinedByRoyals” support group.

DGR: Side note; if I promise you my first born and a kidney, any chance you’ll release Broken Prince early? How about if I throw an ovary into that mix? No?

EW: You’d probably have a better chance if you offered puppies and famous athlete signed footballs, but sadly, no… 🙂

DGR: Back to business then, did you have any inspiration for the characters in Paper Princess?

EW: No, we didn’t have any particular actors or actresses in mind. We started with Ella and the characters grew from there.

 DGR: Did you have a favorite part to write about the book?

EW: Can we say all of it? LOL Pretty much any scene involving Reed and Ella was a joy to write.

DGR: I have to admit this was by far one of the most addicting and captivating books I’ve read in a long damn while. Was it just as fun to write as it was for me to read?

EW: We had a blast writing it! It was a mixture of wanting to pour everything we loved into the book, and the anticipation of seeing what the other person was going to write. We ended up writing it in about 2 weeks!

DGR: Are you closet sadists? Because that ending hurt like a mother, and I’m pretty sure you like knowing that, no?

EW: Our goal was never to make our readers suffer, but we definitely wanted them to feel. Whether it was cheering for Ella or getting mad at something someone did (stupid Jordan!), we wanted our readers to really be invested in the soap opera we were trying to create. Sorry for the hangover? 😉

DGR: Right now there’s 3 books listed for The Royals series; so will it be a trilogy or do you plan to write more?

EW: Right now the Royals is slated to be a trilogy, but we’ve already had numerous requests to expand on different characters, so who knows what lies ahead…

DGR: Now let’s talk about all things Royal: Callum, Easton, and the twins are very intriguing characters. They’re all equally unique and captivate the reader, any chance you’ll be giving the rest of the Royal boys a book?

EW: The great thing about the Royal men is they have so many layers. The problem is, everyone has their favorite. Elle is obsessed with Easton, while Jen is Team Reed all the way. We haven’t decided yet about who will get a book, because really… how do you even begin to choose?

DGR: I absolutely loved Ella. She’s such a firecracker yet she still maintains this vulnerability to her and she doesn’t take any shit from anyone. What’s your favorite part about Ella? How would you describe her to readers that haven’t met her yet?

EW: Ella’s tough! She’s a street-smart survivor who’s done what she had to do to get by. But she’s not hardened—she’s still a teenage girl trying to figure out herself and her new surroundings.

DGR: Now let’s just talk about the broody object of my obsession: Reed. Because GAH! Can you possibly write a more perfect alpha-hole? How would you describe Reed?

EW: Reed is complicated. He’s broken, distrustful, yet man enough to admit when he’s wrong and try to make things right. He’s also incredibly loyal, and dangerous to mess with. If you were to get in a fight, he’s the guy you’d want at your side.

DGR: Was there a part of the book that you struggled with or had a tough time writing?

EW: This was a dream project. From start to finish, it took about two weeks so no, there wasn’t any struggle in this story. We suppose the struggle was ending it, but we started the next one almost immediately after so even that wasn’t very tortuous.

DGR: If you had to describe The Royals to readers in 10 words or less, what would they be?

EW: Angst, Drama, OMG-The-Feels, No-It-Didn’t!, YA Goodness

DGR: But seriously though, what if I put the second ovary into the mix? Still no earlier book release?

EW: Um… No :p

DGR: Did you have a favorite character to write?

EW: Easton! He’s incredibly playful yet exasperating at the same time. He bounces between manic and destructive periods, but when he puts his mind to something, he’s getting his way. He’s also super cute.

DGR: If The Royals was ever made into a movie or a TV series, and let’s be honest here, that’d be one cracktastic and kickass series I’d love to watch! Who would be your dream cast? (I’d love to make a casting image board to go along with this answer)

EW: Goodness! What a great question. Reed could be played by a dark-haired Kellan Lutz. Gideon by Aaron Taylor-Johnson. The twins by Nathan Kress. Easton by Dylan O’Brien.

As for Ella, it would have to be a really special actress. J-Law? Emma Stone? Emma Watson? Chloe Moretz?

DGR: Alright, I think I’ve harassed you with enough questions 🙂 Anything you’d like to leave the readers with?

EW: Paper Princess is a roller coaster of emotions and events. You may want to have your chocolate handy 🙂 Happy Reading!

About The BookPaper Princess
Series: The Royals #1
Genre: YA/NA Romance
Author: Erin Watt
Release Date: April 4, 2016add-to-goodreads-button-2


From strip clubs and truck stops to southern coast mansions and prep schools, one girl tries to stay true to herself.

These Royals will ruin you…

Ella Harper is a survivor—a pragmatic optimist. She’s spent her whole life moving from town to town with her flighty mother, struggling to make ends meet and believing that someday she’ll climb out of the gutter. After her mother’s death, Ella is truly alone.

Until Callum Royal appears, plucking Ella out of poverty and tossing her into his posh mansion among his five sons who all hate her. Each Royal boy is more magnetic than the last, but none as captivating as Reed Royal, the boy who is determined to send her back to the slums she came from.

Reed doesn’t want her. He says she doesn’t belong with the Royals.

He might be right.

Wealth. Excess. Deception. It’s like nothing Ella has ever experienced, and if she’s going to survive her time in the Royal palace, she’ll need to learn to issue her own Royal decrees.




Want to win an ebook of Paper Princess for release day? I got you covered 😉

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Hooker Line: ★The Enforcer Throwdown★ with @Kele_Moon

20160313073604If you follow any of us hookers, then you already know how obsessed we are with all things Kele Moon. I first discovered her with the hottest BDSM MMF I’ve ever read, Beyond Eden. Immediately after that I discovered her Battered Hearts series and I. Was. Hooked. I have been stalking her incessantly for every new release but then she did a spin off of her Battered Hearts and wrote Untamed Hearts, which is a grittier series and the most amazing anti-heroes I’ve read. (You can read my reviews for The Untamed Hearts series here: The Viper, The Slayer. Battered Hearts: Crossing The Lines)

Geri, Alex and I have been absolutely obsessed with this amazing series for years. We salivate for every new release and we spend an unhealthy amount of time fighting over a particular fictional character *cough* Nova *cough*. So with the upcoming release of Tino’s book; The Enforcer, we decided that we’d get her over to our Hooker Line and pick her brain on all things Tino, Nova, Untamed Hearts and much much more! We may have corrupted her a little, but if she tells you she didn’t like it she’s lying.

Make sure you visit each of our posts, because like all our Hooker Line features, we each put our own unique spin on the…chat 😉
Alex @AlleskelleBlogsButMostlyReadshttp://wp.me/p5CGqW-1KZ
Geri @TheRacyLitReaderhttp://wp.me/p7eyRX-xa

Warning: There will be constant intermissions between questions for Alex and I to throw down over Nova. That whore has been after my man for years, and I’m having none of that! So without further ado, let’s get into this thing, shall we?tumblr_mu3x4vC19r1szgkgbo1_500

Oh wait….I meant the interview. We’ll wait for the hooker slap downs for at least a minute…maybe…

Lana: So let’s get right into it then? Like a gang bang.

Alex: Oh we’re doing this now? *affixing knives, guns ready, claws unsheathed*

Kele: LOL!

Geri: Speaking of gangbang, we’re officially welcoming Kele to the Hooker lair!

Lana:  Fair warning, Kele, we’re probably going to be taking regular intermissions to bitch fight over Nova. So….

Kele: That’s fine. Nova won’t complain.

Lana: We don’t ease you into anything. No putting the tip in. It’s the whole 12 inches straight away.

Alex: Lana, you’re such a dirty whore. Way to ease things in.

Lana: Like this is a shock to anyone. Pfft! I think we scared Kele off. Kele!!!! I was just kidding (mostly).

Alex: Well, at least you could keep up appearances. you know? Be classy for once?

Kele: Nova will probably say there’s enough of him to go around. He’s been pretty stressed out lately.

Lana: Uhem! I’ll take care of him. My poor baby. *pets*

Alex: He already has me Lana. You can get back to your whoring ways with whomever man candy available.

Lana: Just stay away from my Nova and no one will get hurt. GAWD. But anyway

Geri: Now Kele, as you know, I’m volunteering to be referee because you know what will happen if I don’t.

Kele: I still stand by Nova claiming there’s no need for referee. He’s um…able to go the distance

Alex: Lana, you’re my friend so I’ll let you on that lie you like to tell yourself.

Geri: Lol!

Kele: Nova’s got some undiscovered talents. Well… not undiscovered…

Alex: LOL Kele. In The Enforcer he sure seemed to be, um, very capable. *fans self*

Kele: Yes, he does alright.

Alex: I was transfixed whenever he would enter a scene. I’m in love. *whispers*he is mine*whispers*

*PAUSE for slap down intermission because…ALEX!!! Boob slap is a must here!*


*And we’re back!*

Kele: There’s a lot of him in this book. In a lot of ways, it’s his story, too!

Lana: Let’s start from the beginning though. Can we do a short intro for Untamed Hearts for those that may be unfamiliar with it still (*totally judging them*)

Kele: Sure!

Geri: Yes, and for Kele herself. For our our followers who might not be familiar with her work (I judge them too, Lana)

Alex: I’m not judging, my greedy self would be totally okay to keep both Nova and Tino for meself.

Geri: ha! of course you would!

Alex: eh, you’ve met me. Greedy Hooker.

Lana: And Chuito! Don’t forget Chu! *mine*

Alex: Lana, let’s strike a deal. You keep Chu. I’ll take Nova and Tino. Everybody is happy.

*oh hell no! Definitely a pause for a slap down intermission*He-also-best-physical-comedy-like-slap-fight-Jess-2

*And we’re back*

Geri: But really, Kele, we would love for you tell our followers about Untamed hearts and your books in general.

Kele: OMG! I should be better at summing them up!

The Untamed Hearts books are a spin-off from the Battered Hearts book.

In Battered Hearts, the heroes are, for lack of a better term, all good guys. They are law abiding, hardworking heroes…

Geri: Yup. My love Wyatt is a good guy. *blushes

Alex: Lol Geri, you stopped blushing a while ago, Hooker

Kele: But in that three book series… There was a set of other side characters whose relationship with the law was very different. Through the story ARC of Battered Hearts the heroes of the first book sort of had to start to realize that everything wasn’t as black and white as they thought and that was largely to do with these side characters who were connected to Italian Mafia.

Geri: Wyatt in general is very stick in the mud, stick to his morals but he changed throughout the series when he met the Morettis.

Alex: The Untamed Hearts! Brilliant! I was dying to get more of the Moretti brothers.

Geri: I loved how the series is connected by the way.

Alex: And you did such a great job with it. Introducing them, interlacing the good and the bad… Love the connection Yes, Geri.

Lana: Now here’s a question I always get. Should people read Battered Hearts first to truly appreciate Untamed Hearts?

Geri: Yes, Great question, Lana I get asked the same questions myself.

Lana: Because I always say they should. Yes, each book stands strongly but the story ARC interconnects and I feel like you truly get a whole new appreciation for the characters if you follow their journey through both series.

Alex: I think it would be ideal, but not necessary.

Kele: I don’t think you have to read it… I really don’t… I’ve designed them to stand on their own, but I think as the series progresses… people may want to.

Geri: It would make people curious.

Kele: The first book, Viper was an unknown character in the Battered Hearts world. So clearly that stands alone by design.

Geri: I knew I was when I started reading it

Alex: It’s true, Kele, Marcos story was a standalone itself but I enjoyed knowing about others characters from the previous books. Definitely a perk.

Lana: But what about Untamed Hearts? Should that be read in order? Because that’s one I strongly feel should. There’s so much that happens in the very beginning.

Kele: Yes. I believe it should without a doubt… Because the plot lines tie together from book to book.

Geri: But these last three books is even more interconnected, right? When did the idea of a spin-off really started for you, Kele? Is it one of those things that the story just wrote itself? Or did you have to do a lot of plotting to tie things together?

Lana: YES! And the way these stories all interconnect? I mean, all the way back to Battered Hearts

Kele: There’s an overall issue/conflict that gets bigger and bigger with each one and I think readers will want to read in order.

Yes, The Untamed Hearts book are all interconnected… Viper, like I said, was a new character set in the same town as Battered Hearts. Chuito, the Slayer (Book 2) was a secondary character in Battered Hearts, but his real story was largely unknown until Viper, and then more so in his book…

*Pause for another slap down intermission because Alex is a thieving whore*giphy-12

*And we’re back*

Lana: Now, did anyone else notice that the series gets progressively darker/grittier after the first book. Seriously. I feel like Marcos was a walk in the park compared to Chu. And then Tino’s book? #AllTheFeels

Alex: Right, Lana, I think I’ve had the worst book hangover and feelings crushed with this book than any other else in this series. Such raw feelings.

Lana: I love how raw and emotional the series is. But man, Tino’s book ripped my heart to shreds.

Kele: Okay, first… Yes, the series does get darker on purpose. As like I said, Battered Hearts had very law abiding heroes… So with Viper, he was sort of a first step into this darker series… Chuito got quite a bit darker and it sort of set us up for the dive into the mafia world with Tino’s story.

Alex: Do you have a family member part of the mafia somehow or…? How do you manage to write such realistic background for gangs and mafia in your books?

Kele: As for knowledge of the mafia, I have a lot of different resources. Friends in law enforcement, etc… Outside that, I have talked to a lot of interesting people who have stories to tell. Most of it, largely is research. Lots of research. But I do have people to call and ask questions.

Alex: Honestly the work research is completely astounding, to me. It feels all SO right, real…

Lana: I’m blown away at the amount of forethought that went into it. Seriously.

Kele: I reach out to people online. I find people who know something about different things and I’ll add them to my list of people to bug. I bug a lot of people!

Geri: I don’t think we can talk about this series without talking about the bromance. I love LOVE the relationships that these men have with each other.

Kele: I love writing male relationships. Brothers, friends, lovers, etc… That’s probably one of my favorite things to write. I dunno why.

Geri: I love how emotionally in touch they are to each other.

Lana: The bromance with Tino and Chu. Can we talk about that for a hot second? Because… LOVE

Alex: Ah the bromance. Best men’s relationship EVER in this series. Tearing up and cracking up at the same time.

Kele: LOL!

Geri: Love it. It shows, it feels really authentic.

Kele: I loved writing them! Tino and Chuito’s friendship was very fun. Because they are very different personality wise.

Lana: The part when they talk about manscaping. Best quote EVAH.

“You just told me you manspaced. You’re fucked up too.”
“It’s a common courtesy,” Tino went on. “No woman wants to suck on a hairy dick.” ~ The Slayer

Alex: LOL. And what about Marcos from Viper teaching how to perform oral to Chuito, eh?

Geri: LMAO!

Lana: HA! Marcos did have an oral fixation. I like!

Watching a hot girl come was his drug of choice. When other guys his age were sinking into drugs or alcohol, he was sneaking into girls’ bedrooms and going down on them. ~ The Viper

Kele: Loyalty is very ingrained in them…it’s intrigue to survival…but at the same time, it’s hard for them to trust.

Geri: Yes! And they won’t hesitate to die for one another.

Kele: Yeah… I think it’s sort of funny that Chuito, who is— I don’t want to say more conservative, but he holds his cards closer to his chest when it comes to sex, relationships, etc. is best friends with Tino and his cousin Marcos, who are both…very out there!

Alex: Marcos was the Manwhore of the lot then. Wait, I’m forgetting Nova’s ways.

Lana: The bond between them all is the best.

Geri: It’s the best thing to read ever.

Kele: As for at the loyalty, I think once Tino and Chuito really decided they trusted each other, that meant more than I think either of them understands from the other.

Lana: Now Nova is a bit of the odd man out. I feel he’s intriguing and misunderstood. No worries. I’ll take care of all his emotional boo-boos. Who would you say Nova feels the closest to, Kele. (hint: ME)

Kele: Well, Nova is very close to Tino.

Alex: Lana, you turn that off can’t you?

Lana: MINE!!!!!

Geri: Ok, here we go.

Alex: Are you off your meds again? We agreed earlier you take Chuito, he’s big and all, I’ll handle the Morettis. All of ’em.

*Clearly Alex is delusional so that calls for another hooker slap down intermission*giphy-13

*Takes a moment to straighten up….and we’re back!*

Lana: You fuck off, Frenchie! Nova likes them Eastern European, so I hear. So, MINE.

Alex: I’ve got Eastern blood alright, grandmother was Ukrainian.

Lana: Mmm hmmm. Sure she was. Lie whore!tumblr_o36f8ghAbO1s9b724o9_500Alex: I swear, you greedy hooker. Her name was Olga how more Eastern European you need?

Lana: Can you pick a more stereotypical Russian name? LMAO!

Kele: HEH!!

Alex: LMAO. It was really Olga. Lypinscisky something unpronounceable like all Eastern European names. I can’t even spell it right.

Lana: LOL.

Geri: This is what happens when you leave them alone for a sec, Kele

Alex: Shhh Geri. You just stay quiet in the background and try to take him off from us. I see your game, you silent sneaky hooker!

*Pause for another slap down because Geri is eyeing our man, I’m bringing my ninja moves out for this one!!!*C25ZwUX

*And we’re back*

Kele: LOL! As of right now, Nova likes all types. He doesn’t have a type. He just likes women.

Alex: See? All type! Me type.

Geri: *blows whistle* Okay let’s get back to the questions. Sheath your claws hookers


Lana: But let’s get back to Nova and Tino. Their relationship got a hell of a revelation in The Enforcer. How hard was this book to write for you? Because I spent a good chunk of it a sniveling pathetic mess, rocking myself in a dark corner.

Kele: It was a hard book to write. I cried a lot. I think that’s part of the reason it took longer.

Alex: Oh no you don’t! You made us all cried SO much!

Kele: It was a draining book. I knew a lot of Tino’s dark secrets, but writing them was a different story. Shining a light on it…

Alex: Seriously, I wonder how you could even write it. Tino felt like a family member, and man, the things he gets through.

Kele: Tino has a special place in my heart, as he was a character that was largely unnoticed as hero material in other books.

Geri: Yes.

Lana: Now some may not know that you decided to split Tino’s book into two. Let’s chat about that. I personally, for all my hate of cliffhangers, appreciate that you did that. That is one story that couldn’t fit into one book. Don’t you agree, Geri and Alex?

Alex: I agree. It doesn’t end up on a cliffhanger IMO. The cut is perfectly made it’s a new adventure starting.

Lana: It really doesn’t. I LOVE the way the book ends. LOVE.

Geri: I think some stories needed to be told in length.

Alex: I feel like The Enforcer part one, is the Making of Tino. So it felt right to cut it where you did.

Kele: Splitting… I started to realize that in order to tell the whole story, it had to be two books. It would be simply impossible for it not to be.

Geri: I agree.

Kele: I started finding myself trying to figure out how to cut entire plot lines that were essential to the overall plot, to fit it into one book but they were so vital!

And literally in the blink of an eye, while I was discussing it with my publisher, I realized I had a cutting point.

It popped right into my head. Whereas before I thought it was impossible.

Lana: They were. It’s like two sides of a coin. Book one is Tino’s beginning. Every page was vital IMO.

Geri: And we still have so many things to know about Brianna and Tino’s relationship that hasn’t been touched in this book.

Alex: Exactly, Kele, I honestly don’t know what you could leave out… Honestly everything had its importance

Kele: Yeah. And there were some very vital plot lines that are going to come out in the next book that I was going to cut, which now I don’t have to and I’m glad. They really were vital.

*Eh, what the hell, another hooker slap down intermission time*anigif_optimized-21025-1420580246-1-2

*And we’re back!*

Geri: let’s talk about the romance for a bit, since readers would have expectations about that part.

Kele: The romance. okay!

Alex: Let’s talk about romance then I’ll have a question about a, err… specific sex thing.

Kele: Okay. I can’t wait

Geri: Brianna and Tino met at a very young age and they have a lot of growing to do, how has Brianna shaped Tino’s decisions, his past, his future?

Kele: Well Brianna came into Tino’s life at a very critical time. And I truly believe not all aspects of their love, particularly in their younger years, is healthy.

Brianna and Tino share a connection instantly, but sort of by timing and confidence Brianna turns into Tino’s salvation in his mind. Coincidence not confidence. Lol!

Tino, quite literally worships her. More than once, he refers to her as his Madonna and that’s not flippant. To him it’s real.

Alex: He put her on a pedestal.

Kele: And Tino, through the course of his life, becomes a very dangerous person, though he is by far the nicest killer I’ve ever written. Tino is at his core a VERY nice man. But he is a killer and Brianna is his everything. That makes her dangerous, too.

Geri: Man, I can’t wait for book two, those two are going to light it up.

*Pause for another hooker slap down intermission because Geri is thinking about my other man*giphy-10

*And we’re back!*

Alex: Okay. So, inquiring pervy minds want to know… We talked privately about the fact that your son was redirecting you toward a “safe” version of Games of Thrones”, saying GOT was not a show for moms… lol. But we Hookers know better than that.

Geri: LMAO!

Alex: How do you come up with such level of rawness in your sex scenes? You’re obviously GREAT at it, I wanted to know how you wrote your sex scenes. How are they coming to you?

Lana: OH MAN, I know, right? Wowser!

Alex: Because, I’ve read a lot of smut, erotica, and I mean it: A LOT. But your sex scenes? As Lana would say, ‘GAWWWD’.

Kele: Sex scenes… Do not come easily to me.

Geri: Whaat??

Alex: Really? No way. Kele, you are an EXPERT

Geri: Woman, it doesn’t show at all because Jaysus…

Alex: But the buildup of said sex scenes is so GEEWWWD. And the result? Mind-blowing. Always

Geri: Yass!

Kele: And by that, I mean, I can sit down and write a scene, like say, the manscaping scene. That came very easily. That banter is so easy. Sex scenes take I’d say 5 times longer. I’ve had scenes that take me WEEKS I have to get the right feel. I’ll delete a lot.

Alex: Can we have the deleted parts? Just for us? LOL The scraps, I’d take them. I’m not too picky. Lol!

Kele: Like I’ll start writing it and think…no. Nope, that didn’t work, and just toss it and start over.LOL!

I think for the first sex scene with Chuito and Alaine in Slayer. I tossed out about 4 versions.

Geri: Oh man, their dance though.

Kele: Same with the first sex scene in Star Crossed (Battered hearts book 2).

Alex: Well, the work you’re putting into them is definitely showing. It’s way more than just sex. Your characters always feel SO connected. Because of all the build-up between them, the game they had on, the waiting.

Kele: But actually I have to say, Tino and Brianna were one of my easier couples to write. Sex wise though, usually Tino ends up going somewhere and doing stuff that I’m like… stop it! Cause Tino really doesn’t have limits. At all.

Alex: There are always breathtaking dance scenes in your books. I especially love how they serve as a medium to express your character’s emotions. How do you do to write such vivid performances, are you a dancer yourself? Or?

Geri: I loved that dance in The Slayer. You could feel their movements and passion across the pages. Oh my gosh. Those scenes make me blush.

Alex: Yes Geri, you can feel them dance, so true! Almost hearing the music

Geri: And the sensuality. Oh my, lawd!

Lana: YES, Geri! It’s so sensual. You can FEEL the chemistry in the pages. OMG it’s amazing.

Kele: I am a great admirer of dancers. I took a lot of dance classes when I was younger, but I’m a train wreck with dancing. I have zero grace.

But, I think because of that I like writing it. Writing dancing in books is a hard sell.

Alex: So definitely fantasy on your part! Well, you could have fooled me!

Kele: If anyone expects me to dance the bachata, they are gonna be so disappointed.

Alex: I also know from chatting with Eden Butler that you helped her writing some dance scenes for Ransom’s story, Thick Love.

Kele: I watched a LOT of videos and music plays a big role. I have certain songs that let me feel things, see things.

Geri: I’ve watched those videos too. *fans self*

Kele: Also, research…again, and I did talk to dancers, and students in performance college.

Alex: Can I say I love your Spotify playlists you had on for your books? Totally helps getting in the right mood for the scenes.

Kele: OH YAY! I love my Spotify lists too. HEH!

Alex: I’ve had a good revival listening to EVE, lol. And the Italian songs? I made Swissman crazy with them! “funiculi, Funiculaaaaa” I’m totally singing now.

Kele: Tell him I apologize.

Alex: Meh, he makes me listen to heavy metal early on the weekends. He deserves a little payback.

Geri: Lol!

Lana: Did you have a favorite part to write in Enforcer, Kele?

Kele: My favorite scenes in Enforcer…there’s a big chunk towards the end, but I enjoyed all of it.

Lana: I listened to one song in particular while rocking myself in a corner during one specific scene in Enforcer. Man, it was painful, but that song. GAH!

Kele: Yeah frown emoticon I know what song it is.

Lana: I will forever reference that song to this book, I swears.

Kele: LOL! I felt like we should just have a cue music part of that scene.

Lana: For reals

Kele: But, yes, there’s parts of the end that I liked writing. I think because at that point, it was their happily ever after. It was sort of poignant to me, because books end, but life keeps happening. If their book had been a New Adult book, I could’ve ended there and the reader might have believed they lived happily ever after if that makes sense.

So because Tino’s life in particular was so hard. I liked writing those parts. funiculi, Funiculaaaaa…HA! I put that on just now. you guys made me nostalgic for it.

Alex: It completely makes sense. You’ve built so much around them, around TIno, how can’t you wish an early HEA for him and Brianna… He’s tied to the mafia and can’t possibly ease out from this life that easily.

Kele: Plus, there’s some funny, male bonding parts I also enjoyed writing.



Lana: So how about a tough question now? You ever play Fuck, Marry, Kill? *grins evilly*

Geri: Oh naughty games.

Lana: Mmm hmmm *waggles brows*

Kele: Oh! yes…

Lana: If you had to pick a character to fuck, marry or kill from the entire series….spill!

Kele: Okay. . . Can I kill ANY character? LOL! Can it be a bad guy?

Lana: Totally. Anyone.

Alex: Lana, we would all know your choices…

Lana: I’d fuck Marcos, Marry Nova, and have no clue who I’d kill. LOL. W

Alex: I know who I’d like to kill but it’ll be a spoiler… For killing, it’ll be a woman.

Lana: AH. I think we’re thinking of the same person, Alex. Of the female variety *thinks murderous thoughts*tumblr_m8cn85Yfqo1rzryiwo1_500

Alex: And I won’t kill her clean. Wouldn’t. I mean she doesn’t exist right?

Lana: I’d kill that person so dead! Then bring back to life so I can kill all over again!!!

Geri: I’m curious who Kele would kill

Lana: YEP

Alex: Oh yeah.

Kele: Okay. Fuck–Nova. Marry–Tino. Kill–It’s a tossup, but they’d have the last name Brambino which will mean nothing to people who haven’t read the book.

Alex: Lol. I’ll fuck Nova. Marry Nova and kill whomever approaches Nova. *grins*

Kele: LOL!


Lana: Woman, we’re about to throw down again. We Russians fight dirty

Alex: Lana, there is no throw down. He is mine. I know I’m a little Ukrainian, hooker.

*As if there was ever any doubt….THROW DOWN INTERMISSION!!!*giphy-14

*And we’re back*

Lana: So you think, delusional woman *pets*

Alex: French know better.

Kele: As we saw in this book… Nova speaks French. lol!

Alex: Eh. My point, Kele, I know, I taught him to.

Lana: SHHHHHH don’t tell her that! She’ll never shut up about it.

Kele: LOL!

Alex: What do you want? The French charm, you know…

Lana: See?!! See what you did?! Thanks for reminding her, Kele. *grumbles*

Alex: We had long nights frenching each other up… *Sigh

post-29740-Ill-Cut-You-gif-knife-switchbl-K9lqLana: Har-har

Kele: Was he as good as I hear?

Geri: LMAO!

Alex: The best. I have no words…

Lana: *plans murder* So let’s wrap it up, shall we?ill_kill_you_office

Alex: Lol Lana. Yes, let’s, before I smack your ass again!

Kele: LOL!

Geri: LMAO!

*eh, what the hell, another hooker slap down to really drive the point home*tumblr_mgrbb3GvT91rrujdso1_500


Alex: Kele, you’re going to share some Enforcer exclusive excerpt with us Hookers, right?

Lana: I think that’s the perfect way to close this up. An enticing little excerpt.

Kele: Alright! Also…LOL! You gotta make sure my spelling doesn’t suck

Alex: Oh don’t worry, lots of edits to make (erasing Lana’s claiming of Nova.)

Lana: YOU FUCK OFF, you cheating whore!!

*Clearly another slap down intermission is needed* 1335371460_women_wrestling

*And we’re back*

Kele: That too

Lana: We triple edit. No worries. Lol

Geri: As always, we enjoyed talking with you

Alex: It was a pleasure chatting with you, Kele! Thank you!

Kele: Ditto! I had a great time. Thank you!

Alex: And thank you for reminding Lana’s about mine and Nova’s past experience. That’ll teach her.

Lana: LOL!

Kele: You never know, in the coming days, you could have competition for Nova. So enjoy it while you can.

Lana:  Yeah…thanks, Kele, LOL

Alex: Night Geri! (I think she’s sleeping. It’s 4 am for her).

Kele: Night, Geri!

Geri: Night, Hookers!


Well…us hookers barely survived that. Those slap downs are exhausting, but gotta protect my man from those thieving whores.

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Tino pointed out to the dance floor. “That’s my sister that motherfucker brought with him!”
He didn’t have to say any more.Meilei tossed his bag at him, and he stormed into the crowd, shirtless, with his gun showing. Not too many people were paying attention anyway. It’d been about an hour since he got there, which meant everyone was already rolling their asses off.He snatched a glow pen out of a party girl’s hand, because she’d been writing on her boyfriend. Then he walked right up to Carina and caught her arm.She gasped, clearly in full defense for about two seconds before she yelled over the music, “Tino! What’re you doing here?”He was dealing for their father, but he didn’t explain it to her.Tino just leaned down and wrote on his sister’s forehead in big block letters that glowed under the black lights.MORETTI“If it says moron, I’m gonna be really fucked off!” Carina shouted at him. “Why are you coloring on me?”“Why are you here?” he screamed and then pointed to Dominic. “With him?”

“’Cause he said he knew the location!”

“You’re not allowed to go to raves!”

“Since when do I only do what I’m allowed to?” Carina shouted back at him.

Well, yeah, there was that.

He turned around and grabbed Brianna, making her gasp. She was wearing one of those low-cut V-neck shirts that Tino was sure Dominic really enjoyed. Dancers, for some reason, were way too comfortable in very little clothing. So he wrote it across her chest, from the slope of her left tit up to the right side of her collarbone.


In big, bold letters that glowed blue under the black light.

Brianna stared down at it and then looked at him. “What does this mean?”

“It means private property!” Tino looked at Dominic when he said it. “You’re leaving! Step out right now, or I’ll have you thrown out!”

Dominic shrugged. “Then you owe me twenty bucks.”

“For what?” Tino followed his line of sight to see him staring at the water bottle in Brianna’s hand. “Oh, you motherfucker.” Tino pulled his Beretta out and pointed it at Dominic. “Get out! I will fucking kill you! I swear to God!”

People screamed and backed up, but Carina and Brianna jumped forward and caught his arm, which was a really dumb, extremely naive thing for them to do. Fortunately, Tino and Nova had been practicing with Carlo for the good part of two years, and Tino wasn’t one to misfire on accident. In fact, he was pretty fucking sure he could put a hole right through the center of Dominic’s forehead.

“It’s okay!” Carina screamed at him. “We asked him to bring us! This is our fault!”

“Did you ask him to drug you?” Tino shouted at his sister without taking his eyes off Dominic.

“I took it!” Carina was still holding on to his arm. “I’m the one who took it! I wanted to.”

“You took E with Dominic Brambino around.” Tino cast a side glare at Brianna for that one, just quick enough to let her see how fucking disappointed he was in her. “He gave it to you so he could fuck you! He told me that’s why he gave it to you! He said he brought his own pussy! Who do you think that is, Bri? ’Cause it’s not Carina!”

“I didn’t take the ecstasy he bought,” Brianna assured him. “I’m not stupid. I just came to dance and make sure Carina stayed safe.”

“Who gave you the water bottle, then, if you’re so fucking street-smart!”

Brianna looked at the mostly empty water bottle in her hand and glanced back at Tino with wide eyes.

“I’m gonna fucking kill you,” Tino told Dominic, and he was dead serious about it, because the Brambinos had taken so much from him. Now that motherfucker was going to drug and screw Brianna just to piss him off. That felt like a murder worth going down for. “I just wanna kill you. I wanna put a bullet in your brain.”

“You know what will happen if you do that?” Dominic didn’t even look nervous about it. Like he was so fucking secure in his family’s control over Tino he was fearless in the face of Tino’s gun pointed at his head. “Is that a risk you’re willing to take?”

“What the fuck is going on?” Nova shouted before Tino could decide. “Valentino!”

“He drugged Brianna’s water,” Tino explained without lowering his gun. “And he gave Carina E.”

“Holy shit, why would anyone do that?” Nova made it sound like that was the worst possible combination he could think of. “Get him out!” Nova pointed at the door when the bouncers came up. “You let Carina in! The don would lose his fucking mind!”

“We didn’t let her in!”

“Well, she’s in here!” Nova threw up his hands in disbelief. “And this puttana tricked Tino into selling him E to give her. I can’t even fucking conceptualize what Carina is gonna be like on E. Now thanks to you motherfuckers, I get to find out!”

“You sell drugs?” Brianna asked him.

“I—” Tino put his gun back, because the bouncers grabbed Dominic real fast once the don was mentioned. “Yeah, sometimes. I sell them sometimes.”

“For the Borgata?” she asked in disbelief. “Do you like selling it?”

“This situation is awesome on so many levels.” Nova looked a little manic. “We have to leave. Right now.” Then he leaned down and got in Carina’s face. “Thanks for ruining my buzz, princess! This was one of my last weekends!”

“You ruined my buzz!” Carina shouted back at him. “I can’t do anything!” She pointed to her forehead. “This is my life! I’m gonna die a virgin because my family is psychotic, and everyone knows it!”

“Oh my God, is she fucking for real.” He turned around and walked toward the door shirtless. “I can’t deal with her princess problems.”

About the Author   A freckle faced, redhead born and raised in Hawaii, Kele Moon has always been a bit of a sore thumb and has come to enjoy the novelty of it. She thrives off pushing the envelope and finding ways to make the impossible work in her story telling. With a mad passion for romance, she adores the art of falling in love. The only rules she believes in is that, in love there are no rules and true love knows no bounds.

So obsessed is she with the beauty of romance and the novelty of creating it she’s lost in her own wonder world most of the time. Thankfully she married her own dark, handsome, brooding hero who had infinite patience for her airy ways and attempts to keep her grounded. When she leaves her keys in the refrigerator or her cell phone in the oven he’s usually there to save her from herself. The two of them now reside in Florida with their three beautiful children who make their lives both fun and challenging in equal parts–They wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hooker Line #3: ★Pet Peeves in Romance★


If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed when us hookers get together for a chat, is that it usually turns into a long ramble or rant…which lo and behold is exactly what happened with our pet peeves chat. But are you really that surprised about this? Of course you’re not. So I suggest you get some wine ready and hope you enjoy our recent rant/ramble session!


Lana: So? Pet peeves? Ready Hookers?
Alex: Yeah yeah, ready. Now or never.
Geri: Yeah I’m ready
Alex: I don’t have any pet peeves. I’m super easy. 😀
Geri: Hush
Lana:  HA!
Alex: eh, ’tis true. (I’ve just read an HR so bear with me. I have remnants of old English)
Geri: You hang out with us so you definitely have pet peeves! I have so many pet peeves
Alex: And here we go: Hookers on RANT, ACTION!
Lana: Since we were on the subject earlier, I HATE covers that don’t match the book. Like the cover model is blonde, but the hero is a brunette
Geri: Yes, I Hate that. It ruins the story
Lana:  Yes, I’m a picky bitch like that but dammit! Give me a nice visual! I demand satisfaction!
Alex: I don’t like it either. I need coherence.
Lana:  It totally ruins the effect for me because I’ll have a mental image of the hideousness as I’m reading
Geri: I’d rather not have a person there at all on the cover.
Alex: Or a naked chest because the genre is romance. I’m tired of nekkid chests

dea6bc4038c88b3c5180c778c44bc75aGeri: I’m not
Alex: Of course you would say that, whore!
Geri: That’s me.
Lana:  Umm…I can’t complain about nekkid chest. LOL! Though I remember Rebecca Zanetti’s Sin Brothers series had some hot covers and they weren’t even nekkid men chests. Fully clothed but still hot


Geri: So pet peeve one. You started it Lana. What else?
Lana:  Here’s my most recent one: COMPARISONS to other books in the blurb as marketing! OMG! Drive me batty!
Alex: I hate it when authors use this to advertise their book.
Lana:  You know what I’m talking about? When the blurb for the book will say, if you’re a fan of this author, or if you liked this book, this is similar to so and so book. Because they NEVER ARE! Like EVER
Geri: Yes, I know what you mean
Alex: Readers using this, I’m okay with it. But from authors or publishers? Hmm. no.
Geri: Exactly. Because readers are talking about their experience. From publishers, it gives readers the wrong expectations
Lana:  Like why would you do that? Then I’m FORCED to compare, and I’ll usually find it lacking. No. Just no. Stop it right now!
Geri: Or use other characters to market books “If you love Christian Grey…” Ha! Sorry but I don’t.
Alex: But see, Geri, it helped you NOT to pick the book!
Lana:  It’s like hey! Hey you! You ever been to Bahamas? Well, come on down to Bumfuck, Nowhere. We have a beach too. No, I will not go to Bumfuck, Nowhere. You fuck off with that!
Geri: If they have free massage on Bumfuck, I’d go.
Lana:  You’re a cheap whore, that’s why
Alex: And Geri, over a massage? Damn, hooker you are TOO easy. Cheap whore indeed
Geri: Hey! Don’t rain on my game. Plus, I’d kill for a massage right now.
Lana:  Sometimes I totally fall for it, too. Like I recently read a book that was compared to Corrupt. I was like, hell yeah! Bring on that fuckery! And then I read it and thought, WTF IS this fuckery?

Alex: But Corrupt was a WTF is this fuckery kind of books. But that’s just me.
Lana:  No one asked you, Alex! LOL! You just don’t like dark
Alex: I do like dark. Fan of horror. But dark romance often rhymes with stupid plot and stupid characters.
Lana: *la la la* I can’t hear you! There IS a line. There’s good Dark Romance and then there’s the poor imitation with gratuitous violence and unnecessary deaths.
Geri: But it’s so in the rage now. Like just throw in rape and murder and voila: dark romance.
Alex: Aren’t all dark romance books like that Lana?
Lana: Shut it! I like the dark romance dammit!giphy-8Geri: Wait, are we in Bumfuck now?
Lana: We digressed
Geri: Because Alex
Lana:  LOL
Alex: Always blame the Frenchy.


Alex: One of my worst pet peeves ever, is bad translation in books.
Google translate is NOT a reliable source for the love of my sanity! Quit that!
Alex: Author : Google translate is bad for you. So verra bad. I can’t even recall the number of times I’ve Dnf’d books because of it.
Lana:  I remember trying to read a book with a Russian heroine once, and she’s yelling at the hero (what the author thought was) “I don’t want to sleep with you”
But what she actually said was, “I don’t want to NAP with you”
Myeah….I DNF’d right around there
Geri: Lana, mafia books are notorious for wrong translations
Alex: If it’s a language I understand, then you can be sure if it’s badly translated, the MCs are going to lose all credit.
Geri: It’s the lazy way. Seriously.
Alex: I think authors use Google translate as the easy way. There are so many forums out there, where you can ask a REAL person. There’s a reader community.
Lana:  Post a FB update asking FFS
Alex: Some even don’t care, I’m sure. “Oh, my readers are Americans, they won’t notice if it’s badly translated”
Lana:  I truly don’t get it
Alex: I hate they would assume people are idiots.
Lana: Why take a language and completely butcher it? It’s insulting to the readers that speak the language IMO
Alex: it’s insulting to ALL the readers, in my opinion. Lack of research.tumblr_n1pxfh8Dw81s9b724o8_400Lana: And I’ve read some BAD translations.
Like one book meant had this: “My name is (xxx), this is my fiancée, and you’re about to die”
The actual translation was: “I (xxx), this is my groom (referring to a female), you has dead.” No joke. I will never forget it so long as I live. I actually CRINGED while reading that.
Geri: There is a way to do it without even translating everything. But it takes skill really. Some just put foreign words here and there to make their writing “authentic”. But if it’s all wrong…
Alex: Well, in that DARK ROMANCE BOOK… that I won’t name of course, the guy was a sex seller, he had a living at home slave… you know what book I’m talking about…
And the guy, supposedly from an aristocrat French family, all mighty, refined etc… was talking French like a 4 years old
Geri: OMG
Alex: And that’s even insulting to all 4 years old French kids. Character therefore looked like a retarded guy to me. I DNF’d the book. It was a trilogy.
Lana: Whoops? Pretty sure I loved that one LOL! Good thing I only speak Russian ahahaha
Geri: It’s very off putting
Lana: I think the only ones that EVER pulled off Russian correctly was Lexi Blake and Shayla Black
Geri: Which books?
Lana: It was their Perfect Gentlemen series. They actually took the time to use ACTUAL Cyrillic and not the English sounding version of it. I wanted to take a bow to them when I read that, lol!
Alex: Some authors really do proper research.
Take Diana Gabaldon. Perfect translations. But then, either you want to make it look right, or you just don’t care.
Geri: It takes a lot of effort. Not all are willing though


Alex: Ok, NEXT! What really can drive me nuts is…. Manufactured angst. Tension.
Geri: Explain or give us an example
Alex: When a whole book is based on a stupid misunderstanding. Hate this.
Lana:  UGH. YES
Geri: Yes
Lana: I’m just going to make the characters chase their tails up until 95% because….ANGST
Alex: In real life, it would be cleared out in seconds. But in books it serves as a PLOT and goes on for 300 pages. WHY?
Geri: And if they had talk it could have been solved but no. Let’s be dense and run away all the time. And no one wants to talk about it. But everyone just assumes things
Alex: The characters would spend time talking about stupid shit like the brand of their shoes, their car etc… (another pet peeve) and not take the time to talk about A HUGE secret that obviously is a problem. I don’t get it
Lana: Or it’s the same issue that gets brought up over and over and over and over. Enough already! I’ve already chewed it, swallowed, and defecating that issue as we speak. DROP IT
Alex: You and poop lately, LOL!
Lana: what? I’m just saying LOL
Geri: I hate angst where there’s this big secret. And everybody refers to it but no one talks about it.
Alex: I don’t get it.tumblr_n1w99ncVJX1s9b724o1_400


Alex: And this leads me to LOVE TRIANGLES. “Everyone, take a deep breath! There is a fucking lot to say.”
Geri: Booo
Lana:  *shudders* don’t say those words! It’s like Voldemort or Rumpelstiltskin. *covers ears*
Alex: Resulting of unspoken truths, misunderstandings: Love Triangles! Yay!
Geri: I love triangles… Kidding!
Alex: What really bugs me out is the heroine in that configuration. Gah! Either she looks like a greedy whore for stringing along 2 guys
Geri: What I hate more are the resolutions rather than the triangle itself.
Lana:  I hates love triangles with the fire of the worst kind of venereal disease. Honest to gawd. I can’t. I just can’t.
Geri: I avoid them.
Lana:  And the chick is almost always all wishy washy and leading both men on because she doesn’t want to hurt them. The whore!
Geri: And she has to be confused. Because it’s the rule, right?
Lana:  *flashback to Thoughtless*
*Rocks self in corner*
Alex: Shhhh Thoughtless, lol
Lana:  God that book drove me to drink. Put me off Love Triangles for YEARS after.
Geri: No but see she has to love the asshole, it’s the rule
Lana:  Or the easy fix where all of a sudden one of the men turns out to be an asshole….or better yet, gets killed off.tumblr_n1w904V5MK1s9b724o4_500Alex: “I can’t choose, I love them both. Oh never mind, the other one was an asshole from the start but I didn’t realize it soon enough”
Geri: The getting killed off part pisses me off
Alex: The parameters are always the same. ALWAYS
Geri: Taking Chances anyone?
Lana:  OMG OMG OMG! Don’t even say that title out loud
Alex: I haven’t read that one. *feels blessed*
Geri: Or the other series that everybody hates. Well not hate but the ending ruined it
Lana:  YES. I refuse to read it. So glad I waited for third book to be out so I knew to avoid altogether.
Geri: I know friends who still rage about the ending after all these years
Lana: I would have gone homicidal
Geri: Shout out to Lisa Jayne and Christy! They were traumatized
Lana: AHAHAHAHA! Poor Lisa Jayne. She was scarred for life
Alex: Which books?
Geri:The Erin Noelle one, I think.


Alex: What about specific.. er.. pet peeves…. You know… Bedroom Pet Peeves.
Geri: Special snowflakes. Not bedroom but, can we do away with Mary Sues already?
Lana: OMG the special snowflakes! Gag metumblr_nvtx08HwoP1s9b724o2_500Geri: I like them but not every freaking book has to have this type of heroine
My feelings for this are all over the place!
Lana: and ALL of them have the golden poosy! Have you noticed this?
Alex: The golden pussy is a requirement. The best they’ve ever had. Even manwhores with a mile long tallytumblr_nvtwh3aed11s9b724o8_500Geri: The heroine has to be clueless about the hero or else she’d be like other girls. Other girls being the “sluts”. Which is just annoying.
Lana:  omg the slut shaming. Makes me stabby! STABBY!
Geri: And the heroine of course had to be clueless and push the hero away because God forbid that she likes the hero already and wants him.


Lana: Can we talk about that double standard for a second here? Why is the hero always manwhoring around and the heroine is always cooling her ovaries in the land of zero cocks. Why?
Geri: Because that would make her like the “other girls”. Duh.
Alex: Yeah, we need Hooker books. With original hookers. Own your pussies, ladies!
Geri: It’s leading up to that
Lana:  Like look here, hooker! You probably got cobwebs at this point. At least air that shit out a little. Get a little boob action. Go on a date! LOOK at a penis. You don’t have to touch it or anything.

cab0b14f4b3846a6626ba2a35eb149c751fae5ed7b070c6d9f9a26ced4e2ea0dAlex: Not even a sex toy because that would still be having a sexual life
Geri: I hate it because the hero can fuck anyone he likes and the heroine has to pine away. PINE!!
Alex: Maybe the clueless heroine has remnants over the whole romance genre.
Lana:  So this asshole left me 12 years ago, I’m just gonna go celibate because….reasons. Oh look! He’s back! *takes ovaries out of isolation*
Geri: I hate it. Like do men really prefer women like that? The clueless ones?
Lana:  I’m not saying have the heroine shutting it up around town but c’mon!
What’s that? You slept with another man during your 2 year break up with the hero? You WHORE! Are we back in the 60s or some shit? There’s nothing wrong with a healthy sex life. Quit with the slut shaming. It’s seriously perpetuating a stereotype.
Alex: At this point it’s just a matter of taking vows to god and entering a conventtumblr_n3vqaxExtn1rdutw3o1_400But let’s get back to clueless kind of heroines. You know… The virgins.
Lana:  Ah yes. The clueless special snowflakes
Alex: I could understand a Historical with a clueless virgin… But a contemporary with a clueless virgin? HOW? You no have Internet? Google that shit, lady!tumblr_nvtwocdDSA1s9b724o7_250Geri: I don’t mind virgins. As long as her motivation for staying one isn’t because she’s pining for the hero.
Lana:  I DO. I’m so over the freaking virgins. Unless we need to do a virgin sacrifice for the sake of a good book, lay off the virgins!
Geri: And being a virgin shouldn’t make her special. Or more worthy of the hero’s affection. That’s my objection to Virgin heroine storyline. It’s the hero’s reaction to it. Like she’s somehow special because she’s a Virgin. Tthey shouldn’t be prized above other girls because of their virginity.
Alex: well of course the hero would be pleased to conquer a virgin territory. Pfff
I don’t mind the virgins per se, just the clueless ones.
Lana: I don’t mind them in YA or NA, so long as they’re not special snowflakes
Geri: LOL!

Alex: But the clueless ones in contemporary storylines, “ooooh why is your male sword so hard? And why do my “nether” regions feel so damp right now?” Is it still possible for a woman or a teenager even to not KNOW how the human body.
Lana:  Nope. We don’t have health class.
Geri: Not possible. Unless you live in Timbuktu. No offense to Timbuktuians
Lana:  Can you find a 27-year-old virgin? No seriously? I understand if this was YA or even NA. But when we’re talking past the age of 25? Really?
Geri: I can.
Alex: I think we can, Lana, virgins age 25 and more. it’s not what is bothering me. They can be virgins, but don’t act like you’re out of some Historical Romance, or you’ve been sheltered from boys your whole life!
Geri: Or they don’t know how we make babies?
Lana:  Look, I was traumatized for life after that shit. We watched a baby born “au naturel.” I had nightmares for months after. I got cold sweat flashbacks to that video when I was pregnant LOL
Alex: I closed my eyes the whole time, lol. And I was terrorized I would have to pop my kid out years later. Thank fuck for C-sections.

Lana: oh and then the switch is flipped and they go from virgin to sex pro it 3 thrusts flat!
all of a sudden it’s “I’m gonna swallow” and “bring on the anal”.I ask you? Who swallows on their first time?!
Geri: Special snowflakes with special swallowing powers?
Alex: When virgins are made sex professionals in one night. Seriously.
Lana:  I mean, let’s be real. If the guy that took my v-card wanted anal afterwards, I would have told him to go poke a pencil sized hole in a wall and go to towntumblr_n498pmJhb81s9b724o5_400Alex: LOL! Or worse even, when they get 10 orgasms on their first night. bitches
Geri: 10 orgasms is nothing.
Alex: Wait you’ve read MORE?
Geri: I read one book where the heroine came 12 times. In one night.
Alex: But was she a virgin?
Lana: 12?! I think my vagina just clenched in sympathy.
Alex: It clenched because you’re a whore!
Lana: Could she even walk the next day?

awkward-Mulan-walk-home-GIFGeri: She wasn’t a virgin but she’s been on ice I think. But seriously!
Lana:  Ha! She’d need the ice AFTER.
Geri: That calls for an emergency room visit.
Lana: I mean the chafing! The chafing! ouchiestumblr_n58fyeIJDH1s9b724o2_r1_500Alex: Oooh ohh another thing in bed that annoys me in romance books. THE PILL TALK or the I’m clean she’s clean convos. And of course they would have health reports handy. Like I’ve got mine in my purse every time I’m going out for drinks. You never know, right?
Geri: But you have to trust him. He always uses a condom with other girls…*roll eyes so hard*
I like how Linda Howard does it. The pill talk I mean.
Alex: How does Linda Howard does it?
Geri: They have the talk prior to even being in bed. Because her characters are mature and talk about it.
Alex: That would make sense… but for the spontaneous moments?
Geri: The heroine always mostly steps back and take control.
Lana: YES. I think I see a LH re-read in my future.
Alex: I mean I get it, it’s part of sex life, but handing out health reports just because the MCs don’t want to use a condom on a casual fuck? Hmm that’s not safe sex anymore. I don’t see the point. You don’t know the guy, make him wear a condom.tumblr_n498t0O48e1s9b724o5_500Lana:  here’s a big one for me: The Magic Peen.
Alex: hey the magic peen just makes the expression “fuck some sense into someone” more real
Geri: “Anything longer than 8 inches is strictly for show and tell”
Alex: lol, love that quote Geri.
Lana:  Come one, come all! Have emotional issues? Stick it in! BAM! Cured!
Have psychological issues? Definitely stick it in! BAM! REALLY cured!
Have sexual issues? Bitch, you’re seriously overdo for the sticking.
Alex: Reminds me of a certain Lord of the Manor, Lana.
Lana:  AHAHAHAHAHA! *shudders*
Alex: *Sigh* Lana, most of my romance reads are still like that.
Geri: The magic peen and the magic pussy take your pick.20160308143700Alex: I don’t get it why some authors feel the need to over exaggerate everything. I’m fine with “normal” sex lives. Normal sex is good.
Geri: I get that it’s fantasy but it’s overkill.
And it ends up not being sexy.
Can you imagine how she must have walked after that 12 orgasms?
Alex: Don’t even get me started on dick sizes. Why mention it at all? If it doesn’t have something to do with the story or a character’s personality. I don’t need to know he’s 10 inches long.tumblr_nmbeq7BMyb1s9b724o2_500Lana:  You don’t like Godzilla cock, Alex? But why?
Alex: Because I’m not a whore like you. Baby steps.
Lana:  LMAO!
Geri: I keep thinking about how the hero and heroine go at it without worrying about the wet spot on the bed.
Alex: Nooo because the guy always gets back from bathroom with a wet and warm cloth and takes care of the leak. He does it because he cares. “romance me you big guy with your warm and wet cloth”.
Geri: LOL *cries*
Alex: Or he wears condoms but only because they forgot the “I’m clean / she’s clean” convo.
Geri: Coz my husband and I just resort to rock, paper, scissors about who gets to sleep on the wet spot. What? No one does this? Just us then …
Alex: LMAO *Dying*
Actually yeah, I make Swissman change the sheets, I can’t with the wet spot.
Arguing about it even. He says : “Your fault, you couldn’t keep it in”
Geri: Ahaha! We’re too lazy!
Alex: I say : “Your fault you have to get it out.” So… yeeah. Errr.
Geri: *Dies* LOL!
My mission is to try to find a book where the hero and heroine argues to gets to sleep over the wet spot
Alex: LMAO. Kristen Ashley mentioned the wet spot in Sebring I think… or was it Walk Through Fire? But they didn’t really argue about it.


Lana: Subject change. Here’s a huge pet peeve… I can’t with emotional issues and sex.
Geri: Why? Tell me and our followers.
Lana:  I read a book where the heroine had some serious issues. Like sexual abuse past… But what she was really concerned about was being able to have sex. Because once she had good sex? Issues gone. I mean…for reals?tumblr_ntt0hwSWHp1s9b724o8_500Geri: Wait wait. I’ve loved books where the heroine wanted to have orgasms and the hero was able I give it to her
Lana: see, but that’s different,
Geri: I’ve enjoyed them but the heroines actually have a life. And they’re not consumed by it
Lana: I’m talking about REAL emotional/mental health issues.
Geri: I think I know what you’re talking about.
Lana:  I like the concept of the heroine thinking that the hero is the best in bed of all that’s she’s had. But please don’t let it be the cure for deeper issues. Please! Magic Peen cure. *shudders*
Alex: It also sends a wrong message to some readers.
Lana:  I mean not having an orgasm is different, you know? I didn’t have one till I met my husband. Come to think of it, that may be why I married him
Geri: Good on you.
Alex : Revelations night. Happening right here, Ladies!
Lana: LOL!
during sex, I mean. Not like…at all
Geri: LOL!
Lana:  Dude, I’d be homicidal if I didn’t have one at all!
Lana:  oh you know what I mean!
Alex: Congrats to your man, Lana!


Geri: Which leads us to another pet peeve: mental issues.
Alex: uh oh…
Geri: Mental issues that just gets cured because reasons. Or the characters don’t believe in therapy
Alex: Hmm don’t remember ever reading those.
Geri: I hate using mental illness as a plot device. It’s my pet peeve.
Lana:  ah yes. The mental issues that most often get glossed over.
Geri: I get that in real life stuff like that happens but respect it enough to actually do something about it. Don’t gloss it over.
Alex: I only read the Cara McKenna one…I think.
Geri: But that’s different since they both worked there although they do have issues.
Alex:  Oh you mean they use it as a plot, like it’s the focus of the book then they get rid of it in the name of true love or good fuck with magic peen? There are books like that?
Geri: Like for example, there’s a very popular book that the hero is bipolar. I’m gonna get heat for this but Real by Katy Evans.
Alex: Oooohh I’ve read this one. Indeed, I know exactly what you mean.
Geri: I’m sorry but you do not treat mental illness like that. I know I will get a lot of hate for this because so many people loved that book but it’s a great example of mental illness being cured by the magic pussy.
Lana: Agreed. I liked that book, but that part really made me cringe. It feels like you’re glossing over a major issue.
Geri: It’s very problematic because he rejected therapy and medicine because he doesn’t want to poison his body. Like what???
Lana:  And so anyone WITH those issues may feel like they’re seriously screwed up if they don’t deal with it in the same blasé matter, know what I mean?
Geri: Exactly Lana.
Alex: Especially on subjects like these, Lana.
Lana:  I read a book with bipolar heroine and it was written in such a blasé and flippant way, it was unreal.
Like “yeah, I tried to kill myself, but such is life.” Really? I mean, c’mon! *headdesk*
Geri: I personally know people with these issues and it’s just so wrong to be treated in such a blasé manner. It’s also irresponsible.


Alex: Moving on from the heavy subjects with a rather… strange pet peeve of mine…
Geri: Let’s hear it.
Alex: The over achingly sweet HEA… (don’t shoot) Or even the epilogue part.
Geri: Noooooooo! Take it back!
Alex: LOL
Geri: I love sweet HEA.
Lana:  Dude. I do, too.
Alex: I truly prefer HFN endings
Geri: I’m okay with HFN. But I don’t seek them out!
Alex: I don’t need to know they’re going to be married have 3 kids and a dog…. I don’t really, and sometimes it’s just so overdone.
Geri: Oh yea some are overkill.
Alex: Now I did enjoy some HEA… (I have Kristen Ashley in mind.) but mostly I don’t care for them
Lana: Nothing beats a KA epilogue. NOTHING.
Geri: Agreed. There’s something about them.
Lana: I don’t care if they’re filled with cheese. I cry like a baby and love every sentence. You’re just a cynical whore, Alex LMAO!
Geri: Lol, that she is.
Alex: Hey, fuck off now, I said I did enjoy KA ones.
Lana: But agreed, it definitely CAN be overdone.
Alex: Okay so basically we all just agreed but Alex is a cynical whore. I see how it is with you Hookers. Blame it on the Frenchie. AGAIN.


Lana: Dating for two months? It’s twu wuv! Let’s get married and I’ll knock you up. NO
Alex: You know Lana, it annoys me especially in insta-love stories.
Lana:  Insta-love and too quick relationships with that sort of HEA is too much.
Geri: Now non HEA on the other hand… Can fuck off.
Lana:  Meh. I met my quota of one non-HEA book for the year. Otherwise, nope. nope. nope. HELL NOPE
Alex: Non-HEA I don’t mind that much. Really if the story was good… It has romance in it. I can live with it.
Lana:  I get what you mean, Alex. I totally agree with you on that.
Geri: I have read too many books like that in the past. I don’t like it when they’re categorized as romance. Fiction or general fiction, fine but romance?
Lana: Cara McKenna handles it the best. I love her HFNs
Geri: I agree. She writes the best HFNs.
Alex: Cara McKenna is my drug of choice. l Love her stories because of this, Lana. Her stories seem so real. The HFN helps a lot.
Alex: Hmm mmm, Geri needs her sweet HEA! 😉
Geri: I do. Life is depressing enough as it is.


Alex: What about flowery wording to describe human anatomy in romance?
What was the worst you’ve ever read?
Geri: Hate. It doesn’t even have to be describing an anatomy I just hate purple prose. With a passion
Alex: Purple prose, you mean the constant analogies / poetry to describe everything?
Geri: Yes. Purple prose in general drive me insane. Like describing the rain would take one chapter instead of one sentence. Or the color of the leaves.
Alex: And genitals analogies can really make me laugh sometimes. I ‘m okay with calling it what it is. Authors, don’t get too creative about this, please.
Geri: Agree.
Alex: one that truly put me off once was the “Man Meat” to describe a dick.
Lana:  Meat sword doesn’t do it for you?giphy-9Alex: Anything “meat” to describe a cock is a turn off.
Geri: Yes, and so disrespectful to vegetarians and vegans everywhere
Alex: LMAO!
Geri: I mean seriously. What if your reader is a vegan? You just got DNF’d!
Alex: Only time they would eat meat though. It’s a fantasy somehow, no?
Geri: But it’s soo…*shudders*
Alex: This reminds me an author compared a dick to an eggplant once. So… yeah.
Geri: LOL!
Alex: Put me off eating eggplants ever again.
Lana:  AHAHAHAHA *cringes* and on that note…. This is getting quite lengthy.
Alex: YOU would say that. Whore.
Lana:  AHAHAHA ! Quit that! lol
Geri: But in all seriousness. Sometimes I still enjoy books with a lot of pet peeves
Lana:  that’s very true. It all depends how it’s pulled off.
Geri: I think it has to do with the skill of the author.
Alex:  I can overlook some. I’m not THAT picky
Lana: *checks outside for flying pigs*
Alex: shut up. I’m not. I have exigencies while you are just easy. But then you are a whore so…
Geri: Sometimes it’s also my mood.
Alex: Mood plays a huge part on what I can take or not.
Geri: I get into a mood where I hates everythings.
Lana:  Total mood reader here.
Alex: So many parameters. Authors sure can’t please everyone.
Geri: They can’t. I know there are a lot of readers out there who would love every single pet peeve we talked about.
And that perfectly fine. We’re all different.
Alex: Especially Lana. Right?
Lana:  *glares*tumblr_nxx3ajC7Ii1s9b724o6_500

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